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2013-02-28 17:10:31 | love
Dear oh-so-in-love people of the world,

We all get it, you're in a relationship and you're happy. But is it reaaaallly necessary to update your status every hour about how u are excited that u and your boyfriend hanging out, and how amazing your significant other is, or that they just texted you out of the blue to say "i love you"??

Hey, I'm truly happy for you, but for the rest of us that are comfy in our own single skin, it can be a bit sickening in these little overdoses. No i don't want to see your kissy kissy pics updated, and no I don't want to know when your anniversary is coming up down to the millisecond even though u have been together for like a week.

I don't care that your ex was a major jerk off and this new dude is treating you like a princess, or that your "husband" is hanging out with you on your off day waterproof phone case.

If this is your way of expression of your love why do I feel like I'm more in the relationship than your Post on his wall, I don't want that Shiz up in the newsfeed!!

Enjoy your life but I DONT NEED ALL THE DEETS! Unless u are making some juicy tape I don't find your relationship interesting at all The best mobile accessories! lol

Consider yourself on probation. Any further cutesey texts/comments/pics will result in defriending!

You mushy in love peeps have all been warned.
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