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Jesus of Nazareth and Silver Birch — The Dawn of the New Earth —

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This time we will focus on the roles of Jesus of Nazareth and Silver Birch, that lead us to the very important topic of “the dawn of the new earth.”

“I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father.” Gospel of John 14:12

For the first time, Silver Birch explained the true meaning of this famous quote by Jesus, which was spoken just before the Crucification.

-— On Jesus of Nazareth and his mission, as described by Silver Birch —-
From More Wisdom of Silver Birch:

— A clergyman had written to ask, “Where does Silver Birch place Jesus Christ in the scheme of the universe, and what is the difference, if any, between ‘Jesus the man’ and ‘Jesus the Christ’?”

[Answer from Silver Birch]
“The Nazarene,” replied the guide, “is the last of the prophets of teachers who came to your world, in whom the fullness of the power of the spirit was made manifest in a form such as it had never been made before or since. There is no mystery about his birth. There is no mystery about his death. He was a man like other men, coming into the world of matter and leaving the world of matter in accordance with the natural laws of the Great Spirit. Never before his day and never since his day has so large a measure of inspiration been received in your world. He came to fulfil a task, to teach certain fundamental truths that had been neglected, buried beneath the debris of creed, ritual, ceremony, myth and fable. He attracted the attention of those whom he sought to teach.
“He exercised, after choosing the band of men who could help him, those gifts of the spirit with which he was endowed. He was a medium, using exactly the same gifts, spiritual gifts, that mediums are using today. He never tarnished his gifts. His gifts functioned strictly in accord with all psychical law. There were no miracles, no suspension of the natural laws, no abrogation of them and no interference with them. The demonstration of these gifts aroused the attention of the people, and then he proceeded to teach them the simple, eternal, fundamental truths of the spirit which have been stressed by all the inspired teachers throughout all the centuries in which man has trod your planet.
“The rest is known—the incurring of the wrath and displeasure of the conventional and the orthodox. But it is necessary to issue a strict warning that there has been so much tampering with the scanty record. There has been much interpolation, so that all you have is very gravely suspect. You can discount all the stories of miraculous happenings, for they did not occur.
“As to the second part of the question, the same individual, the same man— (A) who is not the Great Spirit, not the power which created and fashioned all life and endowed mankind with part of its own divinity—is still at work, still using his gifts and his powers, which have been greatly developed, to help the humanity that he loved and whom he came to serve.
“No service is done to him by arrogating him to a position which he does not occupy, by claiming that he sits on the right hand of the Father, or that the Nazarene and the Great Spirit are identical and interchangeable terms. The Nazarene requires no worship, no servitude, no prostration in front of him, no bending the knees, but only that his life shall be an example to others and that they shall go and do greater things.” (1)
(P.145-147 More Wisdom of Silver Birch — edited by Sylvia Barbanell)

Marked with (A) are information relating to the band of evolved spirits, directed by Jesus, for the purpose of salvaging humans on earth.
(1) to (5) are contents relating to the “greater things.”

When Jesus talked of the “greater things”, he was not talking about the spiritual phenomena by physical mediumship, as seen in the works of D. D. Holmes and Edgar Cayce, and spiritual healing cases by Harry Edwards. These phenomena occurred with specific intents from the spirit world, and they were simply measuring for their designated purpose.
Let us organize the characteristics of Jesus, according to his words from the Bible quoted at the top, and as well, from Silver Birch’s words.

Information we have on Jesus of Nazareth …
•He said, “Whoever believes in me, will do what I do”

•He was a spiritual teacher (one of the prophets)

•Through Jesus, exceptionally large volume of inspirations from the spirit world (spiritual providence, wisdom, spiritual power), imbued into earth

•His mission was to excavate and bring to light the important fundamental (spiritual) truths

•First, he drew people’s attention to himself through physical mediumship and spiritual healing

•Next, he started to preach the spiritual truth (spiritual providence and natural laws)

•The same spirit (Jesus of Nazareth) still continues to work for humanity on earth through his efforts to spread the spiritual truth

-— Jesus’ teachings (spiritual knowledge) preceded the people of his time —-

[Question to Silver Birch]
— “Is it true to say,” asked another, “that those teachings were too far in advance of the people; they could not understand them?”

[Answer from Silver Birch]
“Yes, that is true,” replied the guide. “It is like Lansbury and Dick Sheppard—men who were in advance of their time. The world was not ready for them, and so they were successes of their own failures and failures of their own successes.” (2)
(P.147 More Wisdom of Silver Birch — edited by Sylvia Barbanell)

“The teaching of love being pre-eminent is good,” replied Silver Birch. “There can be no quarrel about that; therefore, the Nazarene who stressed that love was predominant, that love would prevail, was teaching the same simple truths that all teachers are trying to teach.” (3)
“It is very hard to explain and yet it all had to be fitted to the time and circumstance of the age in which he lived. He could not be perfect, otherwise there would be no sense in the teaching that others could do better and greater things.” (4)
(P.148 More Wisdom of Silver Birch — edited by Sylvia Barbanell)

[ Comments and explanations] Explaining the true meaning of Jesus’ words (Gospel of John 14:12) quoted at the outset.

