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2019-01-14 22:28:58 | 日記
隅田河 Regarding Sumida River,
腐臭は its smell of rotten things
水面をただよひ is drifting above its surface.
缶詰のカン A can of canned food,
赤い鼻緒の下駄、 a wooden sandal with red straps,
板つきれ、 a piece of wooden board,
ぐるりばかりになった麦藁帽 a straw hat without its brim,
青い瓶 and a blue glass bottle etc.
などがポカンポカンと浮いてくる come floating here and there.
市民の生活の断片と They are pieces of lives of the citizen,
人類の哀しい運命の断片 and pieces of people's sad destinies.
彼は河岸を Waves rick the river bank
汚れた舌のように like dirty tongues
ひたびたと舐めてゆく lappingly.

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