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Bapak's concept of soul (jiwa,Daja) or Roh ・2 The material soul. -2

2016-07-10 | 日記
From P98
Through the experience gained in the latihan you will begin to observe how material souls influence your feelings, and later you will be able to direct these souls into their right channels.

Finally, you will achieve a state in which material souls will truly begin to be your servants.

From then onwards you will no longer need to discard possessions or avoid them.

Based upon these principles Pak Subuh goes on to explain in detail the influences of the soul of several materials, instruments used by men for their respective jobs.

For example, he discusses how agricultural tools influence the peasants;

how money and merchandise influence the traders;

how weapons and uniforms influence the armies;

how machines and offices influence the employers and the employees;

and how fine clothes and sparkling jewellry influence men and women.

As regards the relationship between materials and God he adds, "If the essence of materials is deeply observed it will appear to be like a world of its own, inhabited by beings who also worship Almighty God in their own way no less faithfully than man in his.,

Nevertheless, the life of material objects in their own world resembles that of a man in this world, since material objects can also worship God at the level of their own existence.

In the sight of God their mode of life is no different from that of man, except that, as material objects, their level of existence as creatures of God is far lower than that of man.,,

For this reason, material objects yearn for a union with human beings that would raise their states and bring them closer to the level of mankind.,,

Their submission to the will of man is constant since their desire is to remain close to the heart of man until he dies.,,

In this way such material objects can accompany man into his own world.,,

Such is the nature of material life, and it must be thoroughly grasped by a man if he is to understand the way in which the influences of material souls are always a factor in his own life.

Gaining this understanding, a man can regulate these material factors in an orderly manner.

It is a fact that material objects do indeed yearn to participate in the activities of man because they fulfil thereby their destiny which is to be the servants of mankind.,,

But unfortunately the contrary has happened.

Man becomes the slave of matter;

then, far from raising these objects to a higher level, he himself sinks into the material world.,,
From time to time he has questioned his disciples about these puzzles:

Are you sitting on that chair or is that chair sitting on you?;

are you eating that food or is that food eating you?;

are you drinking that whisky or is that whisky drinking you?;

are you running a newspaper or is the newspaper running you?,,

from THE PATH OF SUBUD (1969) Author: Drs Kafrawi : McGill University Montreal. <-- Link

The influence of material power on humans is very powerful, as humans prefer it.

Therefore, when you asked Bapak's advice like this, you tried saying "OK, I understood", it changed to just "mere" desk on the desk "," exercise for swimming on tatami "just as understood by the head there is no.

In short, "Understanding the brain alone is not very useful".

Swimming actually requires practicing while drowning in the water, so to be able to ride a bicycle, after all it will be bad if you do not see sore eyes somewhat.

That's why Latihan is translated as "spiritual training".

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