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○ The elephant in the room//ランディ・パウシュ「最後の授業」–余命半年の男が生徒たちに遺した「夢の叶え方」(FULL)

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 2016-10-14 15:08:08 prof.Randy Pausch. logmi.


Randi and a man in PAUSHU "the last class"--life expectancy half year left it for students, "how to grant a dream" (FULL)

The Carnegie melon professor who pronounced life expectancy half year and the "last tuition" who entitled Randy Pausch (Randi and PAUSHU) the way by which a family makes a dream around a child come true and went. It was energetic and it was introduced about a lesson in a life while looking back to a dream in the child age and the life by the humorous way of talking.

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Starting of "the last class"
I don't talk with cancer about the family.
The way to make a dream around a child come true

Starting of "the last class"

Randi and Mr. PAUSHU I think of the thing from which I could receive the chance to do a lecture here in an honor. This lecture was called "the last class" before. When the class is made last only once again before dying, what kind of lecture will it be? I thought "It was done, a fitting chance was found at last." Then the name was changed (The title as "Journeys (journey)" was put on this lecture then.) (Meeting place warai) it's explained in the purpose of how to be here you know about my background. My father was always saying so for me. "When there is also a problem with the case that a person isn't eager to speak, say honestly." I found out that gazou1 had see my CAT scan, but my liver had about 10 tumors, and if it was 3-about 6 months, my life expectancy was pronounced from a doctor. That's about 1 month before. You find out that you calculate, right? Even the world is a doctor's most high-level check. This is in my state by the reason which says so. It isn't possible to change it. It's only to decide how to correspond to this situation to form. It isn't possible to change a distributed card. It's how to advance a game by the hand. When I don't seem so depressed and depressing, I'm sorry not to be able to live up to everyone's expectations. (Meeting place warai) I never deny the situation that one was put. I know neatly what has happened.



I don't talk with cancer about the family.



I have a wife with 3 children, and I have bought a nice house and have just moved in the State of Virginia NOFOKU. It's because I thought it was the place where you may get it for the family in the future to live there. I'm in so good health that I'm surprised at present. When using the word as "cognitive dissonance" I say by psychology, I now maintain the best physical condition in a life. I tell honestly, and thinks I'm finer than most ways where I'm in a meeting place. (I stop talking, do a push-up by the place and show it once.) it's gazou3 (meeting place clapping), so the person who would like to feel with me and shed tears for me come here, and please do the same thing. Then you may feel with me until I'm satisfied. Now, the topic which" talks here and doesn't do" today is as follows. First, gazou4 won't speak about cancer. I don't spend time and be also so not interested already so any more about this topic that it's too enough. If you know a herb curative and therapeutic cult, please don't speak to me. (Meeting place warai) and "the way to grant a dream around a child" lay won't also speak about an important matter in other words my wife and children. I'm self-possessed, but it isn't so strong that you can speak about the family without showing a tear. So that's removed from a topic. It's because it's also more important to other ones. I won't also speak about religion and spirit. I met with a mortal floor, and though it was late sowing, it was done that I converted, but it was replaced with Macintosh from these days'...... Windows. (Meeting place warai) I find this joke transmitted to only audience's 9%. (Meeting place warai)



The way to make a dream around a child come true


Then what will I on earth speak to everyone about today?

 I'll speak about how a dream around my child and that were achieved. I think I was very fortunate in the point that you could be the maid who grants the point that they could believe the dream to come true and come here and person's other dreams. And about several lessons learned from there. I'm a professor. What do you think can do and tell you that's lesson? Do you utilize the thing you heard today how and go or to help person's other dreams to grant a dream? I think I find out that everyone repeats the age, too, but the one of helping someone else with a dream is more fascinating. Then what was a dream around my child? I spent my very happy child lifetime. It wasn't a joke and was really happy. The family's album was looked again, and noticed that it's wonderful. The picture at which I'm not laughing is that there was also no one. gazou6, that was quite good discovery. There was also a dog and. And there was also a picture which took the place where I "am having a dream". I often ask gazou7gazou8, I indulged in a vision. You often said "Please wake up!" gazou9, all over those days was the time possible to have a big dream.

I was born in 1960. If the television was turned on at 8 years old or 9 years old, a person was going to land at the month. Everything will be done. It seemed so. I think we now aren't supposed to lose the point of view of such one, too. The affair which gives a dream and the chance to have a dream were big without a direction then.

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2016-10-11 07:20:44  prof.Randy Pausch. logmi.



余命半年を宣告されたカーネギーメロン大学教授・Randy Pausch(ランディ・パウシュ)氏が、子供のころの夢を実現させる方法と題して行った「最後の授業」。エネルギッシュかつユーモラスな語り口で、子供時代の夢と自らの人生を振り返りながら、人生の教訓について紹介しました。 

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ランディ・パウシュ氏 ここで講演をする機会を頂けたことを光栄に思います。以前この講演は「最後の授業」と呼ばれていました。死ぬ前に最後にもう1度だけ授業をするとしたら、どんな講義になるだろうか?私は「やった、ついにぴったりの機会が見つかったぞ」と思いました。そうしたら、名前が変えられていたのです(当時この講義には「Journeys(旅路)」というタイトルが付けられていました)。(会場笑)私の背景についてご存知ない方のために説明します。父は私にいつもこう言っていました。「人が話したがらないことでも、問題があれば正直に言いなさい」gazou1私のCATスキャンを見て頂くとわかりますが、私の肝臓には約10個の腫瘍があり、医者から私の余命は3~6ヶ月程度だと宣告されました。それが約1ヶ月前のことです。計算していただくとわかりますよね。世界でも最高レベルの医師の診断です。というわけで、これが私の状態です。変えることはできません。できるのは、この状況にどう対応するかを決めることだけです。配られたカードを変えることはできません。その手札でどうゲームを進めるかです。私がそれほど落ち込んだり、憂鬱そうに見えないのだとしたら、みなさんのご期待にそえなくて申し訳ありません。(会場笑)私は決して、自分の置かれた状況を否定しているわけではありません。何が起こっているかちゃんとわかっています。




それでは、今日私はいったい何についてみなさんにお話しするのでしょう?gazou5私の子供の頃の夢と、それをどうやって実現したかについてお話しします。自分の夢は叶うと信じてここまでやってこれたという点、そして他の人の夢を叶えるお手伝いをしてこられたという点で、私は非常に幸運だったと思います。そしてそこから学んだ、いくつかの教訓について。私は大学教授です。何がしかの教訓をお伝えできると思います。夢をかなえるために、あるいは他の人の夢を手助けするために、あなたが今日きいたことをどう生かして行くか。みなさんも年齢を重ねるとわかると思いますが、誰か他の人の夢をお手伝いすることのほうがよりおもしろいです。それでは、私の子供の頃の夢は何だったのでしょうか? 私は非常に幸せな子供時代を過ごしました。冗談ではなく、本当に幸せでした。家族のアルバムを見返して素晴らしいことに気付きました。私が笑っていない写真がひとつもなかったのです。gazou6それはとても喜ばしい発見でした。犬もいましたし。そして、私が「夢を見ている」ところを撮った写真もあったのです。gazou7gazou8私はよくこうやって空想にふけっていました。「目をさまして!」とよく言われたものです。gazou9また当時は、大きな夢を見ることが可能な時代でした。私は1960年生まれです。8歳か9歳の時にテレビをつけたら、人が月に着陸しているところでした。なんだってできる。そう思えたのです。今の私たちも、このようなものの見方はなくしてはいけないと思います。当時、夢を与えてくれる出来事や夢を見る機会は、途方もなく大きなものでした。

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