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Inspirations and the voices of conscience

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The theme:
How do we acknowledge the spirit guides, and interact (communicate) with them?

“There is a real communion, the communion of spirit with spirit, that requires the attunement of two souls when mind reaches out across the barriers of earth to commune with a mind in another sphere of being—that is the best form of communion that there can be.”
(p.150 More Wisdom of Silver Birch, edited by Sylvia Barbanell, 1945. Psychic Press, London.)

Ways to attune your vibrations with your spirit guides, like a tuning fork.
—Refining your intuitive insights (inspiration)—
1. The top priority is to learn the spiritual truths and develop your spirituality
(by practicing altruistic love)
2. Practice meditation
3. Always acknowledge your guarding spirit and spirit guides

1. The top priority, “learning the spiritual truths, and developing one’s spirituality (by practicing altruistic love)

The spiritual knowledge is essential when interacting with the other side.
We are surrounded by earthbound spirits, unevolved and frivolous spirits, who are eagerly on standby, waiting for any chance for attunement with human beings on earth. If you happened to have a mediumship constitution, you are constantly at risk of spirit possession (undesirable attunement with earthbound spirits). So, you should first equip yourself with spiritual knowledge, before making an attempt at attuning with the spirit world. The knowledge is absolutely essential; you want to make sure that you are spiritually developed enough to be able to attune with the vibrations of evolved spirits, and not with immature, unevolved ones.
Despite dedicated meditation practices, spiritually ignorant individuals are unable to understand the works of the spirit guides; so, inspirations and guidance from spirit guides pass through them as merely their own imagination, fluke, or just plain coincidence. Not knowing the true purpose of meditation, people are satisfied only with the stress-relief and mind soothing effects of meditation, and they seek no further.
When meditation practices are paired with learning of the spiritual truths, and we make enough progress on both, we will not only start receiving inspirations, but we would come to realize how the spirit world strives to influence us using so many different measures and phenomena. How things develop and turn out, meeting someone, or suddenly coming up with an idea to solve a difficult problem. At first all these events may seem coincidental, but we will gradually become aware that they are in fact, the results of organized efforts from the other side.
Spiritually ignorant will see these phenomena as nothing more than plain coincidences, whereas those with knowledge will be able to see them as the opening of the “guiding door.”
As spirituality develops, hence spiritual unfoldment takes place, the likelihood for us to catch the desirable vibrations will increase. Namely, developing our spirituality is the essential key factor for spiritual communication. But we must remember that there are no short cuts in spiritual development. It will be a perseverant, lifelong journey.

A question was asked to Silver Birch:
“When a person in the physical world does have moments of vivid consciousness of the presence of some loved one in the other world, how is it possible to know for certain whether this is just imagination and wishful thinking or is a genuine fact—a genuine manifestation of a reality?”

Answer by Silver Birch:
“Only by the development of the imagination which is one of the gifts of the spirit. Imagination is a quality of the mind which, in turn, is the means by which the spirit expresses itself. Thus, once the registration of the spirit has been made on the mind, it transmits it to the brain, so that you have physical awareness. These are the stages of manifestation and registration.”
“If you develop your spiritual nature, you become more accessible to the vibrations of the spirit. Until you do, you can have only what she calls the flash, the momentary awareness of a loved one’s presence. It is for the recipient to decide for himself or herself what that experience is. If he or she wishes to dismiss it because it seems possibly to be due to imagination, that is his or her responsibility and nobody else’s.”
“If people in your world will open themselves, mentally and spiritually, to seek receptivity and awareness, then it becomes easier for spirit manifestation, which, in turn, will become clearer, more positive and definite until the stage of certainty is reached. You have heard me say it before there are no short cuts to spiritual attainment. Achievement of spiritual mastery is a long and arduous process.”
(p.78-79 Lift Up Your Hearts, compiled by Tony Ortzen. Edition 2009. The Spiritual Truth Press. First published in 1990)

Spiritual guidance and communications are not something that can be evaluated and given to you by another individual, nor should they be attained easily and instantly, in exchange for monetary compensation, as seen in many spiritual salons and counselors. Rather, these assets must be earned at our own strenuous efforts. The fundamental solution is the persistence to develop, unfold, and nurture our spirituality, on our own.

2. “Practicing meditation”

“The best advice I can commend to you is, ‘To thine own self be true.’ This means quite simply that you should be true to your own soul, for it is there that illumination will come.”
(p.145 How to be Healthy, Wealthy and Wise, M. H. Tester.1988. The Aquarian Press, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. First published 1972 by Psychic Press Ltd.)

Religions around the world recommend meditation. Meditation clears one’s mind of distractions and irrelevant thoughts, and brings serenity and quietness. The process is similar to shutting down the power of a froze computer. By shutting it down we attempt to bring it back to its normal state. In order to attain this serenity, we focus our mind, thus we “empty our mind.” We have stopped thinking, therefore, no thoughts will come up. We have stopped the entire thought process.

However, it is easier said than done. Indeed, it is quite a challenge to stop thinking altogether. But everything takes practice and training. Do not chase after the intruding thoughts, when they appear.
Concern, worry, anxiety, fear, they represent most of the intruding thoughts, all of which build a dense wall of aura (noise) around us. The noisy wall blocks the entrance of delicate vibrations (pure tone) from our guides, preventing inspirations and guidance from reaching us. Therefore, we “empty the mind” and temporarily delete ourselves (temporary selves), which is the source of the intruding thoughts. We aim to attain inactivity of the mind, similar to the state when we are asleep, while maintaining consciousness of the awake state.
Inspirations do not necessarily enter our minds at this state of emptiness. It is not limited to the meditative state that inspirations reach us. M. H. Tester explains that we should try to commune (make interactions and contacts) with the spirit world; and it need not be a spirit communication (conversations and transmissions).
With our minds clear and empty, we are opening ourselves to the spirit guides. At this state we are communing with (contacting) our guides. That is to say, the voice of silence is the actual state in which we are communing with the guides. If nothing happens, it’s okay. The real self (true self), normally suppressed into the subconscious by the temporary self, have surfaced to the conscious field at this state.
With enough practice, along with concurrent learning of the spiritual truths, we will start catching inspirations and flashes of insights in our daily lives. We will also begin to notice the “guidance” from the spirit guides more clearly.

