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2013-10-29 10:37:08 | life

Feel the vitality of spring or summer heat waves, light, autumn sad sad, or winter ice at.

Anything can change, the four seasons are never changed, and the scenery is often see is not the same, even if the next autumn, look at this place of deja vu, or different. The flowers all over the mountains and plains, looking nothing seems different, brilliant purples and reds, and some flowers have bright, but some beautiful enchanting. But they can change the details of the very few people pay attention to, tall green trees, but they are still around, there seems to be a stronger, more vicissitudesmodular cubes store.

Spring the sky is clean and comfortable feeling, even the clouds are so full of vigor, ground bud seems too slowly, the very next day to have a look, surprised. People always do not feel themselves and those around them to change anything, but just appear small and cute, land as a horizontal line, tomorrow will become unthinkable. Not only that, in all, I'm not willing to hikers, so poetic, she could not help but exclaim: "trees are budding, beauty only in love". Last spring but feel a bit cold, do not know that I will not be moved by what one sees next springcovers for samsung galaxy.

The beauty of the spring is always short so I miss, as only a few years of youth, is the summer I most like the season, long hot, make me imperceptibly fell in love with the most beautiful scenery in my mind. All flowers bloom together. Not only, can hide in the shade under the trees, beautiful sceneryfashion men clothing wholesale, pleasant trip. I often stood pant for breath in the city's highest peak Pavilion at the top, summer beauty, the ancient "for a grander sight, strive for further improvement". Is really good ah, summer beauty really too distinctive, worthy of my many mountaineering and look, the way that look good on camera. Passion of the scenery is beautiful forever, no matter in the past time and the future years, summer scenery, always stop at this moment I am 23 years old, never leave.

My name is now seems to fall to do foreshadowing, crown symbol and then cherish the rhyme son, is behind the flower symbol, harvest queen with the flowers with a song from the war, the harvest scene with Xiao Xiao was miserable, is the happy or sad? At present no summer scene, but they are lucky, so my name is a homonym for the lucky, autumn withering all does not mean the end of their life, at least have the chance again, cherish all sorts of leaves, when the bookmark when they feel this is the beginning of life. Autumn like elegant with wisdom and beauty, with classical flavor, is the modern child like innocence. Autumn scenery, some authors will have a mildly bleak, but autumn is harvest gold, gold is precious, autumn is a person worthy of cherished seasons scenery, as if her everywhere in the harvest, that is a seed, it is hoped that the rhythm, is the son and daughter hope next.

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