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2017-07-12 | 日記

The slow fiber patch cord behavior in MS Outlook 2007 can also be attributed to some computer-related concerns. It does not has required memory or there exists some motherboard issues. Not only does it increase the chances of PST corruption, it can also make Outlook slow while performing operations like, sending e-mail, receiving e-mail, or even while opening an e-mail.
Your computer is short of resources. This Split PST File software supports MS Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000 and is effective in preserving the originality of file data. Many Outlook 2007 users often report that they receive the below or similar kind of error message when working with the application or while opening it:

Stellar Phoenix PST File Splitter is an advanced utility that can split Outlook data file ,fiber drop cable MS Outlook is using a very large PST file.

To troubleshoot the behavior, you need to check if other applications are also running slow. If yes, then the problem is related to your computer, and not with your Outlook application.
Use a Split PST software to divide the large sized PST file into smaller PST files. In Outlook 2007, this slow behavior is most likely to occur when the file is 4 GB or larger in size. To Split Large PST File, you need to take aid of an exclusive and safe third-party utility. Certainly other options are also available, including deleting unnecessary messages and compacting PST file.pst) on the basis of e-mail ID and message date.'

The 'task_name' refers to the name of task that Outlook is unable to complete. Close some windows or programs and try again.Having a large Outlook PST file is never recommended. The software can divide a large PST into small PST files, which can be directly imported into Outlook. Owing to this, Outlook starts behaving abruptly and sometimes, throws error messages. You can increase the system memory and also try replacing the motherboard。
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