Silver Birch also tells us as follows:
“But it is sufficient if you sit there in the silence of your own beings, passive, attuned, in harmony. That silence is filled with the power of the spirit; that silence is the sign that you have called a halt to the turbulence of your own material affairs, that you have devoted that short time to the cultivation of the fruits of the spirit and to the recognition of a spiritual presence in your own home.
Your world does not understand sufficient about the value of silence. I often say that your inactivity is our activity and that we can get closest to you when you are still, quiescent, passive.”
Just prior to the above message, he also discussed: “It helps those who love you if you set aside any portion of your time for the sole purpose of reaching them, and, even as I have so often said, if nothing seems to happen in the physical sense, yet something is happening all the time in the spiritual sense.”
(p.45 More Wisdom of Silver Birch)

There are numerous ways to practice meditation. Here, I will describe my method, as an example.
As much as possible, I meditate at around the same time every day. Early and quiet hours of the morning before dawn, when my mind is relatively free from distracted thoughts, works best for me. I shut out the noise, dim the light, and relax with seat myself on the same chair, every time. Then I empty my mind. Although, distracted thoughts would appear on my mind, without fail. At first, I suggest using healing and relaxation music, or maybe nature sounds, like water streams, for example. Listen to the sound wholeheartedly, so that distracted thoughts are eliminated off your mind. By focusing your whole mind, full concentration to the sound, your mind becomes unified (self-awareness with unified mind). Your mind is focused on a single thought, thus the music. From that point, instead of actively listening to the sound of the music, slide it off your mind until it becomes only a background music. The music continues, and your mind is not focused on it. But still, but your mind remains unified (selflessness with unified mind). From there, you guide yourself into the next step by clearing your mind of all thoughts (empty mind), to attain a perfect serenity of mind. For more details, please refer to “meditation” category.
This is the way to “plug into power” as described by M.H. Tester; and also, it is the way for us to become the ones “who have discovered the truths of spiritual laws which ensure communication between the two states of life … ”
(p. 84-85 Silver Birch Companion, edited by Tony Ortzen, edition 2013. The Spiritual Truth Press, Surrey. First published 1986)
However, I ask you again to be cautious, as M. H. Tester also says: “But if you are going to plug into this enormous power you really should read a little about it.” (p.71 How to be Healthy, Wealthy and Wise) Especially, if you are new to spiritualism, or if you only have a halfway knowledge, please be extra cautious.
We must not forget the priority when interacting with the other side. Learning the spiritual truths always comes first.
Again, if you have a mediumship constitution, you are always at a risk of being influenced by unevolved, immature spirits. Halfway knowledge of the spiritual truths, admiration and curiosity for spiritual powers, or thinking you are special and privileged as a medium; all these factors amplify the danger of attracting unevolved and undesirable spirits, who are thrilled at the chance to take advantage of your mind. Even inspirations must go through the filter of spiritual knowledge, logic and reasoning, each time, before they are accepted. These are the reasons why spiritual knowledge becomes essential. It is mandatory that we educate ourselves with spiritual knowledge, before anything else.
In other words, we must consider and evaluate the inspirations, and determine whether the message comes from an unevolved spirit, or from our guarding spirit.
If the message contains voices of temptation and excuses, whispering us to follow our greedy instincts for an act that violates the providence, we can certainly assume that it comes from a low, unevolved spirit. Either way, we are responsible for our own decisions and actions.

3. “Always acknowledging your guarding spirit and spirit guides”

Whether we are aware of it or not, each of us are accompanied by our guarding spirit and spirit guides, who protect, shield and guide us. Also, the inspirations, flashes of thoughts, enlightenment and the like, they all originate from the spirit world.
The voice of conscience is believed as the voice of God that function as the monitoring device; however, we find that most of these guiding voices come from our guides.
In fact, these voices of conscience and even our thoughts, they rarely originate from our own mind, according to Silver Birch.

A member of the circle asked:
“Our consciences, are they really ours or those of the guides because they are connected with free will?”

Answer by Silver Birch:
“You are receiving and transmitting stations. It is very seldom that you construct your own thoughts.”
(p.27-28 More Philosophy of Silver Birch, compiled by Tony Ortzen, edition 2008.
The Spiritual Truth Press, Surrey. First published 1979.)

As for myself, I am quite clueless when it comes to distinguishing the voice of conscience from the voice of my guides. I think the voice of conscience is the voice of God within, assuming that the voice originates from my “true self” which is the spiritual mind, hence God’s divided soul. With regards to the voice that speak to me from the outside, in second person speech, I consider them as the voice of my spirit guard and spirit guides. However, according to Silver Birch, even the large majority of what I had understood as the voice of conscience, originate from my guides. If that is the case, maybe my guides not just attend by my side. Perhaps they are almost inherent in myself, always accompanying my every action. We are united with our group soul members with such closeness and intimacy.

“I always wish that people in your world, especially those who have this knowledge, could become aware of what is around and about them. If only they could see the ones, they love who are close to them, shielding them, guarding them, guiding them, ensuring that no real harm will ever befall them.
If you could realise the extent of this radiance you would never have any doubts or fears as to what the morrow will bring. So, you should, as I always tell my friends, greet each new day as the herald of wonderful spiritual adventures.”
(p.45 Light from Silver Birch, compiled by Pam Riva, edition 2009. The Spiritual Truth Press, Surrey. First published in 1983.)

If we acknowledge our spirit guides, with the spiritual knowledge, we will be able to receive concise advises and guidance from the spirit world, instead of mere flukes or flashes of thoughts. Nevertheless, it is extremely important for us to abide by the fundamental rule: do not make selfish requests and demands.

