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○ Brain Computer //人の思考を目指して開発が進む脳型コンピューター

2016-11-12 01:46:56 | ♪PFK ASAP NEWS

2016-11-12 01:46:56 nttcom

Top trend special story: I looked for the form of the computer that the brain computer development advances aiming at person's thought is new.
A special story: The brain computer development advances aiming at person's thought

A computer distinguishes between people, judges the situation and is working personally in the world of science fiction. Is existence of such computer the fantastic story we draw? But the research and development of "brain computer" for which even the real world will make a human brain with an electronic circuit are developed. A brain computer and artificial intelligence have been studied from the old days, the step big to practical use of a brain computer by an outcome of a recent study, I started. I looked for the developed situation of the brain computer and the form of the new computer.
I reproduce a cerebral work and make up with high information processing of "recognizing" etc..

Even if I say that it has developed aiming at "brain", a computer wouldn't be exaggerated. To express a computer with "computer" seems also to indicate an intention to a brain.
A computer is equipped with the performance which can process a great deal of calculation which easily exceeds a human brain at high speed already. But the way of recognition processing to do does not also like an actual brain by the computer good at high-speed data processing.
CPU reads the program saved on the memory and data, and I dispose of the present computer in turn. Therefore to do the sequential processing for which it takes time to take data on the memory in CPU, there is a problem such as being difficult with dealing with a great deal of data in real time. So a computer of mechanism that the usual type is different from a computer is studied. It's the brain computer to which cerebral mechanism was applied that even the inside is watched in recent years.

Can mechanism be reproduced by the cerebral electronic circuit by which nerve cells gathered in quantities?


Before explaining the current state of the development of a brain computer, I'll review an actual thing of "brain" a little. There is about ten and several cm of size for a human brain, and a nerve cell of more than 100,000,000,000 is included during it.
A nerve cell consists of the body and long string as "axis cylinder" which develops from there-like part and the "dendrite" which ran away from the body like a branch of a tree. An axis cylinder and a dendrite connect by a connector as "synapse" between the nerves.
When a nerve cell reacts, and the state as "ignition" that an electronic signal bears happens, an electronic signal is transmitted to a dendrite of the next nerve cell from an axis cylinder through a synapse. That an electronic signal from the nerve cell which connected accumulates certain quantity by the next nerve cell, an electronic signal is fired, and born newly. This repeat thinks and recognizes, and if, it'll be origin of the cerebral activity that I say. When a brain is also treating information with an electronic signal, can't the function of the brain be reproduced by an electronic circuit? This is approach of a brain computer. A typical example is the "neural net" which was modeled on the mechanism that one between the nerve cell tells an electronic signal each other by an electronic circuit. There is "hierarchical neural net" as a basic way of thinking of a neural net. An artificial nerve cell is composed of this at a multistage bed as "input layer" "intermediate layer" "output layer" (figure).
First data is taken in an input layer. The data an input layer took in, and, an electronic signal is sent to the artificial nerve cell in an intermediate layer. Each "It's immersed in the weight." is made an electronic signal at this time, and it reaches an intermediate layer. When the total of the signal which has reached exceeds the fixed price, one fires and lets an electronic signal run in a nerve cell of the next layer, too. And the one which has even reached the last output layer is indicated as an output. I had the idea by which a neural net is it itself from the old days, but it was a long problem how to do "the appropriate weight immerse".
It's the technique as the learning of depths (Deep learning) that the problem was settled. The learning of depths is to give much input, and a computer is something to learn automatically. The weight immerse during a neuron of the electronic circuit modeled on a nerve cell using this learning of emotional depths is adjusted automatically. Research and development expect that it'll be the break through which brings a brain computer and artificial intelligence close to realization by this, and become active more.

2016-11-12 01:46:56 nttcom





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