SKIN DEEP: Chapter 1

2006-11-03 13:15:01 | Weblog
As the Ferris wheel came to a stop, BD and his sort of girlfriend Anna
stood up to get off. Anna was beaming almost as much as the sun was.
She had just extracted her first"I love you"from BD and she was on
cloud nine.
She linked arms with BD as they strolled down the Shinsaibashi suji,
which was packed with the usual weekend crowd of one child families,
teenagers, older folks and young men and women in varying groups.
BD felt uncomfortable, walking entangled with Anna looking in love.
He most certainly was not. His three words to Anna were a calculated
move to get Anna to stop pestering him about his feelings for her.
She had been telling him from almost the beginning how much she
loved him.
When he'd complained about the speed that Japanese chicks would rush
to profess their love, Anna would angrily ask if he were talking
about her. This caused a hasty backtrack from BD,
stating he was only talking about what he'd heard from other foreigners.
The end result would be an uneasy truce between them.
As BD "people watched" whilst walking down the arcade,he could feel
plenty of eyes looking at him. Admiring, flirtatious gazes from the
young to youngish women and some attempting to be tough looks from
some hip hop wannabes.BD ignored them. Japanese males didn't have
game anyway,that's why Japanese girls liked him. Not all foreigners
but guys like him.
BD had the type of body that was ok for now because he was still
young.He was 177cms tall, but would round it up to 180cms when asked.
His hair color was blond, but an observant person could see it was
a peroxide blond.
Many a female would look at him and coo how handsome he was.But he
wasn't all that as women lead him to believe.He was what would be
considered as good looking in Japan, but nothing out of the
ordinary back home.
But there were three things that were mysterious about BD. One were
his blue eyes that had caused so much grief to Japanese girls. BD
put it down to Japanese not knowing anything other than black eyes.
When he'd bat his eyes at girls, they were like a magnet to attract
them. The added bonus that he gained was that Japanese girls were
easy to pick up because of them and even easier to break up with,
in contrast to the needy foreign girls back home and in Japan.
The other was his nationality.He was a native English speaker,but
no-one could place his country of birth. He was well spoken, but
without a distinctive accent. Even his English school didn't know,
but he was white, spoke English and had a manner about him that
enabled him to get a job within three days of landing in Japan.
The third was his age, which was also a topic of conversation even
among his fellow foreigner teachers. He'd just celebrated his thirtieth
six weeks ago at a local pub restaurant, but had resorted to
asking his co-workers to not slip up on his real age because
to Japanese, he was still only twenty seven.
A pretty girl's smile broke BD away from his daydreaming. As they
passed, he turned around to check her out from behind. She had a
bum, unbecoming for a Japanese, causing him to lust after it even more.
As it faded into the distance,his lust for it got rudely broken
"What you looking at ?"Anna's annoyed voice asked.
"Nothing, I just thought I had seen someone I know," BD answered too
"Yeah right." A peeved Anna replied, but still dropped the topic.
BD bit his tongue to avoid an argument, though bitching inwardly
how it was that he couldn't observe a girl without being observed himself.

On reaching the station's steps, he knew what Anna'd be happy to hear.
"You wanna stay over tonight ?"
"Really ?," came Anna's surprised voice.
"I asked, didn't I ?"
"Well, you rarely ask me to stay over on a Sunday night, even though
we are both off on Mondays." Anna coolly replied.
"Look," a half regretting having asked BD said, "Yes or no ?"
"Sure, my overnight bag is in a locker in Umeda,so I'm ready."
"Fine then," a not too thrilled BD said. He didn't like the
surprise readiness that was a part of Anna's behavior. That was
the kind of preparedness that had haunted many a foreigner he
knew, who had not counted on an unexpected visit from a girl
they were seeing, showing up while another girl was present.
BD had had a couple of close shaves and didn't like them.
Though they'd been hanging out for eighteen months, BD felt
he didn't really know her.She spoke little about her background
or why she could speak English. Her English was too good for it
just being from going to an eikaiwa. She had joined the school
the same month that they'd hooked up and nobody got that good
that quickly. He knew, because the teaching material was awful.