“You will know what to do. All indecision will vanish. The still, small voice that speaks direct to your soul from the infinite source of all wisdom will speak to you. All you have to do is to give it the facts correctly, without distortion and provide the spiritual silence in which it can be heard.
The voice will not and cannot harm anybody. If your decision seems to do this, then be assured that you have not opened your inner self adequately and your selfish motives have been allowed to colour the moment. I am not suggesting that reason be set aside. What I am advocating is that you allow wisdom to illuminate your reasoning. This is the only way. It may take a little practice. It is worth it, I assure you.”
(p.146-147 How to be Healthy, Wealthy and Wise)

“When you meet with problems, you have to make the decisions as to how to deal with them. There is no better rule than to withdraw into the silence and allow the divinity within to point the way where you should go.”
(p.192 More Philosophy of Silver Birch)


Old Age

2019-02-25 14:12:03 | Miscellaneous

After three months at the hospital, my 90 years old mother returned home yesterday (August 4th, 2013), for end-of-life care. The doctor said she probably has one or two months left.
She was doing fine until the beginning of the year, then she became bedridden, after fracturing an intervertebral disk on her lower back. In addition, she suffered aspiration pneumonia. Her oral hygiene had been maintained well, but she had aspiration pneumonia, one after another. Each time antibiotics were administered to vanish the symptoms, only until she suffers an another one in no time. Memories of my mother, with her backpack on her back, appears on my mind; and what a drastic change in her appearance now. In front of me now, is an old woman, nearly reaching death.
Out on the city streets, there are young people in shorts and sleeveless shirts.
Full of cheerful energy, they are actively making the most of the glory of their youth, going out on dates and to the summer night fireworks, and so on. Perhaps they can be compared to beautiful red rose buds, just about to bloom.
However, no matter how young and beautiful they are now, every human being will grow old, and after some numbers of decades they must all face death, just like my mother. No exceptions here, but these young people don’t breathe a word on such matter. And it is not limited to the young generation. I have seen people of more mature generations, who believe it is not even necessary to think about old age and death. What matters to them is to be in good health now, so that their lives are enjoyable now. Of course, life should be enjoyed in full; but at the same time, we must realize that human beings are spirits expressing themselves through the physical body.
From time to time, I walk along the city streets, thinking that one hundred years later, everybody that I see here walking, will all be gone from this physical world.
Maybe after two hundred years, even this city will look completely different from how it is now. It is the reality of the physical matter in the physical world. That is, although this phenomenal world may appear stable and fixed, if we were to fast forward the time, as in fast forwarding a DVD, we would see how fluid it is. I am indeed living a temporary life in this provisional world of illusions. Then I find myself thinking about the purpose of my current life on earth, the meaning of my work which takes up almost all my time, my roles, and the like. I reflect back on my still very slow progress, and tell myself again not to neglect one moment, each day.


The true meaning of “serving others”

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—Appreciate the chances for spiritual development—
Mr. Wilson (Percy Wilson, a veteran spiritualist) commented:
“Long ago I was persuaded by my friends in your world to turn common ideas of service upside down. It has long been part of my vision that if I can help any people then they are doing me a service.”

Silver Birch replied:
“That is true, for they are enabling you to fulfil your destiny. Self-fulfilment is part of spiritual regeneration. The soul can express itself only when it is helping others. This is where the spiritual law is an apparent contradiction of physical laws. The more you give away of your spiritual riches the richer you are. If you desire to evolve, grow and progress, you have to forget self and serve others, but only those who are ready to be served.”
(p. 71 Lift Up Your Hearts, compiled by Tony Ortzen. Edition 2009. The Spiritual Truth Press, Surrey. First published in 1990.)

—This is a world of selfishness—
Do what benefits others (altruistic), instead of doing things for yourself (selfish). You should even be thanking the others for giving you the opportunity to do things for them. I don’t think we can find another phrase that further contradicts the common sense of the general public.
Maybe we can accept this phrase to some degree, if applying it within our own friends and relatives. But this world basically operates on the underlying motive: will it bring loss or gain to ourselves? Most of us would go no further than the plain “give-and-take”.
This basic motive of “loss or gain” is applied everywhere around the world, among denominations ranging from small to large. The smallest denomination is between individuals. Groups, organizations and companies are middle sized denominations.
At large denominations, we have countries operating with the same basic motive. It is unfortunate to see leaders of a nation expressing blunt egoistic selfishness. This is the unavoidable outcome of this physical world of mammonism and materialism, where life after death is denied, death is believed to turn everything into nothing, and wealth is believed to be gained through materialistic, monetary possessions and dominance over others.

—Altruism leads to development of one’s spirituality—
Throughout his teachings, Silver Birch explains the reality of the spirit world, and this altruism is recommended repeatedly, despite it being the complete opposite of the common sense of the general public. He even says altruism is the “the purpose of life on earth.” What is the meaning behind this?

In the case of spiritual healing, for example, when a healer provides himself as the pipeline, through which the healing forces flow, a portion of that life force will remain within the healer, according to Silver Birch. God never forgets about the healer, who performs as the agent for the spirit world.

“And as it flows through you, it always leaves behind that deposit, which stimulates your own life.”
(p. 111 Guidance from Silver Birch, edited by Anne Dooley. Edition 2006. The Spiritual Truth Press, Surrey. First published in 1966.)

—An example case demonstrating the quote at the beginning of the post—
In the case of spiritual healing, healing force thus the life force, flows through the healer and leaves a positive effect on the healer. Exactly the same principle applies to spiritualists exerting themselves to spread the spiritual truth. Let’s take a look at a specific example of Silver Birch’s words, quoted at the beginning of this post.

I try to fulfil the responsibility and obligation of those who discovered the spiritual providence and knowledge before others, by hosting my “Silver Birch study circle.”
My intention is to help those still in the darkness, just like I was once, by guiding them towards the light. In my case too, I am being served by the spirit world, just like the spiritual healer mentioned above, as “spreading the spiritual truth” is said to be “the most important and the greatest work to be done on earth.”
Being the host of the monthly study session, it is essential that I make thorough and sufficient preparation in advance, which means I must thoroughly read, study and comprehend the true meanings of the applicable parts of Silver Birch’s teaching to be read and discussed at the session. I want to make sure that after the study session, the participants will take home the wisdom of the spirit world and spirit power.
Aside from the preparation, I maintain my daily reading and studies, during which I am often guided to the parts related (linked) to the topic selected for the next study session. I obtain hints for deeper understanding of the topic in preparation in this manner. Also, at the same time, I may receive inspirations which indicate the theme and contents for my next article to be posted here.
This way, I am able to share and better explain the acquired knowledge, on the day of the study session, and also have my monthly article posted on my website. If I did not host the monthly study circle, I would be reading Silver Birch purely for my own pursuit; and thus, there would be no way that I be blessed with the series of such deep learning opportunities, which guide me to wisdom and enlightenment. The words on this post are the proof of this fact.
This type of support and assistance are the compensation from the spirit world, provided for those who strive to “spread the spiritual truth.” It is a good example, demonstrating the fact that “doing service for others directly links to one’s spiritual growth.”
Law of the universe is originally designed so that individuals exist by supporting and maintaining each other.