1.What is “the more splendid, greater task”?

“The greater things” mentioned by Jesus, are neither the spiritual phenomena nor the extensive dissemination activities sought by Christianity. “The greater things”, In Silver Birch’s words, are the “great task”, hence the “labour that is among the greatest that can be done in your world” (P.64 Philosophy of Silver Birch). Specifically, the greater task is to distribute the spiritual truths, which are more advanced than the ones taught by Jesus, to match the advancement of humans today.
Just like what had been done by Judaism in the days of Jesus of Nazareth, the Christian doctrines has spiritual truth buried under the debris today; and as a result, people are still imprisoned to spiritual ignorance. In such darkness of spiritual ignorance, us spiritualists can disseminate the spiritual truths, which are more advanced than those taught by Jesus. We are capable of “the greater things”, not because we are special mediums, but we are messengers of the spirit world.

In the quote “I am going to be with the Father”, Jesus was saying that he will return to the spirit world, and from there, he will continue his mission to save humans. (A)

2. Arrival of the new world

Referring to the arrival of the new era, Silver Birch has spoken as follows in “The Philosophy of Silver Birch” and “More Wisdom of Silver Birch.”

“It is the same old guide with the same old message, the same old truth, trying to preach it—not to the same old world, for the world is changing and more and more are beginning to hearken to the voice of wisdom and become receptive to the power of the spirit. This truth has made great progress.”
(P.28 Philosophy of Silver Birch — edited by Stella Storm)

On the other hand, Silver Birch points out as follows:

“It is no use saying to me that you should perpetuate falsity because it is unwise to disturb some, or because it has helped others, for it must always be remembered that on the other side of the account must be placed the numbers who have been harmed, who have been kept in ignorance, whose lives have been made miserable by threats of eternal torture and damnation.
(P.151 More Wisdom of Silver Birch — edited by Sylvia Barbanell)

“Threats of eternal torture and damnation” here mainly refer to the following four Christian curses.

—- Human race once again engaged in the prison of spiritual ignorance —-
[The “curses” taught by the Christian doctrine]
=> followed by the spiritual providence.

1.The atonement (The original sin by Adam and Eve: Jesus sacrificed himself for our sins.)
=> This doctrine opposes the law of cause and effect, which is the fundamental principle of the universe.

2. Those who believes in Jesus Christ gain eternal life (the Last Judgement, the Resurrection, Heaven and Hell)
=> The spirit is the real body of human being. We have eternal life to begin with.

3. Jesus is the God of Trinity
=> Jesus is a human being.

4. God versus Satan. God represents good, and there is Satan (fallen angel Lucifer) representing evil and opposing God.
=> There is no such thing as Satan the demon. It is an invented creature.

There exists both “good mind” and “evil mind” in the human mind (relative comparison).
Through exercising the free will (at self-responsibility), we are able to spiritually progress (learning through the law of cause and effect)

— Jesus today —
“Jesus of Nazareth” continues to live today as an eternal spirit. Let us take a look into what he has been doing recently. I have listed the following quotes from Silver Birch’s books.

“We know of his continued existence in the realm of the spirit. We are familiar with his encouragement. We know that he is behind the direction of this great movement which is repeating in its career what happened to the Nazarene himself.”
(P.55 Wisdom of Silver Birch — edited by The Hannen Swaffer Home circle)

“More than all these things,” he added, “I wish that you could see and hear the Nazarene and feel that great love as he encourages us in our missions, as he expresses his knowledge of all that has been done and urges us to go forward with new strength, with new hope, with new vision and with new purpose. He is not the Nazarene of the Churches — exalted into a deified place — but a great spirit who strives still to serve through many instruments.”
(P.113 A Voice in the Wilderness — edited by Tony Ortzen)

— Silver Birch’s role —
Next, I would like to discuss on the roles of Silver Birch.

“When I was asked, many long years ago, whether I would return to the world of matter and find on earth a band who would work with me to deliver the message of the spirit, I said I would, as did many others, and my task was given to me.
I was told that I would have to search and find an instrument and so attach myself to this instrument that I would be able to express through him the message that I was charged to deliver. So, I searched our records and found my medium.”
(P.19 Teachings of Silver Birch — edited by A.W. Austen)

“Like many others, I have come nearer to the earth vibrations to help push forward that great new world which waits just around the corner. (B) I come to teach you the laws of the Great Spirit and to show you how, if you live according to them, the bounty of the Great Spirit can be poured into your hearts and minds.”
(P.27 Philosophy of Silver Birch — edited by Stella Storm)

Marked with (B) are information regarding “the dawn of the new earth”

