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How to Apply This Eyelash Growth Serum?

2017-11-20 15:42:32 | 日記
If you are not lucky enough for naturally longer eyelash, you can take a try of careprost eye drops, which will help you regrow longer lash in few months. careprost eyelash serum online do not need prescription, feel free to order it online from official store.
You will have to apply this eyelash growth serum just once in a day and you can also apply just before you go to bed. So it is not a big task for the working women to spare some minutes time just before going to bed for their beautiful eyes. Just apply the serum to the upper eye lid and the serum will automatically spread to the lower eye lid when you blink your eyes. Make sure you are using the applicator provided along with the medicine to apply the serum. Do not apply the medicine with hands or anything else. Remember to dispose the applicator after every single use.
After get further learning about this wonder careprost serum, the next question is where to buy careprost, please don't worry, just place your order on careprost online store to ensure product is 100% authentic. And you will regrow naturally longer and thicker eyelashes in few weeks.
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