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How much is it right to buy a couple ring?

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What is the single ring engraved engraved? We all know, in accordance with the current popular way to wear the ring, from the index finger in turn, the ring worn on each finger mean: “Qing (Valentine) hot (love) solution (married) poison (single)”, The little tail on the little finger represents the meaning of the single. Now personalized custom ring has become a craze, personalized custom ring received a lot of people welcome, especially single ring, but the single ring can be engraved, single ring engraved engraved what good?

The answer to the word on a single ring depends on the use of the ring purchaser. Give it, or wear it yourself. Is to send love or brothers and sisters, according to the purpose of different, what the word on the ring should also change. If you want to express friendship, the simplest is the “eternal friendship” engraved ring, at a glance. As well as presented to the brothers and sisters, want to commemorate a certain period of happy time, it is recommended Replica Cartier jewelry to carve “those years … …” and other words, the appropriate blanks do not feel more able to arouse deep memories?
What is the single ring engraved engraved? Ring is not only a couple of intercourse between the messenger, but also a single men and women to fashion, advocating the freedom of the dress. Single men and women, wearing a lettering ring, not only fashion, but also personality, full of charm. If the engraved words, because the beautiful and touched the single ta, I believe this lettering the ring to bring you is definitely a love encounter. What is the single ring engraved?

If you are eager to love, waiting for love single men and women, you can engraved in the ring “love”, “love”, “520” or “eternal”, “pursuit” and so on. Single men and women a strong desire for love, will be engraved in every word.

If you want to be full of personality, you can simply engulf “tolerance”, “blessing” or “fortune” and so on.

Many single men and women, enjoy such a free, publicity life. They shouted: single is also beautiful, love can be late to come. If this is the case, you can carve your name, birthday or love pet name, and the name of the worship star.
How much is it right to buy a couple ring? People often say that a person can not only talk about his mouth on the line, but need to pay the actual action. What can prove the feeling of love between two people? If you want to express a long feeling of love, couple ring is your good choice.

Buy a couple to ring a lot of couples will pay attention to its price and style, in the purchase of a couple before the ring in advance to do a good job budget, in the heart of the general plan to buy the couple ring price. And then follow the plan to shop, do not easily disrupt the balance of payments. Then buy a couple ring how much money right? In this society now, the couple’s brand will also affect the price of the ring, and with the brand awareness increase, this couple’s ring will also increase the price.

Diamond couple ring how much money. As we all know, the price of diamond ring is related to the diamond 4C, 4C is the weight of diamonds, clarity, color, cut, these four aspects are very elegant, ask the couple how much money, first ask the business we Want to buy a couple on the diamond 4C how to.

Gold couple ring how much money. Relative to the diamond ring, gold on the price of the impact of factors to be more complex, in addition to the purity of gold, there are ring style design, brand premium and other factors. The sale of gold on the ring of the store a lot, to find inexpensive gold couple on the ring had to look at the hard work more than a few stores. Of course, compared to the diamond couple on the ring, the price of gold on the ring is still very close to the people.

How much is the couple ring?

Different prices of different ingredients. The cheapest is silver, the most expensive is platinum (rare metal). Of course there are diamonds. Gold is a currency that can be circulated in addition to money. Can be raised or raised. In fact, how much money is not important to buy, it is important that you want to express the share of mind

Silver couple ring how much money

One is more than forty yuan. I bought a pair before. Old Fengxiang gold shop silver ring is relatively cheap, cheap dozens of silver couple rings are generally about one hundred, two only spent less than one hundred
Couple ring is a long tradition, and won the hearts of the ring. As a ring, she is the most acceptable way people are now used by the majority of businesses. Silver couple ring brand which is good?

1, Tiffany Tiffany (Tiffany (Shanghai) Commercial Co., Ltd.)

(In 1873, the world’s top 500 brands, known for diamonds and silver products, the world’s leading jewelry brand, the world’s top luxury goods, Tiffany & Co)

2, Chow Tai Fook (Chow Tai Fook Jewelery Gold Co., Ltd.)

(Founded in 1929 in Hong Kong, Asia, large jewelers, China’s most famous and most of the largest jewelry brands, Chow Tai Fook Jewelery Co., Ltd.)

3, pirate ship (Beijing Jinhong Deqi Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.)

(Domestic chain jewelry well-known brands to operate popular jewelry famous Seoul, is committed to jewelry design, manufacturing enterprises, Beijing Jin Hongde Kai Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.)

4, the old silversmith (Beijing old silversmiths Jewelry Co., Ltd.)

(Founded in 1998, the top ten silver brand, the earliest to self-designed as the core of the personality of silver jewelry processing enterprises, one of Beijing old silversmiths Jewelry Co., Ltd.)

How to buy a couple ring Nowadays, more and more small couples began to pursue in the personality, fashion the latest couple ring style, in order to choose a suitable for their own beautiful couple rings.

1. physical store purchase. Need to go with two people, if not two people together to buy a couple ring, many times will appear to buy the ring side like the other party does not like the situation, if you buy a party does not like the couple ring, or buy the wrong size Couple ring, the couple ring the meaning of no. If the ring is too expensive and can not change, buy the wrong may be a big loss.

2. If you do not have much time to visit the jewelry store, buy on the network is also a good way. Because the purchase on the network can quickly choose a number of network operators to compare, and immediately can understand the credibility of the business, but also a number of online shops, a variety of models at the same time contrast. Under normal circumstances, the price of online shopping diamond jewelry shop than the price of some more concessions, but also more transparent.
The meaning of the tail ring. Most of the ring and marriage and love, tail ring as the current popular jewelry, naturally has its special significance. Wearing a tail ring has become a popular trend, then send the tail ring and what is the meaning of it?

1. love the men and women to bring each other after the tail of the ring, hold your hand, and grow old together, you can encounter in the setbacks and danger of love together, firm belief, mutual trust, mutual comfort, inspire each other, swear The

2. There is also a saying, it is said that the other side of the ring can be given on behalf of two people between a certain agreement, not necessarily the vows, but must be your heart from the idea and wish.

The meaning of the tail ring, love men and women, if you really want to send the tail ring, it is better to send a necklace to wear a ring wearing his neck, that he is not married.
What does it mean to send the tail ring? We all know what is the tail ring, hence the name of thinking, the tail ring is wearing a small thumb above the ring. Many people know that the tail ring is a person wearing a lonely or single meaning, but if a person you love to send your tail it? That is not to break up the meaning of Oh, but hope that two people hold their hands , And the child grow old, that is, the meaning of swearing.

1, gift: boyfriend

Description, boyfriend would like to change and your relationship, a more step relationship. From lovers to couples. This ring is the meaning of the wedding ring. Want to pass this diamond ring, to express their deep meaning, to express their love. Diamond wedding ring, the continuation of the true meaning of love.

2, gift: male girlfriend honey

Your relationship may have gone beyond the general friendship. He would like to understand your basis to bring you some happiness, he gives you a more intimate than the name of ambiguous: girlfriend.

3, gift: female girlfriend honey

Girls give girls, this is not uncommon, it is because the two deep friendship needs an item to contact, this is also a good way to express friendship. They have the same items, on behalf of you are the same.
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