Carpe Diem


Review of the past 9 months

2016-06-10 11:51:00 | daily life
what you’ve learned
-emerging technology
-new market or hidden market
-enterprise software (include money transaction)
-CEO’s skills: making money, networking (be cool), and sense of market
-team is the most important success factor
-money transaction is the key

how you could do better
-build a team before you start your business
-charge customers from day 1
-don’t learn coding when your cash is burning, just sell anything you can
-save up minimum amount of money say 1 million yen
-work on the idea that you are already familiar with

final thought to your next challenge
-always stay positive and strong, especially when you are failing
-find the shortest path (start from the product in mind)
-start your business is not easy at all, it's 1% of success
-keep experiments and keep searching what is the best for you
-focus on what you are good at (but I'm going to work as an engineer…)

some useful references
-startup playbook (
-why startup fails (
-Don Valentine’s video (
-You're never too old to start a new venture (
-NerdWallet founder (

some exciting companies I have met
-hitokuse (
-itandi (
-locarise (
-plaid (
-second measure (

This is what all I got.