“The greatest difficulty I had to face was the choice whether I would return to provide those proofs that your world must have to satisfy itself—material proofs, I mean, not spiritual ones—or whether I would return as a teacher of truth. I chose the harder.
With the manifold experiences I had had in the spirit realms, I decided to appeal to the judgement of mature, evolved minds. I would reveal the message of the spirit in all its simplicity. I would strive to manifest love, never to reproach with anger, and prove by precept and example that I was what I claimed to be—a messenger of the Great Spirit.
I imposed upon myself the burden of anonymity, so that I would make no appeal of illustrious personage, title, rank or fame, but would be judged on what I said.
I am a voice crying in the wilderness. I am a servant of the Great Spirit. What does it matter who I am? Judge me by what I strive to do. If my words, earnestness, determination, my mission among you, bring comfort or light to one who is struggling in darkness, then I am happy.
Your world has for too long concerned itself with teachers whom it has aggrandized into exaggerated positions and has forgotten what they came to teach. Our mission (A) is not to exalt men and women into high places of authority, but to seek to reveal truth, knowledge and wisdom. What does it matter whether I am a teacher of great distinction or a lowly beggar, so long as the seal of truth stamps what I say?
We preach nothing that is untrue, undignified, ignoble or debases mankind.
We seek to reveal only that which will elevate the whole human race and give it a true conception of its position in life and the universe, its relationship to the Great Spirit and an understanding of its kinship with other members of the vast human family in your world.”
(P.24-25 Philosophy of Silver Birch — edited by Stella Storm)

“We do not seek to take away from you the responsibilities of your own lives, but only to try to inspire you to live so that men may know the Great Spirit is working through you. . . . for the world is changing and more and more are beginning to hearken to the voice of wisdom and become receptive to the power of the spirit. This truth has made great progress. (5) . . . Hearts that were once sad are now a little more joyful. Light has pierced the gloom of darkness. There is a little more knowledge where before there was ignorance.” (B)
(P.28 Philosophy of Silver Birch — edited by Stella Storm)

— Summarizing the timeline —
Teachings by Jesus of Nazareth were too advanced for people of his time. (Palestine)  
1st century

=> Jesus’ disciples preached his teachings (Rome)

=> The spiritual truth once again became buried under the Christian doctrine, like it had been with the Judaism. Long period of darkness followed, where people are confined into prison of spiritual ignorance. (Across the world)

=> Salvation movement for humans on earth, by means of disseminating the spiritual truth, resumed. (A) Spiritual phenomena by physical mediumship. (1848 in the United States)  
19th century

=> The spirit world was scientifically proven (around 1900’s in England)

=> Jesus of Nazareth sent Silver Birch as a messenger (A); and spiritual truth was delivered to earth (around 1950 in England)  20th century

=> The dawn of the new earth (B) (Japan - not a monotheistic country)  21st century

— Comments —
As Silver Birch himself mentioned, the dawn of “the great new world” (P.27 Philosophy of Silver Birch) is already in process. It began when Silver Birch brought the light of truth to earth, marking the awakening from the dark veil of spiritual ignorance.
Ascension (dimensional shift), often talked about by New-Agers, will not occur. We will not have outer space aliens visiting us, which would urge us into a spaceship, as in modern day Noah’s Ark. Be assured that there will be no sudden, dramatic and drastic changes such as planet-wide tectonic plate hyperactivity.
The most crucial point is the understanding of the relationship between the physical world (phenomenal world called earth) and the spirit world (our origin and the “real world”). “The salvation of human race” will be nothing but an illusional play, if not accompanied with spiritual awakening and spiritual growth. Spiritual awakening is coming to realize that the “real self” is the eternal and everlasting spirit; and it should be followed by spiritual growth, through learning and practicing the spiritual providence.

Once again, in order to bring about the “dawn of new earth”, Jesus and his large band of evolved spirits appointed Silver Birch as a messenger to earth; and the spiritual truth was delivered through him. As people learn the spiritual truth, they come to know their “real selves”, and start building spiritual relationships with their own “real selves”, “guardian spirit” and “spirit guides”. They will begin to base their lives on the spiritual providence and natural laws; and in turn start receiving inspirations and guidance from the spirit world. The purpose of earthly life will begin to fulfill itself, as humans begin to move toward the right path of spiritual growth. The long era of “spiritual ignorance” has now shifted into the “new stage” in which we begin our spiritual progress through spiritual knowledge.

“Your world has had prophesies of disasters for a long time. Often dates have been given when your world would be destroyed. There is no second coming.
The Nazarene accomplished his earthly mission - two thousand years ago.
He continues his mission in the larger life which I inhibit. His is the guiding influence that directs our activities (A).
Your world will not be destroyed overnight. The Great Spirit, with infinite love and wisdom, has devised natural laws which provide for every facet of being, mighty or minute, complex or simple. The natural laws operate by evolution, not revolution.”
(P.174 Light from Silver Birch — compiled by Pam Riva)

“. . . I have worked in your world for many, many years and have been privileged to see a little part of the divine plan, the power of the spirit is here to stay in your world.”
“In each land, where there are instruments of the spirit, bridgeheads have been established and are being consolidated, so that everywhere the children of the Great Spirit can find out for themselves who they are, what they are, why they are in your world and what they must do to fulfil the purpose of their being.”
(P.113 Philosophy of Silver Birch — edited by Stella Storm)

— The spiritual communion in the new era —
To this day, Silver Birch’s spirit, as a living being, is working to inspire us, guide us, and answer our calls on him. He is a member of the band of evolved spirits on dedicated mission to save humans on earth.

