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2008-02-22 12:02:08 | Diary
Last year I lived in Hawaii. Hawaii is so hot. It rains everyday in Hawaii. It usually rains for five minutes, but sometimes it rains for hours. Rain makes rainbows. I like rainbows.

The rain in Hawaii makes the plants grow. I love the plants in Hawaii. Rain sometimes makes floods. I do not like floods. Rain does good things and bad things. I like rain.


2008-02-18 06:22:53 | Poems
Children love candy.
Friends love candy.
I love candy
And so do you.

Asian Festival

2008-02-18 06:08:56 | Diary
Saturday there was an Asian Festival. We drove the car to the Asian Festival. There were lots of cars in the parking lot. It was hard to find parking. We went inside the Asian Festival. There were lots of people. We walked around. We saw Martha, Claire, Tayler, Hayden, Eli and Zachariah. I also saw Nancy Sensei.

While we were walking around my dad bought me a necklace. It was blue. It has a heart on the bottom. I love the necklace that my dad bought for me. My dad took a picture of me with the necklace on.

My dad signed up to work at the soda booth. It was fun working at the soda booth! I was working with Claire at the soda booth. First, I was putting ice in cups. Then, I was pouring drinks in the cups. Then, I was putting ice in cups again. It was fun working with Claire. Not so many people came because we were in the last shift. After everyone came, Claire and I didn't feel like working. Soon, my dad and I went home.

My favorite part of the festival was working at the soda booth. I was so happy. I want to go again next year.

Valentines Day Flower

2008-02-17 14:03:22 | Diary
On Valentines Day I got a flower. The flowers name is Angel Face. I got the flower at Walmart. It was a branch with roots. The picture on the flower is pink! It is a pretty flower. I love the flower. I brought my flower home. My dad and I planted my flower in a flower pot. We needed dirt. After a lot of dirt my dad poured a lot of water on the dirt. We planted it in the evening. My flower is growing, but my dads flower is not. I am happy it is growing!

Strawberry Cake

2008-02-04 10:43:05 | Diary
I wanted to eat strawberry cake. I asked my dad if we can make strawberry cake. My dad said he will help me make strawberry cake. I got the strawberry cake mix box.

I read the instructions on the box. I put the cake mix and other ingredients in the bowl.

When I mixed the cake it turned pink!

After I mixed the cake we put it into the oven. Soon I started smelling strawberries! My dad took the cake out of the oven and the cake was fat! We had to wait until the cake cooled down.

It was so good.

Snow Day

2008-01-28 06:05:59 | Diary
We woke up in the morning and we saw snow! There was snow everywhere!

It did not stop. The snow was pretty. We thought it was safe to go to church. We got dressed for church. When we were driving to church, we got stuck. The road was icy. My sister Latia was scared. She was scared because she thought we were going to fall. I was a little scared. When we got home safely we played in the snow! We made a snowman! The eyes were oranges. The nose was a carrot. The hands were celery. There was no mouth!

We had a snowball fight! When I had the snowball fight with my dad he threw the snowball at my face! After we played in the snow I took a warm shower. I felt happy after everything had happened.
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Gymnatics Class

2008-01-28 06:03:42 | Diary

My mom asked me if I wanted to go to gymnastics class and I said yes! I was a little scared when I was waiting. The teacher asked us to come in. We did lots of exercises. My favorite exercise is donkey kicks. We squat down and kick our feet up.

At the end of gymnastics we get stamps on our hands and feet. I was happy at the end!

Going to Utah

2008-01-28 06:01:41 | Diary
We went to Utah to see my aunty Stacia's wedding. We drove the car from Oregon to Utah. It was a long trip. I felt tired. We watched movies on the way. We watched “Flushed Away”, “Hairspray” and “Lord of the Beans”. We had a fairytale look and find book. It snowed a lot. It blocked our way and we had to wait a lot.

We went into 4 hotels. We went in a pool at a hotel with a hot tub.

My cousins came to the wedding. Their names are Hollie and Briyanna. I played with them at the hotel and the wedding reception. The food I ate was good at the wedding reception. The food I ate was tomatoes, grapes, cream puffs and cookies. I had fun at the wedding. I want to go there again!