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○ Yotsuya Qaidan!【これ、実話!?】edited 四谷怪談のお岩さんにまつわる本当にあった怖い話

2017-05-19 17:02:35 | ♪Trump NEWS

○ Yotsuya Qaidan!【これ、実話!?】四谷怪談のお岩さんにまつわる本当にあった怖い話 edited

16/06/29 01:19 ♪ One Short Talk

2016-06-29 01:19:07


[This and a true story!?] fearfulness account which matches the truth which concerns Mr. rock of the Ghost Story of Yotsuya (1/2)


The occult
The Ghost Story of Yotsuya. Mrs Oiwa.

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Mrs Oiwa; one of Japanese famous ghosts "the Ghost Story of Yotsuya". There is "o Iwaine Nita Miya shrine" in Shinjuku Yotsuya in Tokyo actually, and Mr. rock is sleeping quietly even now. On the other hand Metropolitan area is also learned about by this shrine as an eminent power spot, and there is no end to the person who visits in prayer of "matchmaking" "divorce" etc..

Mrs Oiwa. Nita Miya shrine in Shinjuku Yotsuya
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When saying such "Mrs Oiwa", an image such as "curses" is very strong, and when Mr. rock is made a disrespected call by the first name, you "trouble", such as, when producing a city legend, kabuki and a movie, a tacit rule such as... of which I take a picture exists after an actor and a staff will come certainly.

The curse to which facial half is addicted when Mrs Oiwa is made poor,....
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But, only "Mr. rock = curse" has wings, and there seems to be a person who doesn't know a story of the Ghost Story of Yotsuya unexpectedly actually. Then, what kind of story was the Ghost Story of Yotsuya? I'll speak about a general outline first.
With the Ghost Story of Yotsuya-character of the curse?

Yotsuya where a stage of a story is Edo. You could make the "Mrs Oiwa" which is a daughter of Tamiya family get married to a student preparing for the entrance exam next year "Iemon". Love, I have that, and, it wasn't marriage, but Mrs Oiwa is being attracted by Iemon gradually.

But a male granddaughter called Kibee Ito (plum) has fallen into manful Iemon by the riches who lived in the neighborhood. "I do something, and, for granddaughter's son-in-law" Kibee who thought... makes them say a thing to money and courts Iemon.

First was Iemon who was declining, but it was being blinded by money, and feeling was changing gradually. So Kibee directs Iemon to give poison a little in Mrs Oiwa. That the hair ofMrs Oiwa which kept drinking a poison is dispersive without knowing that Iemon carries that out, a face will be missing and turns into a running sore ignominiously.

Mrs Oiwa shrieked who judged its form from a mirror, fall in the deranged state and die of a shock the limit. Mrs Oiwa who became a ghost will do that, and keeps rising with "you can bear a grudge and do and complain about unpleasant..., with the selling point of, unpleasant......" at Iemon's bedside every night every night....

Isn't such story general?

Well, this curse looked worse indeed.

Did a foreigner trouble, too? Potential energy of Mrs Oiwa.

The drama which made "the Ghost Story of Yotsuya" an original work in 1964 by some programs is the episode when being produced. The Indian's actor who has a performer by himself and the person concerned including Eddie and Arab are going to go to a visit in "Mrs Oiwa god of the harvest" by all the members with a tacit rule.

At the place, it's the reason at which Eddie happened to be present, too, "Because I'm not Japanese, a foreigner, such superstition isn't unrelated or is absurd.", it's said that they were laughing.

And there was nothing for photography on the day, and the end was received, but Eddie's script is lost suddenly on the next day. When I was looking for it, the script was found by a strange thing in the restroom in a television station. I'm Eddie who wasn't also caring about so much, but while going home, the affair at which I shudder happens.

That a script of "the Ghost Story of Yotsuya" was opened casually in the car, it's with mushroom. Surprisingly, the character went through only Eddie's part of words, and it became snow-white. It was when the car was quite going to face Yotsuya exactly when surprised Eddie looked at the scenery of the outside,....

Such as it'll be the person who doesn't return by apoplexy because the person who calls "Ghost Stories of Yotsuya" of kabuki Mr. Hori who produced neglected a visit to "Mrs Oiwa god of the harvest" when ichiryuusai Sadayama of a (leaping) event and a storyteller who passed away did ghost story talk, besides there also is no end to the case which also seems "curse" to the persons who disobeyed a tacit rule.

... without curses may be the one the same thing can say to that by Mrs Oiwa of the Ghost Story of Yotsuya, too for Jin who doesn't touch.


Yotsuya Kaidan
Odessa, Ukraine

2016-06-29 01:19:07



四谷怪談 お岩さん



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他 にも、歌舞伎の「東海道四谷怪談」をプロデュースした堀さんという方が亡くなった(飛び降り自殺)事件や、講談師の一龍斎貞山が怪談話をする際に「お岩稲荷」へのお参りを怠ったために脳卒中で帰らぬ人となるなど、暗黙のルールに背いた者たちへの“祟り”とも思える事例は後を絶ちません。



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