—In the process of spiritual development, we meet the purpose of life on earth—
“When we are doing something that serves somebody else, we are given such chance from that person.” In response to this comment by a member of the seance,
Silver Birch answered, “That is true.”
Let’s stretch the interpretation of this discussion. Let’s say there is someone who had given you an unpleasant experience, or maybe that someone is the ringleader of the trials and difficulties that you had to suffer through. In search for help and guidance, you have read Silver Birch’s teachings; and as a result of your efforts to counter the problem with faith and by putting the spiritual providence into practice, you were able to solve the problem, and gained the wisdom. Therefore, you should not only forgive that person, but also thank him, for providing you the opportunity for the valuable experience. Maybe he does not even realise that he had played the unpleasant role for you, but you were able to evolve as a result. In the end he had given you a valuable asset called spiritual growth, which is the only asset that can be taken with you to the spirit world.

—We need only the altruistic mind in the spirit world—
Of the things we need on earth, or the things we gain throughout life on earth, what will remain with us after our physical death?
In the spirit world, we have no physical body, which means foods, houses, sex, desire for dominance, companies making money and profit, and so on, will all be completely useless and meaningless. They all belong to the physical body (physical world), and along with your social positions and titles, they all vanish upon death of the physical body. As a result, selfishness (self-centeredness), which were necessary for maintaining the physical body in the physical world, will no longer be required in the spirit world; and it will be classified as the most infantile, and at the lowest level of spirituality.
Actually, selfishness is also at the bottom of the spirituality in the physical world, but it is not easily recognized so, because thoughts are invisible to the physical eyes, and there exist time.

—Things required, in order for us to practice this altruism—
In many bookstores we can find a designated section for books on the spiritual world, and books about various saints and so forth. What these books have in common are that they all mention that the soul is the “real self.” Also, they discuss the importance of philanthropy, existence of God, and encourage the readers to practice meditation.
I agree with them. But for most of us ordinary men and women, who are not exactly benevolent nor praiseworthy, it is not an easy task to forget ourselves and “do things for others,” as it is “the path to enlightenment.” In reality, not many of us can afford to do so, both physically and mentally. We may have read enough books about the the spiritual world, and understood them well enough; and maybe we are confident on the volume of our knowledge at times of peace. However, once a major emergency occurs, we find that our supposedly abundant knowledge did not help us much.
I believe many of you have had a similar experience. Why?

It is because we have not yet gained the true awareness of the “real self” (soul), nor the solid foundation of the basic spiritual knowledge.

What is God? Who am I really? What is the meaning of death, and what will happen after we pass away? The reality of the spirit world? The purpose of the physical world? Or what exactly is the objective of our current life on earth, which must include trials and difficulties? Guarding spirits and spirit guides: do they really exist? These factors and much more, must systematically associate with each other to form one stout backbone knowledge of the spiritual providence. Without this solid foundation, we have no support, no secure bedrock on which to rely ourselves and confidently stand, when the time and opportunity arise to practice the spiritual knowledge in response to serious crises. Without this bedrock of foundation, we are just like houses built on sandy soil, which easily collapse upon soil liquefaction. Our minds sway around, and the instability of the mind blocks the flow of the spirit power, which will be essential for tackling the difficult challenges by practicing the providence.

In short, the solid foundation of the spiritual knowledge as rationale and assurance, combined with faith in the providence, are the mandatory factors for those who practice altruism.
Silver Birch brings the true spiritual providence from the spirit world. His teachings are the rationale and assurance that we must have.

—Basic attitude towards altruism—
As a guideline for the basic attitude in “serving others,” Silver Birch tells us as follows:

• “By love I mean compassion, the desire to serve, to sacrifice, to help, to do all within your power for those who are less fortunate than you are.”
(p. 83 More Philosophy of Silver Birch, compiled by Tony Ortzen. Edition 2008.
The Spiritual Truth Press, Surrey. First published in 1979.)

• “All that you can individually do is to spread knowledge wherever you can.”
(p. 88 Lift Up Your Hearts, compiled by Tony Ortzen. Edition 2009. The Spiritual Truth Press, Surrey. First published in 1990.)

• “It is part of the spiritual law that those who serve are served. And it is impossible for service to be overlooked.”
(p. 22 Lift Up Your Hearts)


Belief (Faith)

2018-12-23 09:10:34 | Suffering & Ordeals

What words does Silver Birch choose, for those who are currently in the midst of trouble, anxiety, difficulty, suffering, and worry? This time we would like to focus on his messages, from the viewpoint of the spiritual providence. I have arranged them in the sequential steps of spiritual advancement.

I. Difficulties are the catalyst and prerequisite for spiritual advancement, hence the purpose of life

“You will not make spiritual progress when the sun is shining, all is peaceful and calm and there are no problems. You will make spiritual progress when you meet with difficulty and overcome it. Steel is forged in the crucible of fire. Your spirit is forged in triumphing over problems.”
(p.187 Lift Up Your Hearts, compiled by Tony Ortzen, edition 2009. The Spiritual Truth Press, Surrey. First published in 1990)

“Of course, you will have problems. Earth is a place where you are presented with difficulties, frustrations, obstacles and handicaps. The whole purpose of earthly existence is to meet conditions that are a challenge to the evolving spirit so that it can have a chance to express some of its latent qualities (spiritual mind, spirit power) that can be called on in times of crises.
You cannot achieve spiritual mastery without conquering the problems that you encounter . . .”
(p.99 Light from Silver Birch, compiled by Pam Riva. Edition 2009, The Spiritual Truth Press, Surrey. First published in 1983)

II. You will not be forced to carry a load (trials, difficulties) beyond your capability

“No situation (trials, difficulties) is as dark as you think it is. If you are determined, light will come. If you call up your courage from the inexhaustible source that you possess, strength will come to your aid. You will be admired more because you have sought to face up to responsibility, and help will be forthcoming. No one has a greater load to carry than he is able to bear, because the load is the load, he has made for himself.
(p.163 More Wisdom of Silver Birch, edited by Sylvia Barbanell. 1945, Psychic Press Ltd., London.)