“You have the knowledge, the truth, the responsibility that comes with all knowledge of using it so that you are greater instruments.
Think not of me as just a voice that speaks to you for a few moments, but as a living, pulsating presence that is always round and about you, seeking to bring you whatever is best for your unfoldment and evolution.” (B)
(P.29 Philosophy of Silver Birch — edited by Stella Storm)

“There is a real communion, the communion of spirit with spirit, that requires the attunement of two souls when mind reaches out across the barriers of earth to commune with a mind in another sphere of being—that is the best form of communion that there can be. (B)
(P.150 More Wisdom of Silver Birch — edited by Sylvia Barbanell)

The light of spiritual truth has started to illuminate the earth, which had been dominated for so long by the darkness of spiritual ignorance. This is the true meaning of the “dawn of the new earth.”


Seeing ourselves as “instruments”

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Silver Birch calls us spiritualists “instruments on earth”, meaning God’s special envoys, and the spirit world’s messengers.
The “instruments” here are much more detailed and precise compared to simple “tools”.
They refer to minute apparatuses and equipment, often used for academic researches.
Other meanings for “instruments” include musical instruments, puppets for someone, and mediators.
I enjoy collecting antiques. The antiques of my interests are not the expensive art pieces, but instead, I like the old folk crafts from Edo and Meiji periods. Besides collecting, I also find joy in reviving old antique pieces through simple repairs and restorations.
There are infinite varieties of repair works, for example, re-upholstering leather covering, mending chipped paints, nailing, and working with cracked ceramics, just to name a few; and before anything else, restoration attempts require suitable tools and materials. There are a large variety of tools and materials to cover all kinds of purposes uses. Paints and adhesives are included in the restorative tools. If the tools and materials I have are poor in quality, the repair work will be a lengthy one, and most likely my efforts will result in failures or less than satisfactory finish.
My profession is a dentist, so it is natural that I am experienced in finely detailed procedures and restorations. The situation is the same for dental treatments, where the outcome is highly dependent on dental tools and devices. There are specialized tools and instruments being developed for each treatment procedure. This may not sound familiar to you, if you are not accustomed to using tools on daily basis. But every day of my work life, I am repeatedly reminded of the importance of suitable specialized dental equipment. The quality and availability of the instruments directly affects the outcome of the dental work.

Human beings have individuality, with great diversity. Maybe some of us are naturally suitable for mediums, while others may be suited for spiritual healers. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and each of us are an exclusive instrument, with specialized purpose and function, capable of exhibiting our power at its best, in the situations that call for our designated purpose and function. I believe these words provide the exact explanation. A single screw driver cannot become a substitute for all. Each of us, with unique specialty join to make up the whole, as in an orchestra; and as a member of the whole, we help and harmonize with each other. This is how each human being takes part and contribute to the creation and evolutional advancement of the whole.

Mediums basically needs to extinguish themselves, and devote themselves in the purest possible manner, into becoming a pathway for the spiritual power.
Mediums are the “conduit” for the omnipotent and innumerably transformable spiritual power. An instrument can perform its functions for the first time, when someone uses it. Instruments do not function on their own by their own will. There exists another individual who uses the instrument or the musical instrument. We volunteer as cooperators and offer ourselves as “conduit”. People of the spirit world can deliver specialized and customized spiritual powers to the physical world, only through these “conduits”. Here, the principle theory is the same as that for spiritual healing. Also, it is the reverse side of the possessions by evil spirits. The only difference between the two is whether there exists voluntary agreement of the medium.

The word “instrument” means “conduit” for the most suitable form of spiritual power, for each specific purpose. Silver Birch also calls himself as an instrument, a mouthpiece of the Great Spirit. Although many of us are unaware, we are allowed to live and enjoy various activities, only because we have the vital energy force of life, given to us from God. Moreover, we are able to exert ourselves into spreading the spiritual truth, and provide altruistic service to others, thanks to the guidance through inspirations and intuitions that we receive. Strictly speaking, the spark of inspirations, our abilities, aptitudes, and activities are not our own powers and abilities.

“The power that inspires the soul comes from the spirit world. All inspirations originate from our world”, says Silver Birch.

If being called an “instrument” brings about strong resistance and repellence, most likely you still believe that you do everything with your own powers and your own abilities. You will not make a “good instrument” nor a “good conduit” for the spiritual power, because unconsciously, your ego will interfere, leading you to misunderstand that the results are to your own credit.
It is for this reason that we too often see extravagant and arrogant mediums. They have no hesitation to charge prices for their spiritual abilities, even though what passes through free of charge, should be provided free of charge. The spirit world provides support to those who strive to work as their “good instruments”, and they will be guided so that their living can be earned from other sources.

