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Raccomandata Ricevuta Ritorno Concert Review (13 August 2017) Kakehashi Records

2017-09-09 | プログレッシブ・ロック

Raccomandata Ricevuta Ritorno Concert Review (13 August 2017)

Venue: Club Citta Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan


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 Raccomandata Ricevuta Ritorno (RRR) excited the audience on the second evening. There were two original members out of the six musicians, however the audience was completely enchanted by the enormous presence of the vocalist and stage performer, Luciano Regoli.

RRR played the ‘72 release ‘Per…Un Mondo Di Cristallo’ in full. The performance started with the solemn organ solo which was completely Baroque, then followed by the acoustic guitar and flute which added a dry melancholy feeling. Then heavy ensemble like a thunderstorm followed, exactly as heard in the album. The rhythm full of anxiety and mysterious acoustic guitar led the introduction. Then Luciano’s vocal followed. His high tone vocal in the album was very impressive, and I was a bit curious whether he could still sing like that. However, when I heard his first voice, all my worries disappeared.

Luciano wore a white military jacket and had an eye patch on his right eye, plus a black face paint. He sang theatrically with a bit operatic dignified voice and Ian Gillan-like shouting voice. His singing caliber was even increased over the years and his absolute presence as the front person was just enormous! He was truly charismatic and kept gluing the eyes of the audience.

RRR also effectively controlled the ‘stillness’ and ‘dynamics’ in a dramatic way. Their constructive sound is close to Semiramis, however, since Luciano is more hard rock rooted, their overall impression was very different from the traditional cantatuore Italian vocal style.

In the lyrical and pastoral folk song, Luciano changed his vocal style to a smooth voice. He looked and sounded completely a different person from the frantic front person. His performance had a wide range and the audience fully enjoyed the theatrical vocal.

As I listened to their live performance, I notice substantial influence of jazz. The folky part of acoustic guitar and the lyrical flute and the electric guitar and the emotional flute part of hard rock are the two mainstays of the band. By the addition of the jazz drummer and the saxophone played by the jazz flute player added a big value to the richness of the band.

The projector on the screen showed artwork after another and made the stage artistic.

Mysterious and esthetic. RRR proudly reproduced the mysterious album in full. Rather, their performance was beyond the original album and much upgraded!

After finishing complete reproduction of the album, RRR played some songs from their second album (2010) ‘Il Pittore Volante’. Luciano appeared with a mask that covered the half of his face. Starting with ‘Il Cambiamento’, the songs were much hard rock oriented than their first album. Luciano sang with his glorious shouting vocal like Robert Plant. His stage performance with the microphone stand was very much hard rock singer, and was brilliant.

At last, RRR brought a big surprise with the Led Zeppelin’s ‘Baby I’m Gonna Leave You’! I think this song requires a highly skilled vocal, but Luciano cleared all. His shouting vocal hit the spot of the audience and all venue got excited.

Well, I didn’t expect Luciano Regoli was such a charismatic singer… If he had shown performance of this level back in the early days, the band would have been as big as Osanna. The RRR performance was that exceptional. I greatly look forward to their new album!


(Kakereco staff Sato)

(Translation YPK)

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