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Traveling and Learning

2017-09-16 17:34:31 | daily life
I have been traveling Sri Lanka and India for last 7 days and I am fortunate enough to learn many things (some of those are new to me and others are something I forgot through everyday life). I would like to pick three things that I think the most important realizations to me (hopefully to readers as well) that I want to share with. Since I am writing this blog in Sri Lanka International airport, I may be able to learn new lessons by I finish writing this one.

Benefits of traveling:
1. Start from your new life from scratch
2. Laser focus on what you can do due to time constraint
3.Opportunities of being alone and vulnerable

When you travel the places you are not familiar, let's say in foreign countries, you do not anything that much you can uses except for you have local friends there. That means you need to start your traveling life by preparing food, buying necessary commodities, and figuring out what you want to do in that time period. Even you can only live your life once, but it seems there is a life inside of your life when you traveling.

The second benefit of traveling is you can focus on what really matters to you during the travel since you have an only limited amount of time available. You may want to visit as many as tourist spots, you may want to explore local food, or you may want to relax on the beach, or you may want to attend specific events. The list can go on a quite a few. But what I want to try to say in here is no matter how many things you want to do, you have an only certain amount of time, so you are forced to choose several activities that can fit in the time slot. By thinking your traveling plan, you have to prioritize what really matters to you, which give you a good sense of understanding of who you are made of. You may be someone who has the limitless curiosity to explore new cities, or you are a foodie who wants to taste different things.

Last but not least, I think the chances that you can be alone and vulnerable is one of the most important things that may underestimate that travel can provide us. You may be a popular figure who everyone around you pays respects in a certain social group, such as you are a good leader in your company, you have some skills that separate from the crowds, or whatever it is. Nobody gives a shit when you are in other countries. You may be arrogant in your company, but if you treat others like that in a different environment I am sure that nobody will accept that. This may sound a little terrifying especially for those who are always in his/her comfort zone, but it is a good learning opportunity that you are a no one in a different environment. On top of that, you do not know local custom and you would have lots of problems that you will not encounter when you are in your environment. That reminds us vulnerable we are.

With that, I would like to end this short post with two thoughts that I learned during the travel (that may be applied to my life):
-Travel doesn't go as planned -> Enjoy uncertainty and troubles that may bring you something special that you never imagined in the first place
-Always be a little more playful -> Travel is tough sometimes for the variety of reasons, so be little more creative and make room to enjoy it
-Think how to minimize your regret -> You can only take your good memories to your graveyard, so make regret as less as possible

Hope you all have a great travel ;D