“But remember, without you we are powerless,’ he said. ‘You provide the arms with which we work. We have no hands but yours; we have no instruments but those whom you place at our disposal.
You cannot give us too many instruments, for as soon as one is ready there are waiting all the time many in our world to use him.
We are waiting for you; you are not waiting for us. The power which is ready to descend is infinite in its expression, multitudinous in its variety and its fashions, and shapes itself to the channels placed at its disposal.
The great cry is — give us more and more instruments, men and women of courage, earnestness and sincerity who are prepared to forget self, to make sacrifices so that the power of the spirit shall descend in all its fullness and make life worth living in all its richness, beauty and splendour, as the Great Spirit would have it.
Ours is an inspiring task, one that fills us with, pride in the dignity of the labour we seek to do.” (P54-55 A Voice in the Wilderness — edited by Tony Ortzen)

“True treasure”, and obtaining the accessing key for it

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“I say to you that you are in part infinite spirits; the same essence of infinity that created the whole world is within each one of you.
If you will learn how to tap that potency which is yours, if you will learn how to call upon the divine reserves that you have, if you will learn how to draw on the reservoir of the spirit, then from that armory you can receive all that will fortify you when you feel fear.
You have the means of conquering all that besets you in your journey through life. It is within yourself. The Nazarene put it one way, ‘The kingdom of heaven is within you.’ And it is a kingdom of infinite treasures you can have as you develop yourself. And the higher you develop the more treasures you realize can be yours forever.
If it were easy gospel we always preached, then it would mean that life had few opportunities for advancement and evolution. There are many difficulties to be overcome; that is why there is an infinity of perfection to be achieved.”
(P. 31 More Wisdom of Silver Birch — edited by Sylvia Barbanell)

I) What are the “treasures” mentioned here?
We can find hints in the following words from Silver Birch’s books.

“I want you to take from me the knowledge of what goes on behind physical life, all that vast power of the spirit which is surging around you, of the many influences for good which strive to use you. I want you to try to understand the potentialities of your own self so that you can have access to the vast armories and riches of your own spiritual nature. I want you to realize that wisdom, divine wisdom, is inexhaustible, that the treasuries of the Great Spirit are infinite.”
(P. 24 More Wisdom of Silver Birch — edited by Sylvia Barbanell)

“Knowledge is the great prize which must be in your possession.”
(P. 21 More Wisdom of Silver Birch — edited by Sylvia Barbanell)

“But the power of the spirit will not be quenched this time. It is too late. We are a mighty army of liberated men and women who return to prove that life is infinite, that each survives, that love is deathless, that mourning need not be, that there is a vast fountain of divine wisdom and love and inspiration available to all.”
(P. 65 More Wisdom of Silver Birch — edited by Sylvia Barbanell)

These words indicate that there is inexhaustible supply of “treasures” called “God’s wisdom” in the storehouse (armory of the spirit). The “treasures” in the storehouse are “spiritual wisdom”, “comprehension” and “perception”, all of which are directly linked to spiritual growth.

II) Then, what is the “key” that enables us to access the “true treasures”?
Next, let us look for specific explanations on the accessing key that opens the treasure house. We will find the solutions in the following words.

“Most of you, the majority of mankind, are incapable of aspiring to the heights of the spirit. They cannot register the vibrations of the spirit; these vibrations are too delicate, too sensitive, too rarefied to be caught except by a comparative few.”
(P. 8 More Wisdom of Silver Birch — edited by Sylvia Barbanell)

“Here is a vast world of the spirit with eternal means of inspiring and enthusing millions. None need turn away empty-handed. There is succor and strength and guidance for all who care to come. Never was there such an offer made to your world to come and drink of the living water of truth, to come and share in all the wonders of infinite wisdom and to know that this storehouse is inexhaustible, that it is capable of meeting every demand made upon it, that no matter who you may be, where you may be, you still have access to this world of spirit.
It is not dependent upon your birth or station, your rank, your calling, your race, your nationality, the work that you do; whether you be in the bowels of the earth, in the depths of the sea or flying in the air; whether you be in a train or in a ship, whether you be in factory or office or workshop, whether you be in your home, you always have access to the power of the spirit.
If you will learn how to place yourself in tune with it, all its riches can be poured out upon you and the limitation is your capacity to receive. What a wondrous truth that is, and yet there are some in your world who deny it.”
(P. 63 More Wisdom of Silver Birch — edited by Sylvia Barbanell)

“No, it is not so terrific, if you will allow the voice and the power of the spirit to guide and uphold you, if you will rid your world of the curse of creedalism which holds so many in chains, which encourages rancour and bitterness and hatred, which defeats the children of the Great Spirit, which makes them live in the foul, inly blackness of superstition and prejudice and ignorance.”
(P. 26 More Wisdom of Silver Birch — edited by Sylvia Barbanell)

Guessing from these Silver Birch’s words, it appears that “receptivity to spiritual wavelengths” and” ability to catch highly sensitive vibrations” are the “accessing key for the treasure house of the soul”. These spiritual aptitudes are possessions of the spirit body, endowed by God.
In another word, the spiritual commune, hence keeping intimate contact with the guarding spirit and spirit guides in the spirit world, is the accessing key. We are spiritual beings, living in the physical world and the spirit world at the same time; and that is why the spiritual commune is possible. Unfortunately, large majority of us are unaware of our spiritual natures gifted from God, and thus are unable to make use of the spiritual commune abilities. What a waste of precious treasure.