“… but none is so insuperable that you cannot overcome it. You will have to be patient and pray for guidance that at the right time the door will open, and the way will be shown. I always tell my friends in very simple language never to bang against a closed door.”
(p.99 Light from Silver Birch, compiled by Pam Riva. Edition 2009, The Spiritual Truth Press, Surrey. First published in 1983)

III. You will never be abandoned and alone

“And, though you will find many disappointments and many failures, we will always stand behind you, seeking to enthuse you in your days of difficulty, seeking to give you hope and strength when you are tired, seeking to raise you up when you are cast down. You will never be alone.”
(p.158 Teachings of Silver Birch, edited by A.W. Austen. Edition 2010,
The Spiritual Truth Press, Surrey. First published in 1938)

“You will be shown the way by the many who love you from our world, not only those with whom you have a tie of blood, but others, because there is a kinship of mind and spirit. . . . We in our world will not fail those who co-operate with us in giving service.”
(p.28 Light from Silver Birch, compiled by Pam Riva. Edition 2009, The Spiritual Truth Press, Surrey. First published in 1983)

IV. Never worry about the morrow

“I am puzzled sometimes when I visit my friends on earth who have knowledge, and I see them worried and anxious. The knowledge is their foundation which should assure them that no harm or injury can befall their eternal spirit.
Those with knowledge should be living in the light and never fear what the morrow will bring.
There is nothing in your world that you need worry about. You have within you the armoury of the spirit, the divine potential (spiritual mind, spirit power) which you can utilise to help in any emergency or crisis that comes your way. There is no problem you cannot solve by calling on the power that is within you (spiritual mind, spirit power) and by appealing to the power that is without (guarding spirit, spirit guides who are always on standby, ready to guide and assist you).”
(p.21 Light from Silver Birch, compiled by Pam Riva. Edition 2009, The Spiritual Truth Press, Surrey. First published in 1983)

“Progress consists in shedding imperfections and striving and growing towards perfection (God) all the time.
Just live for the day. Greet each morning as the herald giving untold possibilities for (spiritual) character building that will enable you to fulfill yourselves and give life its purposefulness (spiritual growth) which, alas, is absent for too many in your world.
Strive to make the will of the Great Spirit (spiritual providence, spiritual promise) your will (our own guideline), to be in tune (at one) with the divine power (God, providence), to feel the arms of love around each one of you, to know that the mantle of protection is on your shoulders, to have no fear what the morrow will bring. Rejoice at the opportunities of service that are provided for you.”
(P.27–28 Light from Silver Birch, compiled by Pam Riva. Edition 2009)

V. Conclusion . . . Exert your best efforts, then leave the rest to your spirit guides

“Always remember what I have stressed so many times. We can only accomplish in our own way and in our own time. We cannot accomplish in your way and in your time. Ours is the larger vision, yours is restricted. Let us guide you and all will be well. You may have temporary defeats, but you win the final battle.”
(p.51 Lift Up Your Hearts, compiled by Tony Ortzen, edition 2009. The Spiritual Truth Press, Surrey. First published in 1990)

[[ Comments ]]

“I believe in God.”

“I am a spiritualist.”

These are easily said, when everything is at peace, with no troubles facing us. The problem occurs when we are shaken up by a truly large and serious ordeal, which seems impossible for us to overcome.
In the case of interpersonal relations, where the trouble involves another individuals or groups, our worries and anxieties tend to go around in circles. The harder we try to think about it, the deeper we become stuck in an endless maze of anxiety. Troubles and worries drain our energy (spirit power), until our vigor (vitality, spirit power) becomes exhausted. The spirit power provides the vital energy to the physical body.
Every time I face one of these situations, my mind sways around right and left. Against the fact that I have read Silver Birch’s books so many times, and I had been touched, moved, and felt completely convinced every time, once I return to my daily life in the society of materialism and mammonism, I am so quick to completely forget what I have learned.
Why do the spiritual providence and knowledge, especially of the promises from the spirit world, slip away so fast and so completely off my mind? Why is my mind so prone to becoming arrested on the problems and unpleasant experiences; and before I know it, I’m automatically trying to combat the problem with my usual self (temporary self), no differently from most of the general public without spiritual knowledge?
It is because the messages in Silver Birch’ teachings are the complete opposite to the ways of thinking on earth. His teachings appear surreal and hard-to-believe, and rather they seem more like a pipe dream, or they appear to be grasping at the air. In the height of a serious problem, we are mostly blinded by the very real phenomena unfolding right in front of us; the spiritual knowledge with its surreal nature, are unconsciously washed away from our awareness and memory field.
Setting the spiritual providence as one’s own standard model (attuning to the providence), and constantly maintaining the awareness and belief in the spiritual promises, would require tremendous dedication and courage.
The larger the problem, the more demanding it will be of one’s courage and determination. Maybe it can be compared to the situation of diving off a cliff. It is very much so. You are trembling in fear, facing the very-real and extremely severe reality in front of you, and obviously you have absolutely no room at all for the dreamy messages and promises from the invisible world. However, at the same time, somewhere in your mind, you do realize that there is absolutely no way out from this desperate and endless darkness, unless some miracles happen.

We are learning the spiritual providence through Silver Birch’s teachings, and we try our best to apply the providence in our daily lives. As previously mentioned, Silver Birch is a highly evolved spirit with such a thorough knowledge of the law of the universe; and we do not know of any others who had given us the words and promises of the providence with such clarity and certainty. The assurance (insurance, collateral) behind these promises is the never-changing providence (law of the universe) itself.
What if the spirit world is a real world, only invisible to our physical eyes due to its delicate vibrations?
If we can have faith on the spirit guides from the spirit world, and we can believe in the spiritual promises, and entrust ourselves to them altogether?
Try to imagine the amount of load removed from our shoulders.

