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“True treasure”, and obtaining the accessing key for it

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“I say to you that you are in part infinite spirits; the same essence of infinity that created the whole world is within each one of you.
If you will learn how to tap that potency which is yours, if you will learn how to call upon the divine reserves that you have, if you will learn how to draw on the reservoir of the spirit, then from that armory you can receive all that will fortify you when you feel fear.
You have the means of conquering all that besets you in your journey through life. It is within yourself. The Nazarene put it one way, ‘The kingdom of heaven is within you.’ And it is a kingdom of infinite treasures you can have as you develop yourself. And the higher you develop the more treasures you realize can be yours forever.
If it were easy gospel we always preached, then it would mean that life had few opportunities for advancement and evolution. There are many difficulties to be overcome; that is why there is an infinity of perfection to be achieved.”
(P. 31 More Wisdom of Silver Birch — edited by Sylvia Barbanell)

I) What are the “treasures” mentioned here?
We can find hints in the following words from Silver Birch’s books.

“I want you to take from me the knowledge of what goes on behind physical life, all that vast power of the spirit which is surging around you, of the many influences for good which strive to use you. I want you to try to understand the potentialities of your own self so that you can have access to the vast armories and riches of your own spiritual nature. I want you to realize that wisdom, divine wisdom, is inexhaustible, that the treasuries of the Great Spirit are infinite.”
(P. 24 More Wisdom of Silver Birch — edited by Sylvia Barbanell)

“Knowledge is the great prize which must be in your possession.”
(P. 21 More Wisdom of Silver Birch — edited by Sylvia Barbanell)

“But the power of the spirit will not be quenched this time. It is too late. We are a mighty army of liberated men and women who return to prove that life is infinite, that each survives, that love is deathless, that mourning need not be, that there is a vast fountain of divine wisdom and love and inspiration available to all.”
(P. 65 More Wisdom of Silver Birch — edited by Sylvia Barbanell)

These words indicate that there is inexhaustible supply of “treasures” called “God’s wisdom” in the storehouse (armory of the spirit). The “treasures” in the storehouse are “spiritual wisdom”, “comprehension” and “perception”, all of which are directly linked to spiritual growth.

II) Then, what is the “key” that enables us to access the “true treasures”?
Next, let us look for specific explanations on the accessing key that opens the treasure house. We will find the solutions in the following words.

“Most of you, the majority of mankind, are incapable of aspiring to the heights of the spirit. They cannot register the vibrations of the spirit; these vibrations are too delicate, too sensitive, too rarefied to be caught except by a comparative few.”
(P. 8 More Wisdom of Silver Birch — edited by Sylvia Barbanell)

“Here is a vast world of the spirit with eternal means of inspiring and enthusing millions. None need turn away empty-handed. There is succor and strength and guidance for all who care to come. Never was there such an offer made to your world to come and drink of the living water of truth, to come and share in all the wonders of infinite wisdom and to know that this storehouse is inexhaustible, that it is capable of meeting every demand made upon it, that no matter who you may be, where you may be, you still have access to this world of spirit.
It is not dependent upon your birth or station, your rank, your calling, your race, your nationality, the work that you do; whether you be in the bowels of the earth, in the depths of the sea or flying in the air; whether you be in a train or in a ship, whether you be in factory or office or workshop, whether you be in your home, you always have access to the power of the spirit.
If you will learn how to place yourself in tune with it, all its riches can be poured out upon you and the limitation is your capacity to receive. What a wondrous truth that is, and yet there are some in your world who deny it.”
(P. 63 More Wisdom of Silver Birch — edited by Sylvia Barbanell)

“No, it is not so terrific, if you will allow the voice and the power of the spirit to guide and uphold you, if you will rid your world of the curse of creedalism which holds so many in chains, which encourages rancour and bitterness and hatred, which defeats the children of the Great Spirit, which makes them live in the foul, inly blackness of superstition and prejudice and ignorance.”
(P. 26 More Wisdom of Silver Birch — edited by Sylvia Barbanell)

Guessing from these Silver Birch’s words, it appears that “receptivity to spiritual wavelengths” and” ability to catch highly sensitive vibrations” are the “accessing key for the treasure house of the soul”. These spiritual aptitudes are possessions of the spirit body, endowed by God.
In another word, the spiritual commune, hence keeping intimate contact with the guarding spirit and spirit guides in the spirit world, is the accessing key. We are spiritual beings, living in the physical world and the spirit world at the same time; and that is why the spiritual commune is possible. Unfortunately, large majority of us are unaware of our spiritual natures gifted from God, and thus are unable to make use of the spiritual commune abilities. What a waste of precious treasure.

“If your world understood the natural laws, and life were lived so that natural powers found natural expression, then the veil between the two worlds would be rent, and all the barriers would be destroyed. These barriers have been created by man’s ignorance, superstition and prejudice. They belong to all the darkness and they must be torn asunder so that the fullness of love, power, guidance and light can be made manifest in your world.”
(P. 38 More Wisdom of Silver Birch — edited by Sylvia Barbanell)

There is no support more powerful than spiritual commune; it is far more reliable than what can be seen with the physical eye. This spiritual commune is the communication with the spirit, as explained by M. H. Tester. (Refer to “Contacting your spirit guides” for more details.) Then, how do we commune with the spirit?
Equip yourself with spiritual knowledge and empty your mind through prayers and meditation. Your mind should be in the state of unification, like a well-polished surface of a mirror.

— Summaries —
In our daily lives we learn and practice spiritual knowledge through “Teachings of Silver Birch series”. By now we are well aware that all of us, without exception, encounter difficulties and hustle and bustle of daily lives and work environments. Faced with difficulties, we open our minds through prayers and meditations and seek for guidance from the guarding spirit and spirit guides. Then on some moments, we receive inspirations and spiritual knowledge. They come into our minds as words of messages that encourage and invigorate us, which in turn, guide us to understand the true meaning of suffering. I believe that this type of spiritual guidance and learning experience is not new to you.

In this manner, the real-life application and practice is the essential part of the spiritual learning process. The spiritual knowledge will solidify as our own for the first time, when they are formed into “enlightenment” and “wisdom”, through practical applications assisted by guidance and inspiration from the spirit guides.

It is absolutely no good to have the knowledge and not use it. We must apply and practice the knowledge; otherwise we merely remain in the fictional world. Never be satisfied by simply possessing the knowledge; use it in your daily life.
By practicing the spiritual knowledge in our daily lives, we are actually putting the piece of food in our mouth and digesting it, so that it can become our flesh and blood. Only by trying and practicing the spiritual knowledge, we gain eternal “wisdom” and “enlightenment”. The physical world, we can say, is the place of spiritual learning through series of experiences and mistakes. That is why life on earth has countless number of difficulties, and countless number of chances for gaining spiritual knowledge through practice. Spiritual commune, in other words, our receptiveness to the delicate vibrations from the guarding spirit and spirit guides, is the “key” for spiritual growth by means of wisdom and enlightenment.
“Let experience be your guide. That is how and why we can help you.”
(P. 23 More Wisdom of Silver Birch — edited by Sylvia Barbanell)

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