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As the windows became more popular

2017-07-31 09:53:15 | 日記
Installing low-emissivity or "Low-E" windows can save home owners a significant amount of money on their heating and cooling bills.A thin, invisible film that keeps pilots safe from infrared rays while in the cockpit can save Americans billions of dollars in heating and cooling bills. Money is "flying out the window" in more ways than one for homeowners with standard glass panes. Now, researchers are working on producing windows of layered, treated glass, which will be even more efficient. Home owners will be able to save money and conserve their overall energy expenditure, which will in turn make it more available for the future. The researchers were hard-put to prove that this kind of glass worked better than previous incarnations. During the period of investigation, it was realized that a large amount of energy was lost through the windows of buildings, so explorations were made into the problem of too-open window glass.

The oil crisis of the mid-70s spurred research into ways to conserve energy.

A seemingly random discovery in the 1970s has paved the way for more energy efficient homes today.

As the windows became more popular, the price went down until they are affordable by today's home owner, not just large corporations. Research into better window construction is going to give the home owner more control over their home's emissions than ever before. The protection for pilots exposed to higher levels of radiation than one could normally expect had an unexpected side-effect: it made the window glass extremely efficient at filtering energy, creating window panes that could effectively retain heat in a house in winter and keep it cooler in the summer. ENERGY STAR now lists these treated windows along with its other approved materials and appliances that can help conserve energy and lower the home owner's overall expenditures .
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