Sufferings like ordeals, difficulties and obstacles are unavoidable to all of us who are aiming for spiritual growth through life on earth. Every time we encounter one of these sufferings, we are always given two choices. One is to have God’s will (spiritual providence) and spiritual promises, as our own mind (have them as our directions when faced with difficulties); and the other is the usual way of handling the sufferings, based on materialism, mammonism, and the law of the jungle.
In order for us to execute the spiritual promises in real life situations, against the common sense of the general public, before anything else, we must first have “belief” (willpower, faith) in the spiritual providence. And of course, that decision must be powered by our great courage and determination. We must believe and endure, quietly and patiently waiting for the “guidance” from the spirit world, without knowing when it will arrive.
Those of us who have awaken to our real selves, and with the spiritual knowledge, as well as the understanding of its correctness and reality, should have belief on the spiritual promise: “all is divinely well,” (p.31 Light from Silver Birch) and “all things work wisely and well.” (p.89 The Spirit Speaks, compiled by Tony Ortzen, edition 2009) Maintain the belief, “entrust ourselves to the spirit guides,” and “try to live each day at a time, to the best of our ability.” Gain condolences, hope, and power from the spirit world through Silver Birch’s teachings; and let us live “in the light.” And finally, try to maintain the state of our minds in accord with these following messages from Silver Birch.

“Alas, for those who cannot distinguish between the material and the spiritual. You can struggle, have difficulties and battle, but you can still have tranquility and peace. You can face all the battles of your world and still have inner peace because you know they cannot touch you.
Peace does not come from without but from within. If people in your world would only realise the armoury of the spirit with which they are equipped. They could use all this tremendous power within to help them learn to retire and cultivate the fruits of the spirit (attain spiritual growth) which bring tranquility, poise, calmness and peace.
Of the great souls who live in your world and achieve most for it with their reforms and pioneering, many have inner peace though the battle be strong and the opposition difficult. Do not equate physical happenings with spiritual principles (providence). Spirit is master, and matter is servant. Let the spirit show its mastery.”
(p.61 Lift Up Your Hearts, compiled by Tony Ortzen, edition 2009. The Spiritual Truth Press, Surrey. First published in 1990)

“Try always to remember the eternal principles (spiritual providence) upon which life is founded and to live in harmony with them (the providence). That is the way to ensure the tranquility, repose, calmness, peace and inner stillness that must come to all those who are in tune with the larger aspects of being (true self, real mind).”
(p.67 Lift Up Your Hearts, compiled by Tony Ortzen)

I am repeating myself once again, but in order to proceed we must make God’s will our own will, which require very courageous decision and strong faith in “believing in the spiritual promises.” The amount of faith we have is correlated to the amount of spirit power that can flow into us; therefore, the more faith we have, the more spirit power we can receive, leaving us to feel at ease. Our “willpower,” and our choice and courage to believe the spiritual promises (which are based on the providence, thus the law of the universe), rather than choosing and believing the unstable and anxious minds of our own, bring out our true mind, which naturally allows “expression of our spirituality.” This way, spiritual advancement will be attained at the same time, which is the purpose of life on earth itself.

As we courageously proceed face to face with trials and difficulties, let us believe in the spiritual promises from the spirit world, that “all will be well in the end.” Exert our best efforts, then leave the rest to the spirit guides, and unload the burden off our shoulders. With regards to the best efforts,
Silver Birch tells us as follows:

“Whatever the circumstances or the conditions, you are expected to do the best you can. When you have done that, and honestly believe you can do no more, then you have earned the right to ask the spirit world for its help which, in any case, would have been forthcoming.”
(p.66 Lift Up Your Hearts, compiled by Tony Ortzen)

“Guidance” from the spirit world affects us by giving us instructions and making impressions on us. How do the guidances come to us? It often does not occur in a way that fulfills our wishes and requests, both in terms of the timing and the results. However, let us not forget that the guides from the spirit world, because they see us from the long and broad perspectives, can guide us to the best route for our spiritual advancement, and thus to the best results. For sure, patience will be required, but let us always have our receptivity extended toward the spirit world, and be ready to catch the guiding signs, so that we do not to miss the opening of the door.

“I say to my friends, again and again, when you put your hand on a door and it does not open, go away. Do not try to open a locked door. But when you put your hand on a door and it opens, then go through. When the time is ripe, the power of the spirit reveals itself.
The ability to plan and organise, when it is done by evolved and enlightened beings in our world, is something far greater than perhaps many of you realise. When the time is spiritually ripe for all concerned, then everything falls into its place. Blind faith is foolish. But faith, founded on what knowledge has revealed to you, is a sure base on which to build philosophy and outlook.
You cannot, in your present circumstances, be the possessors of all knowledge and wisdom. Know that as you have been led, so you will continue to be led. The power of the spirit cannot fail, the Great Spirit cannot fail. All will continue to manifest according to its ordained plan. Rest content with what has been shown to you and be patient.”
(p.41 Lift Up Your Hearts, compiled by Tony Ortzen)

“I don’t have to tell you that what we are offering is a sublime power which can prove its inherent beneficence by its ability to heal, to inspire, to achieve results that are of themselves indicative of its divine origin.”
(p.69 Lift Up Your Hearts, compiled by Tony Ortzen)

“The knowledge which you have received must be the base on which to build your faith, not unreasoning incredulous faith, but the faith which is founded on what has been shown to you, that there is a divine plan ordained by divine love and wisdom, and at all times you are encompassed by it. This should make you realise that whatever happens to you or anybody else in your world is part of the plan.
There is no difficulty so great that you have not the power within and without to help you to overcome it and emerge as a result greater in spiritual stature. This is the whole object of your earthly existence, to learn your lessons and to be the better equipped spiritually as a result.
If at any time doubts come into your mind, then pause. Let your minds go back to the days that are past and realise how you have been led to bring you where you are today. You are fortunate to be in possession of these wondrous truths that have continued to illuminate your earthly lives.
They have brought you the great link with your own loved ones and others not of your kith and kin but spiritually related to you. Their desire is to co-operate so that together we can help so many others who, alas, live in a miasma of ignorance. This is the reason for our returning to you.”
(p.65-66 Lift Up Your Hearts, compiled by Tony Ortzen)

— Reviews and summaries of the posts from 2018 —

Human beings on earth, what are we born for . . . ?
Most people consider that we are born coincidentally, with no specific meanings nor purposes; and we return to nothing upon death. What would Silver Birch say about this?
I believe that posts from the latter half of this year, all of which were written based on Silver Birch’s teachings, demonstrate his views on this question.
In concluding the year 2018, I will list the titles with short summaries of these important posts.