“If your world understood the natural laws, and life were lived so that natural powers found natural expression, then the veil between the two worlds would be rent, and all the barriers would be destroyed. These barriers have been created by man’s ignorance, superstition and prejudice. They belong to all the darkness and they must be torn asunder so that the fullness of love, power, guidance and light can be made manifest in your world.”
(P. 38 More Wisdom of Silver Birch — edited by Sylvia Barbanell)

There is no support more powerful than spiritual commune; it is far more reliable than what can be seen with the physical eye. This spiritual commune is the communication with the spirit, as explained by M. H. Tester. (Refer to “Contacting your spirit guides” for more details.) Then, how do we commune with the spirit?
Equip yourself with spiritual knowledge and empty your mind through prayers and meditation. Your mind should be in the state of unification, like a well-polished surface of a mirror.

— Summaries —
In our daily lives we learn and practice spiritual knowledge through “Teachings of Silver Birch series”. By now we are well aware that all of us, without exception, encounter difficulties and hustle and bustle of daily lives and work environments. Faced with difficulties, we open our minds through prayers and meditations and seek for guidance from the guarding spirit and spirit guides. Then on some moments, we receive inspirations and spiritual knowledge. They come into our minds as words of messages that encourage and invigorate us, which in turn, guide us to understand the true meaning of suffering. I believe that this type of spiritual guidance and learning experience is not new to you.

In this manner, the real-life application and practice is the essential part of the spiritual learning process. The spiritual knowledge will solidify as our own for the first time, when they are formed into “enlightenment” and “wisdom”, through practical applications assisted by guidance and inspiration from the spirit guides.

It is absolutely no good to have the knowledge and not use it. We must apply and practice the knowledge; otherwise we merely remain in the fictional world. Never be satisfied by simply possessing the knowledge; use it in your daily life.
By practicing the spiritual knowledge in our daily lives, we are actually putting the piece of food in our mouth and digesting it, so that it can become our flesh and blood. Only by trying and practicing the spiritual knowledge, we gain eternal “wisdom” and “enlightenment”. The physical world, we can say, is the place of spiritual learning through series of experiences and mistakes. That is why life on earth has countless number of difficulties, and countless number of chances for gaining spiritual knowledge through practice. Spiritual commune, in other words, our receptiveness to the delicate vibrations from the guarding spirit and spirit guides, is the “key” for spiritual growth by means of wisdom and enlightenment.
“Let experience be your guide. That is how and why we can help you.”
(P. 23 More Wisdom of Silver Birch — edited by Sylvia Barbanell)


Drawing out spirit power internally and externally

2018-02-05 12:59:10 | Spiritual Powers
What is external power?

“When you feel that you are to be assailed by fear or worry, pause and reflect upon your divine origin, on being the possessors of the supreme power that fashioned the whole universe. Let that encourage you to hold your heads high and erect.
Look upwards, not downwards, and know that help comes from above and from within. You are never deserted. There is no circumstance in which you could possibly be neglected by those who love you and who, because of that, are drawn as close to you as the beating of the heart and the breath that animates your whole frame.
It is in this realization that you will help to attain inner peace, serenity, confidence, resolution and awareness that all is divinely well.”
(P106 Lift Up Your Hearts — compiled by Tony Ortzen)

Here, Silver Birch tells us that external spirit power is available through our guardian spirits and spirit guides, by means of inspirations, enlightenment, wisdom, and guidance.

Then next, what is internal power?

In “Lift Up Your Hearts” (P 61) we find the following words by Silver Birch.
“You can struggle, have difficulties and battle, but you can still have tranquility and peace. You can face all the battles of your world and still have inner peace because you know they cannot touch you.
Peace does not come from without but within. If people in your world would only realize the armoury of the spirit with which they are equipped. They could use all this tremendous power within to help them learn to retire and cultivate the fruits of the spirit which bring tranquility, poise, calmness and peace.
Of the great souls who live in your world, and achieve most for it with their reforms and pioneering, many have inner peace though the battle be strong and the opposition difficult. Do not equate physical happenings with spiritual principles. Spirit is master and matter is servant. Let the spirit show its mastery.”
(P61 Lift Up Your Hearts — compiled by Tony Ortzen)

“Cultivating the fruits of the spirit” stated here indicates spiritual growth.
Regardless of the extremity of our current paths of travail, our minds can be in serenity, poise, and in peaceful calmness, thanks to the fountain of the immense spirit power from within. This is the description of the mental state when the spirit power has been activated. At first, the term spirit power may appear unrelated to power and energy that we are familiar with. The same situation applies to the positive attitude of Shin-shin toitsu (mind-body unification method, founded by Tempu Nakamura).
Tempu Nakamura defined the positive attitude, not as the state of being energetically driven by obstinance to strain ourselves at things, but instead, it is the state of one’s mind in radiant cheerfulness and positive outlook.
In order to activate the spirit power from within, let us become aware of the spiritual knowledge, and build a solid trust on the spiritual providence. Application and practice in our daily lives should follow. We open the immanent armoury of the spirit, and take out God’s weapons (spirit power) this way.


