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Methods for the control of ants, get rid of ants: how to get rid of ants?

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Eliminate cockroaches: how to fight and get rid of cockroaches in the kitchen or around the house or to get rid of cockroaches in General, several IRS agents as established methods in eliminating cockroaches and roaches by Amani Saeed -September 24, 201360554 eliminate cockroaches get rid of cockroaches, irritating insects mainstay of cockroaches that cockroaches in cockroaches in cockroaches in caches Most of them are also in the house. Cockroaches are also disgusting insects, many find it Get rid of roaches: how to get rid of cockroaches? Discover the presence of cockroaches at home: the crickets are insects that have Unacceptably high,Attacking cockroaches: using boric powders. Let's see for cockroach crawled up into his hideout, and check out all the places surrounding the Lair, and often come cockroaches from the sewers and garbage. (Boric acid) killer sold in pharmacies. Avoiding crickets again: cleanliness: clean house of all the garbage and especially fat that cockroaches like Assembly, if not clean house model has bugs not seen the food out of the fridge, and do not leave Close all sinks come from cockroaches. Dispose of trash and wood in the House because of the roaches hide. Be sure to clean the pet at home because Cockroaches hiding them from the cold. Working on closing all openings in walls,How to eliminate cockroach eggs make sure to get rid of it. How to eliminate cockroaches that the goal is get rid of cockroaches in the kitchen or around The House or to get rid of cockroaches in General, several IRS agents as established methods in ingredients: eliminating cockroaches and roaches method 1 ingredients: boric acid tray half ads - spoon milk powder - 2 tablespoons flour 2 tablespoons sugar - big steps: previous amounts are mixed The dough is cut in the form of small balls the balls are put on the fridge and cupboards and stove and anywhere expects you to come to him These roaches, dough for three days. Eliminate cockroaches: method 2: ingredients:- some potato - 2 egg yolks - half a pack of boric acid grinding steps the potatoes with the egg yolks until they become a paste and also splashed a little water until the dough becomes cohesive. Cut the dough and put all the pieces in places that plunge into the gas station from the gas station first night after the gas station by gasoline from the gas station first algrken poured into sinks and toilets because you return to crickets will fall into the trap and Catch yalakhtnak. The second algerkan poured in manholes and manhole covering that cockroaches will try to break them. Eliminate cockroaches: fourth way: use of pesticide nisadol, pour it on 5 liters of water, and then poured the solution when manholes, sewers and Toilets, and be careful when you use not inhaled or touch,There are several rays of ants: There are several rays of ants? There are several ways to fight ants and get rid of ants in your kitchen and your home by following such guidance control And the ants as well as the ash by the Mohamed Abu prestige-September 3, 201315155 Ant control methods and to get rid of ants ants attracted to leftovers, you only find ants in the kitchen looking for a meal You can get rid of ants in your home by using housewares and home cleaning-go every day. Part one: observe and follow Ant 1. Keep the ants in your house for a few minutes, try to find a place to enter the Ant home either out of the window,2. gest, a door or a crack in the wall of the kitchen. Ads 3. Find The Ant houses plateaus in your garden or beside you can not always find a hive of ants, but you can find it, this helps you to solve the problem from the root. Mix several orange peel with a cup of hot Part 2: cleaning house for to get rid of ants 1. Scour all the dirty dishes promptly unclean dishes at home, increase the presence of ants, and also the presence of these dishes Wash any Ant income pot as well for example, sugar bowl or fruit bowls. And then close the container tightly.2. sweep out the kitchen and everywhere else where presence Ant clean dusting places well of ants and of leftovers. You sweep out the kitchen floor at least once every few days 3. You must have swept the kitchen floor before putting the peaches ants. 3. Clear cabinets and floors with distilled white vinegar regularly clear reservoirs, floors with distilled white vinegar will save you from ants at home will keep your house clean Part III: borates ;. Bait ants 1. Mix the borax bait for use in the kitchen, mix one cup of sugar candy with cups of borax in a bowl. 2. get several business cards, Put the cards near the places that enters them Ant home.Ads 3. Add more cards covered balboraks in places where ants congregate make sure that children or pets you have not reach these places where the plants where the venom spreads between ants and the cell. Wash your hands well after using Borax. 4. sprinkle borax in places where you see ant see walking around House part IV: prevention of Ant 1. The ants will not be able to be able to take over the refrigerator place a ring of glue around the dish or bowl containing food, taking into account account of the sticker up. Plant mint around the house, planting a pious Mint House and prevent the entry of ants.Taking into account that the Mint grows and spreads quickly in the garden. Sorce:

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