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Drawing out spirit power internally and externally

2018-02-05 12:59:10 | Spiritual Powers
What is external power?

“When you feel that you are to be assailed by fear or worry, pause and reflect upon your divine origin, on being the possessors of the supreme power that fashioned the whole universe. Let that encourage you to hold your heads high and erect.
Look upwards, not downwards, and know that help comes from above and from within. You are never deserted. There is no circumstance in which you could possibly be neglected by those who love you and who, because of that, are drawn as close to you as the beating of the heart and the breath that animates your whole frame.
It is in this realization that you will help to attain inner peace, serenity, confidence, resolution and awareness that all is divinely well.”
(P106 Lift Up Your Hearts — compiled by Tony Ortzen)

Here, Silver Birch tells us that external spirit power is available through our guardian spirits and spirit guides, by means of inspirations, enlightenment, wisdom, and guidance.

Then next, what is internal power?

In “Lift Up Your Hearts” (P 61) we find the following words by Silver Birch.
“You can struggle, have difficulties and battle, but you can still have tranquility and peace. You can face all the battles of your world and still have inner peace because you know they cannot touch you.
Peace does not come from without but within. If people in your world would only realize the armoury of the spirit with which they are equipped. They could use all this tremendous power within to help them learn to retire and cultivate the fruits of the spirit which bring tranquility, poise, calmness and peace.
Of the great souls who live in your world, and achieve most for it with their reforms and pioneering, many have inner peace though the battle be strong and the opposition difficult. Do not equate physical happenings with spiritual principles. Spirit is master and matter is servant. Let the spirit show its mastery.”
(P61 Lift Up Your Hearts — compiled by Tony Ortzen)

“Cultivating the fruits of the spirit” stated here indicates spiritual growth.
Regardless of the extremity of our current paths of travail, our minds can be in serenity, poise, and in peaceful calmness, thanks to the fountain of the immense spirit power from within. This is the description of the mental state when the spirit power has been activated. At first, the term spirit power may appear unrelated to power and energy that we are familiar with. The same situation applies to the positive attitude of Shin-shin toitsu (mind-body unification method, founded by Tempu Nakamura).
Tempu Nakamura defined the positive attitude, not as the state of being energetically driven by obstinance to strain ourselves at things, but instead, it is the state of one’s mind in radiant cheerfulness and positive outlook.
In order to activate the spirit power from within, let us become aware of the spiritual knowledge, and build a solid trust on the spiritual providence. Application and practice in our daily lives should follow. We open the immanent armoury of the spirit, and take out God’s weapons (spirit power) this way.

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