1. The object of life on earth . . . Physical world (earth) is like a kindergarten, at the bottom stage of spiritual development.

● The object of life on earth is to learn through comparison and contrast, of the various levels of spirituality that exist together. In order to express ourselves on earth, one requires a physical body as an attuning device for its low vibrations. The physical body disguises one’s true self (the soul) of delicate vibrations. As a result, all human beings coming to earth, which is a unique world of relativity, will have an equal starting point in terms of spiritual growth.

● Spiritual growth, hence, the purpose of life on earth, takes these following steps.
 1) First, find one’s “real self” (the soul).
 2) Next, develop the divinity inherent in the mind of the real self, and attain spiritual growth.
 3) Then, nurture altruistic heart, and prepare for life after death in the spirit world.

“I know, but if you were perfect you would not be in your world. You are in the world of matter to learn, to become aware of faults and to eliminate them, to make mistakes and to learn from them and gradually by your conduct to allow the innate divinity to find fuller expression. This is a very long process.”
(p.54 Lift Up Your Hearts, compiled by Tony Ortzen)

2. Action and reaction . . . So, how do we attain the spiritual growth?

● We will not attain spiritual growth when the sun is shining, and we are enjoying a completely enough life, free from troubles.
● Trials, difficulties, and obstacles (reaction) will become the catalyst, with which the things of the spirit (action) will be received.
● Action (spiritual growth) and reaction (trials and difficulties) are the front and back sides of a coin (they exist as a pair); this process of “action and reaction” is the only possible way for attaining spiritual awakening and spiritual growth on earth.

3. Belief (Faith) . . . Counter the trials and difficulties, with faith on the spiritual providence and spiritual promises.

● Trials and difficulties are the essential catalyst for spiritual growth, thus the purpose of life.
●“Promises from the spirit world” are assured (secured) by the spiritual providence (law of the universe).
The promises are:
 1) You will never be abandoned from the spirit world.
 2) You will never be forced to carry a load (trials, difficulties) beyond your capacity.
 3) Exert your best efforts and leave the rest to your spirit guides. All will be well in the end.
 4) Those with spiritual knowledge, should never worry about the morrow.

4. Suicide . . . Suicide is an act of evasion from trials and difficulties, and a violation of the providence.

● Trials and difficulties (cause) are the prerequisite for spiritual growth (effect)
● However, you will never be forced to carry a load (trials and difficulties) beyond your capacity.
● Human beings cannot die, even if one wishes to die; therefore, death will never become the solution (effect) to the problem (cause).
● Suicide is an intervention to the “law of cause and effect” (causality).
Those who commit suicide will reap the results by themselves, of their violation.


The object of life on earth

2018-12-05 09:11:11 | Life`s Purpose

Why do we come to the physical world wearing a physical body, as only short-time existences, destined to become decomposed and decayed ?

Or, what is the purpose of our life in the physical world, during which our “true selves” (the soul) are deliberately disguised ?

Perhaps we may also ask; why must we develop our spirituality ?

Silver Birch talks about “the object of earthly life,” six times in chapters two and three of Light from Silver Birch. Followings are the summary of his teachings on this subject, arranged in the order of steps towards spiritual growth:

The object of life on earth is to. . .
1. Find out one’s “real self” (the soul, true self)
2. Next, discover and express one’s spirituality, and attain spiritual growth.
3. Then, prepare for life in the spirit world that awaits after one’s death.

Here are the lists of Silver Birch’s words from the two chapters, regarding “the object of life on earth.” The quotes are listed in the order of above-mentioned steps towards spiritual growth.

—In the order of steps towards spiritual growth—
1. Finding out one’s “true self” (the soul)
“We will guide, we will encourage, we will strengthen, we will help, we will always urge you to serve, so that those who are brought to you will have their opportunity of gaining sublime truths which bring freedom to the spirit, mind and body and enable them to fulfil themselves, for that is the object of all earthly existence.”
(P.29 Light from Silver Birch, compiled by Pam Riva. Edition 2009, The Spiritual Truth Press, Surrey. First published in 1983)
=> For us to prepare ourselves for life after death, we must first awaken ourselves to the “real self” (the soul). Without the awakening we are unable to proceed to the next step, the learning process of the spiritual knowledge.

2. Next, discover and express one’s spirituality, and attain spiritual growth.
“Earthly life has a purpose for all who dwell on your planet. It is sad that there are millions who are unaware of the spiritual reality (the soul, true self) on which their lives are based. Like troglodytes they live in a spiritual gloom that is almost a vacuum.”
(P.17 Light from Silver Birch, compiled by Pam Riva. Edition 2009)

“The essence of life on earth is it offers stark contrasts and polarities. It provides goodness and the lack of goodness. This does not obtain in our world, where each sphere does not have this contrast. The object of earthly life is to make available a variety of experiences, to enable the soul to exercise its divine potential and emerge stronger a s a result. And so, you will have crimes, sin and violence. Evolution is not in a straight line. It is in a spiral. At the top, things look beautiful; at the bottom they don’t look so beautiful.”
(P.27 Light from Silver Birch, compiled by Pam Riva. Edition 2009)
=> There exist both good and evil (front and back sides of a coin) within a human mind.

