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God is inherent in evil and hatred

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It may seem impossible to understand that God is also inherent in evil and hatred. We are going to examine it, using references from Silver Birch’s books.

[In order for the spirit, the foundation material of human beings to gain individual consciousness, the spirit must incarnate into matter.]
—Does the spirit need contact with the world of matter in order to gain conscious individuality?—

“Yes. In order to gain consciousness it must incarnate through matter and have the experiences of matter. It evolves from matter into spirit. That means that its association with a body of matter enables it to express itself as an individual working through the personality of the physical. Spirit becomes aware of itself after it has incarnated into matter. ”
(P.74 Teachings of Silver Birch—edited by A.W. Austen)

[There is no evil and there is no goodness.]
“It is no use saying the Great Spirit gives you the good things and the Devil gives you the bad ones, for you are once again in the old dilemma of who invented the Devil.”

—The Devil was invented by the Churches, wasn’t he?—

“Yes, they had to invent him to explain away that which they considered was evil,” . . . “It is all part of the process of evolution, the process of reformation, of growth, of the upward urge, rising, rising, rising. Evil and pain, as you call them, are parts of the plan of evolution. No pain, no warnings that health requires attention; no darkness, no light; no evil, no goodness.
How could you judge standards of goodness unless there were evil in your world? If there were no wrongs to remedy, no injustices to fight, how could the human spirit grow?”
(P. 91 More Teachings of Silver Birch—edited by A.W. Austen)

—How can a God of love be also in hatred, one of the lowest passions of a man’s heart?—

“They still cling to their ideas of a God fashioned in human likeness. But God is the Law. The Law sustains and upholds and is expressed in every facet of life. The Law does not operate through love alone, it embraces hatred also.” (P.89 More Teachings of Silver Birch —edited by A.W. Austen)

[Human beings have free will; we can choose to rise, and we can choose to fall.]
“I would say you must fight evil because you know that evil is a force which has been misapplied. People whom you say are evil are undeveloped, but the same power which they are expressing can be used for betterment and for improvement.”
“In reality, ‘evil’ people are children in the growth of the spirit, who do not understand, who think that the material and physical world is the be-all of life, and therefore they can only express themselves as individuals by having all that the physical world offers them.”
(P. 90 More Teachings of Silver Birch—edited by A.W. Austen)

[Spiritual growth is done in the comparison of good and evil.]
“Life cannot be one monotone; there must be light and shade, sunshine and storm, joy and tears, love and hatred, beauty and ugliness, good and evil—for only through contrast can life be understood. Only through struggle, only through striving, only by triumph over disaster can the human spirit which is divine grown and allow its latent possibilities to unfold. That is the Law. . . . There is no personal God apart from the one that human beings have created; there is no personal Devil apart from the one that human beings have created.”
(P. 92 More Teachings of Silver Birch—edited by A.W. Austen)

•Physical body perishes but individual soul is immortal. Humans are God’s divided spirits, and the bond between God and human beings is an eternal one.
No matter what happens, extinction of the soul is absolutely impossible.
The soul is the real existence of human beings.

•Causality laws are the Law of the universe, where God’s absolute fairness is in order. Under the Law there are chances of atonement and correction.

•From immature and instinctive mind (selfish) to divine spiritual mind (altruistic), humans evolve and spiritually progress towards God.

•“Good and evil” are the extreme opposites, and they function as a way and as instruments for imperfect souls to grow towards the perfection of God.

•“Good and evil” (spirituality and instincts) exist in the internal world, within the human mind. “Good and evil” seen in the external world, is the reflection of the internal world. When the internal world is dominated by the “good and evil,” the physical body dominates over the spirit, although originally, the spirit is the main body, and the physical body is the equipment of the spirit. This situation of the physical body ruling over the spirit, brings about materialistic life of mammonism and selfishness. On the other hand, if we assimilate God and manage to maintain the “good and evil” as a “servant,” the spirit (real self), will assume its original nature as the master of the physical body. Thus, our lives will be centred in spirituality and altruism.

“You have seen the triumph of the human spirit and you have seen the foulness of its degradation.
Yet these are all aspects of the same human person, for man is both spirit and matter, with each striving to control the human being. Which road is man to follow—the road of the spirit or the road of matter?”
(P.16 More Wisdom of Silver Birch—edited by Sylvia Barbanell)

“Self-discipline through determination to assert the mastery of the spirit is the only way.”
(P.155 The Seed of Truth—compiled by Tony Ortzen)

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