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this weekend

2011-09-10 20:26:01 | Weblog
Head Tsukishima eating yum monjayaki and okonomiyaki with kirin beer, which was great day.
Afterward we went to Ginza to purchase some sweets.It turned out that top floor of Mitsukoshi has massive ever-green garden where children and even infant rest. We sleep on the grasses for one hour.
My husband comes back to home around 0am therefore his face looks like exhausted and I am anxious about him recently..

Happy Three Days!

2011-08-29 16:20:26 | Weblog
I went to Tochigi with collage friends including Misato,Ryo and Gori in order to take hotsprings for three days and see Nikko-toshogun which is one of World Heritages in Japan.

my load to dream became lightened

2011-08-26 21:26:44 | Weblog
I got IELTS score exceeding required score in pre-sessional course.

this year's pre-sessional is almost done , so I am late for this course and decide to enter postgraduate programme next years.

I'd been obsessed with various difficulties for last four months
because score speaking section is relatively slim,compared with other sections,rose up to 6.0 at last..

Besides,I applied for an internship at UNHCR in tokyo.

I sometimes feel I creep on the way to dream as UN worker,but I felt delighted today.

I appreciate my husband who never criticize me not working but encourage me to study deeply.



2011-08-26 19:00:23 | Weblog
This novel was about one woman tried to overcome financial difficulties, however I could not sympathize with her because she hooks up purchasing clothes and shoes too much.
It is said that LOAN is the most dislike four-letter words. I am repaying my loan until now.
I thought she was well-advised to avoid paying in the first place..



2011-08-26 18:50:13 | FUN
I read this novel after watching film julia acted as leading character, which was approachable for beginner reading novels written in English. vocabulary is not exclusively difficult and some women who work for companies may have a desire to travel all over the world like her.

It took two weeks to finish to read and this is my first one to do that.

I recommend people whose TOEIC score is around 650.


2011-07-07 16:17:00 | Weblog
yesterday,i will see my score for IELTS and little nervous.
Moreover on this weekend,i will have another IELTS test..


IELS:Listening section

2011-07-05 14:13:52 | IELTS
My teacher encourage us to do ESL LAB. especially, academic purpose, everyday for IELTS listening section. He repeated us to imagine answer type before listening section started and be don't forget plural and that's all taught by him..

In my case,I purchased some text books published from cambridge.
I recommend vocabulary for IELTSthe best for people who wanna improve your vocabulary and my classmates do this stuff.


vivid pictures

2011-07-04 14:14:28 | Weblog
How foreign articles had fine pictures i became aware of.

i occasionally escape from real life by reading
traveling and dining & wine from newyorktimes.

importance for first two hours

2011-07-04 13:59:02 | IELTS
For the speaking section of IELST, i write down this.
According to some material, two hours would be needed to become speaking fluently,so some people
tend to speak with native speaker before test for tow hours.
I tried to speak two hours today, so i started to speak smoothly and not have hesitation.
Moreover these voices should be recorded and after that i hear and correct some.
I'll try to do everyday until this weekend.

I think http://1ielts.net/ would be beneficial for you because this has some sample questions about speaking and writing.http://www.123helpme.com/ was recommended by some native speakers for writing section.

And after this weekend test,there are some fun events.I cant wait for it!

・my second younger sister is about to come to my house and go shopping together.
・drink at Ginza with wan's friends
・honeymoon for two weeks
・short trip with wan's friends
・sayaka & chaco's wedding party
・go world meet center with log's friends


2011-07-03 23:56:54 | movies
I watched this '時をかける少女'(not TV drama,but animation).
To say at the least, you have wanted to go back to old time at once and a girl,Makoto, can go back to old time and retry her life.
you would experience this through this film and this film makes me feel moving.
I recommend you!