ALT お別れ式

2018年07月18日 | 全校行事
7月18日(水)朝、体育館において本校勤務のALT Javier Sevilla 先生のお別れ式を行いました。Javier(ハビエル)先生は本校勤務が1年でしたが、様々な教材を作り、使い英語の楽しさをみなさんに伝えてくれました。

Javier Sevilla 先生のスピーチを掲載します。

Good morning everyone! How are you? Are you sad? I am very sad. Today is my last day at Shimotsu First Junior High School. Shimotsu First Junior is a very nice school. I taught English here for one year. I enjoyed it very much! I came to this school last year in August. I can still remember that day. It was my first time teaching in the Shimotsu area. It was a little difficult at first, but also very exciting.

I made many wonderful memories here. Do you remember Sports Day last year? You practiced very hard. You could jump the rope, run very fast, and help each other. I was very surprised to see that. Also, we played many fun activities together in the classroom, like Bingo, Darts, English Shiritori, Karuta, Telephone Game, and many quiz games. I hope you enjoyed them and learned a lot of English.

Everyone here at Shimotsu First Junior High School was very nice. You have three English teachers, so you are very lucky. I enjoyed teaching with Ms. Nasu, Ms. Niki, and Mr. Yamanaka. They were very helpful and kind to me. I hope I was a helpful ALT to them. Of course, I also want to say ‘thank you’ to Kouchou-sensei, Kyoutou-sensei, and the other teachers. Thank you for making me feel welcome at your school.

I have one last question for you: did you enjoy English with Javi? I hope you did. I wanted to make English fun for you. You are all wonderful students. Please study and practice hard with the next ALT, too! I will go back to America soon. I will miss Japan and Wakayama, but I will come back again someday. Please study hard and enjoy your school life at Shimotsu First Junior High School. Thank you very much! See you again!
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