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Diamond jewelry anti-"Zhuangshan" personalized custom into the trend

2017-06-14 11:42:24 | 日記
At the party, there is a very embarrassing thing is "Zhuangshan". Recently,knockoff hermes h bracelet not only clothing "Zhuangshan" increasingly frequent, and even jewelry "Zhuangshan" also gradually increased, which makes the parties both sides laugh and cry.

In the fashion magazine set up a small work on this feeling. Because of the working relationship, Xiao Zhang will often attend some fashion industry party, salon, etc., even though she is diamond jewelry and other accessories have been particularly "critical", but sometimes it is inevitable with others wearing jewelry with a, it is Affect the mood. Xiao Zhang said that although I wear jewelry for the limited edition, but it is clear that its design philosophy to please me at the same time to please others.

In the future in order to avoid jewelry "Zhuangshan"replica cartier love bracelet phenomenon, Xiao Zhang is considering custom jewelry through the custom form to create their own jewelry. Recently, by the well-known domestic jewelry brand launched diamond jewelry online customization services, it attracted the attention of Xiao Zhang.

In fact, like Zhang so eager to have more than one dedicated jewelry more and more people. Of course, they are not simply to avoid jewelry "Zhuangshan", but also hope that every piece of jewelry has a special emotional meaning, not only to meet their own attending different occasions to wear needs, but also as a special meaning of the emotional gift to commemorate the special The moment. As a result, the majority of customers personalized jewelry personalized demand is more intense.

For consumers with strong personal needs, almost everyone has an independent ideological label, eager to obtain a unique emotional expression, and therefore need to pay more attention to the spirit of the customer and the wearer of the world; hope through the depth of customized services to Many popular high sensitivity, the pursuit of a unique personality of the customer base to provide a unique, expressive diamond jewelry, so that each jewelry can contain the customer'simitation van cleef clover jewelry own ideas and choices, so that each jewelry has its own story, This is far more meaningful than the "limited edition".

At present, in the jewelry custom platform, replica van cleef & arpels perlee necklace customers can customize their own jewelry in two ways. One is based on the basic trend of the combination of custom models, the other is on-demand custom.

Based on the basic trend of the combination of custom style refers to the designer and fashion buyers around the world with its keen fashion sense of smell, to provide customers with closely follow the trend of the basic style of custom, the customer can be based on the style, Precious metal material, precious stones, color and lettering and other preferences, combined into their favorite style to customize the finished product.

In the popular series of a series of women's ring, for example, the women's ring specifically designed four basic models, design concepts were implied as consonance, know me, staring, focused, respectively, for different emotional expression needs.replica van cleef & arpels perlee bracelet Customers can first according to their own consumer demand to choose 925 silver, gold, platinum and other precious metal materials, but also can choose the gem style, color, specifications and so on to match the ring, in addition to customers can also according to their own emotional needs in the above engraved To express the text, thus forming the final combination of custom programs. Obviously, this profound and flexible combination of customizable way, no doubt greatly enriched the customer's personalized choice of space.
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