3. Then, prepare for life in the spirit world that awaits after one’s death.
“It can point the way so that individuals can live to the fullest extent of their nature physically, mentally and spiritually, realising the purpose earthly life has in the universal scheme, and thus fulfil themselves (expressing the real self, spirituality) as the natural law intends they should so that their temporary sojourn on earth should enable them to be prepared for the greater life that is inevitable for everyone in your world.”
(P.15 Light from Silver Birch, compiled by Pam Riva. Edition 2009)

“You will survive because the spirit comes to earth to develop, to grow, to unfold and to prepare itself for its real home, not the transitory abode which earth provides.
You will come home where you began, and continue to live after having left what earth has to offer, so that you can play your part in the great universal scheme. Every child of the Great Spirit has a part to play in the infinite scheme. There will be difficulties, but these are the challenges that have to be met, accepted and triumphed over. Handicaps and obstacles are all part of the necessary preparation (action and reaction) for an evolving, developing spiritual nature.”
(P.19 Light from Silver Birch, compiled by Pam Riva. Edition 2009)

“You must recognise that all of you are spirits with bodies, not even bodies with spirits.
Matter exists because it is animated by the spirit, which is the spark of the divine embedded within every being and within everything that expresses life, no matter what form it takes. Obviously, the purpose of earthly incarnation is for the individual to have those experiences which will enable the soul to grow, unfold and develop, and to achieve that kind of progress that fits it for the next stage of life beyond the death of the body.
Your earth is the kindergarten our world is the adult school. You are here to learn the (spiritual) lessons wisely and well, to educate the mind, to train the spirit to develop any gifts with which you have been divinely endowed, so that they can be utilised in the service of others in healing and in other ways.”
(P.31–32 Light from Silver Birch, compiled by Pam Riva. Edition 2009)

“The whole object of earthly life is to have a variety of experiences that will fit the spirit for the next stage beyond earth when you have to pass into our world. That is why you come to earth in the first place. Earth is the training ground, the school where the spirit learns its lessons which will provide its equipment for the life beyond earth.”
(P.32 Light from Silver Birch, compiled by Pam Riva. Edition 2009)

“For that reason, I say to you again and again that what you regard as the bad experiences can be the best ones for you. It is not in the sunshine that the soul finds itself, but in the storm. It is when the thunder rages and the lightning flashes.
You must be sharpened, purged, refined. You must experience the heights and depths. You must have the variety of experiences that earth provides for you. In this way the spirit emerges stronger, fortified, ready for what awaits it when death comes.”
(P.32 Light from Silver Birch, compiled by Pam Riva. Edition 2009)
==> The spirit must increase its power and become fortified, in preparation for the next stage of life.

“Let us pray for increasing opportunities for service (which will become our work in the spirit world), that we may find a better and closer harmony with the overruling power that instilled part of its divinity into each one of us.
Thus, we will have an inner peace, a tranquility, an awareness, a serenity that all is divinely well, and we have our parts to play in helping the infinite process of creation to be fulfilled.”
(P.31 Light from Silver Birch, compiled by Pam Riva. Edition 2009)

“If you are endowed with any gift, no matter what its form, you should develop it so that others can be served and enlightened. (Serve others in a way that will assist them in advancing their spirituality.)”
(P.26 Light from Silver Birch, compiled by Pam Riva. Edition 2009)

<< Comments >>
We are born into the physical world, a bipolar world (world of relativity), wearing a physical body, for the purpose of soul development and spiritual growth. There are new souls being born in order to gain self-consciousness, and there are reincarnating souls.
The physical world inevitably becomes a world of rough vibrations, being a place where mixture of people at various levels of spirituality exist together.
And in order to live and express ourselves in this world of rough vibrations, we require a physical body, as an apparatus that allows us to attune with the rough vibrations of the physical world. We can say that the physical body functions like the wetsuit and equipment for scuba diving.
By maintaining the physical body (of rough vibrations), instinctive mind (selfishness, egoism, both are of rough vibrations) becomes apparent and prominent. Spiritual self (soul, true self) with delicate vibrations is disguised into the subconscious mind, because the physical mind and the temporary self, driven by the lowest of the low, rough vibrations, deter the spiritual self from being expressed.
Consequently, selfishness (egoism) become enhanced; and we cannot avoid experiencing the contrasting opposites, like good and evil, hate and love, happiness and sorrow, rich and poor, all of which are unique to the physical world.
Souls with different levels of spirituality exist together in one physical world, and the souls struggle among the materialistic opposites and relativities. The sufferings, difficulties and trials foster the development of tough souls, which is the purpose and the object of life in the physical world. Hence, our life on earth are intended as such that, we awaken ourselves to the spiritual self, fortify our faith (belief) on the spiritual providence, through the difficulties and sufferings of this world of relativity. We aim to attain spiritual growth this way.
Then, why have our lives been planned in this manner? We must prepare ourselves for our assigned roles in the next stage of life, which will be in the spirit world.
There, each of us will have a role in the creation and evolutional development of the eternal cosmos, in which we make contributions by helping others with their spiritual growth. Our souls must be trained and strengthened, we must have grown tough and stout, before we become competent in our roles. For that reason, the physical world is like a nursery school or a kindergarten for children, that prepares us for the next stage of life, the life of adulthood in the spirit world.
If we were to go through life on earth without knowing the “real self” (spiritual self), and no spiritual knowledge, and passed over to the spirit world in such conditions, it would be like a toddler, with no trainings of the basic (spiritual) manners and no education, going astray into the adult world (spirit world).

<< Summary >>
Purpose of life on earth …… To fortify our spirituality, and acquire qualifications for the role that awaits us. The role consists of making contributions to the creative evolution of the unlimited, eternal universal scheme, which include helping others.

Ways to attain the purpose of life . . . . . . Nurture altruistic heart and attain spiritual growth, through the experiences of polar extremities, including trials and difficulties.

The stage set for the necessary experiences . . . . . . The physical world, which is the world of opposites and contrasts, where various levels of spirituality exist together.

For us to live our lives on earth in accord with its purpose, Silver Birch tells us the following specific instructions:

“Progress consists in shedding imperfections and striving and growing towards perfection all the time.
Just live for the day. Greet each morning as the herald giving untold possibilities for (spiritual) character building (discovering) that will enable you to fulfill yourselves and give life its purposefulness which, alas, is absent for too many in your world.
Strive to make the will of the Great Spirit your will, to be in tune with the divine power (God, providence), to feel the arms of love around each one of you, to know that the mantle of protection is on your shoulders, to have no fear what the morrow will bring. Rejoice at the opportunities of service that are provided for you.”
(P.27–28 Light from Silver Birch, compiled by Pam Riva. Edition 2009)