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Christmas 2013 from The Stantons

2013-12-15 12:34:16 | 日々雑感

(Quote from the letter of the Stantons)

Dear Family and Friends,

        Holiday greetings to each of you, as we reflect on special memories of you that have meant so much to us through the years. We have written a holiday letter for fifty years and now want to share some of our experiences during 2013.

        Barbie had opportunities to be creative, making bows and flower arrangements for Lake Junaluska and giving several design presentations.  


        As Christmas approaches we reflect on our many blessings. It was so special having the family and visitors here for shared times last year. We feel fortunate that we have relatively good health, enabling us to continue to take "learning and discovery" trips. In spite of the seemingly endless problems that our country experiences, nevertheless we can see things in a somewhat better perspective after learning more about the tragedies of the Eastern European people over so many years. We are grateful for our freedom and the hope that Christmas brings.

        During this special season we wish for you a blessed holiday with much love and joy in a more peaceful new year. 


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