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◯ Apple: Radio Wave RISK Prevention // アップルも認めた!? 遅れる日本の携帯電磁波リスク予防

2017-04-19 10:13:36 | ♪PFK ASAP NEWS

2017-04-19 10:13:36 bis journal. ToyoKeizai. Was an Apple also admitted? Behind schedule Japanese cell phone radio wave risk prevention 2012.08.31 http://biz-journal.jp/i/2012/08/post_616_entry_2.html "Anxiety reduces use time of iPhone as much as possible in some cases about disclosure to radio-frequency energy." "Please separate from a body as much as possible and have it.". The thing by which radio-frequency energy is a radio wave. I came also to awaken to the manufacturer side carefully because danger of this radio wave was whispered. That survey result has gone out as danger to health of a radio wave raises infection risk of brain tumor. Even Japan is a study of Tokyo Women's Medical College in which the Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications which is governing legal authority of communication industry in 10 invested in addition to the investigation at the foreign countries such as a spermatozoon's decreasing, and the result to which I say "It increased in risk of a chou schwannoma (eared, near, the benign brain tumor you can have) 2.74 times in the heavy user called for more than 20 minutes a day." also is in. But, because there is also a result to which I say "It doesn't influence.", it isn't regarded as a problem in Japan. But now that there is risk at the foreign countries where the advanced country was made the center, the idea that I should take prevention measures is the mainstream, and when I adopt the standard severer than Japan, call to (Russia and China), less than 16-year-old young people and a pregnant woman to cut down use of a cellular phone and don't attach Mike of earphones who can reduce (the United Kingdom) and the exposed amount, the various correspondence such as (France) to which a terminal can't be sold is got. The anxiety to which the radio wave which is issued from a base station of the cellular phone about 280,000 games are in the whole country also causes a health problem occurs and is Nobeoka-shi, Miyazaki, and the trial the resident around the base station who complains of a health hazard of constant buzzing and chronic sleep asks for an operation stop to KDDI is performed, and I say that I'm planning to decide on October 17. This autumn is also attention in judgment of this radio wave base station health hazard trial with SUMAFOBUMU. An ingredient for sushi of such social party is also 1 page, but it's possible to see a characteristics of Oriental economy of a social party at the carried place.

*i'm always talking in speaker phone in iPhone, too. Pathfinderk

2017-04-19 10:13:36 bis journal. ToyoKeizai.

アップルも認めた!? 遅れる日本の携帯電磁波リスク予防





*わたしも iPhone では いつも speaker phone で喋ってる。Pathfinderk
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