Spirit Power

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Maybe we are familiar with the word “spirit power”, but our understanding of it is often blurred. Exactly, what is the “spirit power”? We would like to search for Silver Birch’s sayings from the series of his books and organize our understanding of this topic. It will be a little lengthy, but we hope you would follow us, as it is a very important and fundamental theme.

1. Spirit Power explained

“It does not conform to any of the recognized standards of man. It has no lengths,
it has no breadth, it has no height, it has no weight, it has no colour, it has no size,
it has no taste, it has no smell. And so, by all the usual methods of calculation, it does not exist, according to those purblind materialists to whom reality can only be appreciated when it comes within the radius of their five poor scales. Love is unseen and unheard. Love is colourless, without taste or measurement, but love is real, as those who experience its deep emotions can testify. But great as is the power of love, so infinitely greater is the power of the spirit.
You live and move and breathe, you think and reflect, you decide and judge, you ponder and consider, because of the power of the spirit. You see and hear, you move and walk, you think and talk, because of the power of the spirit. All that you do, all that you are, is due to the power of the spirit, for your whole world of matter, and your body of matter, is dependent upon that vital, energizing influx of spirit which gives it being, purpose, direction and life. Nowhere in the world of matter itself is to be found the secret of consciousness. Nowhere through the labours of the scientist, or the chemist, or the physician, is to be discovered the motive power of life. It does not reside within matter, for matter is but its temporary dwelling. The power of the spirit is the power that you call God, even though you do not understand what the term means, even though you have misinterpreted it and give it finite limitations.”
(P101-102 Wisdom of Silver Birch — edited by Hannen Swaffer Home Circle)

“What you have to try to realize is that spirit power is the life force, the stuff of life itself. It is animation. It is infinite. It is malleable. It can take a myriad different shape. It is capable of an infinite number of permutations and combinations.”
(P125 Philosophy of Silver Birch — edited by Stella Storm)

“We are concerned that the power of the spirit, of God—use your own words but I call it the Great Spirit—shall make a lodgment in your world wherever it can. That is the purpose behind everything that we do. Why do we want the power of the spirit to effect a lodgment? So that it can touch souls and bring them into life.”
(P117 Philosophy of Silver Birch — edited by Stella Storm)

“You cannot put a period to the amount of spirit power that can flow. The only obstacle is the stage of development that you have reached, and that determines what you can receive. Now this divine power, the power of God, the Great Spirit, life, whatever you like to call it, is able to flow through you, the human channel, because you have the power of receptivity.”
(P122-123 Philosophy of Silver Birch — edited by Stella Storm)

2. Spirit Power—What it can do

“It can heal the sick, comfort the mourner, guide those who have lost the way, replace ignorance with knowledge, darkness with light, give strength to the weary, drink to the thirsty and provide guidelines for those who wish to fulfil themselves according to the divine plan.” (P14 Light from Silver Birch — compiled by Pam Riva)

“Moreover, this tremendous power of the spirit, because it is divine, can sustain, direct, give guidance when seemingly all else has failed.”
(P15 Light from Silver Birch — compiled by Pam Riva)

“You are equipped with the greatest armoury of all, the power of the spirit. Let it be your strength, your haven, your refuge, your sanctuary and your ever-abiding inspiration.” (P68 Philosophy of Silver Birch — edited by Stella Storm)

3. Drawing in the spirit power

“The power of the spirit can sometimes perform wonders when the conditions are right, when there is no fear, when there is faith founded on knowledge, confidence born of experience.” (P34 Philosophy of Silver Birch — edited by Stella Storm)

“All you can do, if you have the gift of receptivity, is to develop it, to achieve a greater attainment and attunement. The power is infinite. The amount that you can receive depends upon your stage of evolution and development. Your receptivity determines the limit of spirit power that flows through you. It is as simple as that.
You increase your capacity to receive and greater spirit power will flow through you, and greater results will be obtained.”
(P122 Philosophy of Silver Birch — edited by Stella Storm)

“Be full of cheer, have faith and hope, because you know that once you have made your contact with the greatest power in the universe you will not be failed.
Always there will come to your aid those who love you, not only because they are related to you, but others who desire to use you to serve, so that the frontiers of knowledge may be extended wider and further throughout the whole of the world.”
(P16 Light from Silver Birch — compiled by Pam Riva)

4. Spirit power—it is inherent within ourselves

“Your world is full of strife and bitterness, full of discord. It is full of tears and misery and bloodshed. And yet each cries: “Give us peace.” I urge you all to remember the potentiality that lies within yourselves. You are the Great Spirit, each one of you.
His infinite power is latent within you. If you will but call it into being and let it rise to the surface, it will break all the bonds of limitation that stand in the way.”
(P157 Teaching of Silver Birch — edited by A.W. Austen)

