As the operators need to support multiple

2017-07-18 | 日記
The number of FTTH communities around the rapidly expanding scale, the industry has dramatically increased the number of users. In the next generation of optical network transmission to packet-based multi-service delivery business helping operators can be achieved through the gradual extension of OTN&fiber patch cord39;s down, but the evolution of this top-down strategy, can protect the current operator with investment, to achieve smooth network evolution, therefore, OTN + PTN in combination, will be the development direction of optical networking.

Recently, the war, Huawei , Nortel Networks and other vendors have been offering 40Gbit / s optical network Transmission equipment To meet the needs of the market and proposed enabling operators to protect existing network investments easy upgrade. With the increasingly serious energy problems, to achieve environmental protection has become the FTTH optical communications market in particular, the focus, but also to have experienced severe winter market, competitive and margins are thin in the optical fiber and cable market has brought new opportunities.

The agency predicted that Chinafiber patch panel39;s optical communications market in 2008 the steady growth rate will reach 18. ? Optical networks to large-capacity high-speed development, 40G transmission grand debut. In addition to a variety of related activities during the first half show after another, the market is developing rapidly. However, conventional technology has been difficult to win the competition in the market, only to master a new technology fiber optic cable manufacturers to seize new opportunities for environmental protection.

As the operators need to support multiple carriers, standardized network, MAN packet transmission technology has been widely attention. With the rapid development of various types of broadband services, operators and users in the communication capacity requirements higher and higher, the current to 10Gbit / s channel rate for the mainstream has been far from satisfying the needs of users. The first half of 2008, hopes for the new Corning optical fiber and cable manufacturers with energy saving features of new # products, combined with its advanced the overall structured cabling, in addition to meet the high quality of communication, the energy-saving environmental protection also reflects the tremendous advantage. . ? Fiber Cable Market, new opportunities in green. In the optical network construction, the cost has been the core of the parties to be considered one of the issues. With IPTV , Online games, video surveillance and other broadband services further, FTTH market in the next period of time is still huge room for development.Market development in a notable characteristic is that the manufacturers have made efforts to protect the existing operator investments in existing network infrastructure to achieve smooth evolution to all-optical network development strategy. FiberHome other major manufacturers have increased efforts in research and development and invested heavily to expand production, the capacity substantially improve the situation, still can not meet the needs of rapidly growing FTTH market. ? FTTH market, large-scale development, attained a "blowout" effect.5%, the overall size of the more # than 24 billion yuan.

Use of packet transmission technology, a smooth evolution to all-optical network. We believe that with the first half of 3G License issuance and telecom reorganization, the newly formed three-Daquan business operators face the upcoming competition more intense, will further enhance the rate for large-capacity high-speed optical network building needs. Although China still has a large and rapidly growing number of broadband users, but compared with developed countries in the world ICT, FTTH development still lags behind. First half of 2008, in the global FTTH market development, driven by major operators in large-scale commercial deployment, a time FT-TH market is a "blowout" effect. ? All business operations can bring more good news.
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