“But do not forget that you are the Great Spirit and the Great Spirit is you. The power which belongs to the Great Spirit, which belongs to you, can raise you triumphant over all matter. It is a power which, properly understood, can enable you to resist all evil, to overcome all sickness and to fight every obstacle. But few of you use it.”
(P144 Teaching of Silver Birch — edited by A.W. Austen)

“Reveal yourselves in the fullness of its hidden glory. Realize that you are indeed the Great Spirit, with infinite power at your disposal, and you will indeed be the instruments of the new age, which slowly is beginning to dawn over a darkened world.” (P157-158 Teaching of Silver Birch — edited by A.W. Austen)

5. How we should carry ourselves to the spirit power

“You have always heard me urge you to banish fear, to radiate confidence, to live your lives upon a foundation of unyielding resolution, knowing that the power, the mighty power of the Great Spirit would never fail you. It is because in such an atmosphere and in such conditions that it can the better operate amongst you.”
(P103 Wisdom of Silver Birch — edited by the H.S. Home Circle)

“We remind you of the great trust that is reposed in you, the great responsibility that is yours to bear, for there is One that cannot fail—the Great Spirit of all life. If you will but allow His power to guide you, His wisdom to lead you, His love to sustain you, you will find the solution of all your troubles, for you will all find your selves, the true selves, the greater selves that seek not for glory for themselves alone but only desire to serve.” (P157 Teaching of Silver Birch — edited by A.W. Austen)

“All that is asked is that you should discharge your responsibility with faithfulness and confidence in the power that has brought you to where you are.”
(P71-72 Philosophy of Silver Birch — edited by Stella Storm)

Silver Birch tells us that spirit power is the Great Spirit himself.
“The Great Spirit is the natural Law of the universe. The Great Spirit is the creative force behind all life, whether registered in the plane of matter or in the plane of spirit. The Great Spirit is perfect love and perfect wisdom.”
(P71 Teachings of Silver Birch — edited by A.W. Austen)
Also revealed by him: “The Great Spirit is the Law. Know that, and you have learned life’s greatest secret”. (P23 Silver Birch Anthology — edited by William Naylor)
Now we find that God is the spirit power, and God is the operating force of the Law, full of love and wisdom. This fact will appear confusing and surprising to us, because we are accustomed to our subconscious image of God in a human form.

“God’s weapons” in the “armoury of the spirit” are spirit power in different appearances and forms. The key that unlocks the armoury is our “awareness of the fact that our ‘real selves’ are the Great Spirit (God)”; and once we have the key, namely the awareness, the spirit power will naturally begin to manifest, says Silver Birch. The Great Spirit (God) equals spirit power. Degree of its manifestation depends on the degree of our awareness.

However, unfortunately, it is difficult for us to think of ourselves as the Great Spirit. The spirit power does not emerge for that reason; and it is justifiably so. Repetitions of anxiety, fear, and worries take up most of our daily lives; and things usually do not turn out as we plan and wish. We spend our lives in trial and error, with countless numbers of mistakes. Our minds are too often occupied with evil thoughts and temptations, and we have no faith in our own abilities and powers. In any way, it is just impossible to see ourselves as God. No surprise here, because we are trying to compare the very imperfect, temporary selves of the conscious mind, with God. Regardless of our own evaluations, beliefs and current conditions, Silver Birch affirms that the “true self” (real self) is the God, and the eternal soul. He says, we are simply lacking the awareness of this fact. If that is the case, we must be the spirit power as well. Each of us is a lump of creative “force of life” with individuality and thought, we may say.

Being the “force of life” with individual will, we adjust our vibrations while we go back and forth between the world of thought, with fine wavelengths, and the physical world, with rough wavelengths. We switch between the astral and physical bodies accordingly. The force of life (soul), which contain individuality and consciousness, emerged on this world with mind and body as its instruments, for the purpose of spiritual growth.
This realization of the truth about our “true selves” was the primary purpose of our current life.

If each one of us is the Great Spirit, then we are also the spirit power; and at the same time, we are the law. Therefore, trying to attune ourselves, on our free will, to the laws of the universe and spiritual providence, should be our natural behavior. Build your foundation on the never-failing law of the universe (Great Spirit). It will become your reliable base on which you stand. Then, what is this law of the universe? The law is within truth, goodness, beauty. It is found in the creation, evolution and advancement of “love, truthfulness, and harmony.” The law exists where you make your contribution to them, as a member of God. You become one with God by attuning yourself to the law.

Once you have your determination, simply follow the following words by Silver Birch.
“Why then should be any fear or lack of trust in that divine power which has been directing the universe for all time? You must put yourself in tune with it. You must cast out all thoughts of fear and anxiety. You must learn to have inner tranquility and serenity, complete confidence, so that through you the maximum of divine power can flow to fulfil its purpose. When you are in harmony with the law of love and wisdom it works itself out. ” (P40 Guidance from Silver Birch — edited by Anne Dooley)