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DNA testing is one of the most conclusive ways available to determine

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DNA testing is one of the most conclusive ways available to determine paternity of any given child. By taking a sample of DNA from both the alleged father and from the child in question, high-tech DNA profiling techniques are used to match reference points across genetic markers on both samples which can lead to an accurate determination of where a genetic relationship exists.

In an ideal world, paternity testing would have available both a sample from the child Face Mask Material and from his alleged father in order to best establish the link between them. However, in some DNA paternity testing cases the father is not available to give his DNA sample, whether through choice, or unavailability for some other reason. However, where the father is absent, it is still possible to use other DNA tests to determine whether a relationship exists.

DNA Testing on Other Direct Relatives

By performing DNA testing with other members of the family that share some of the same genes with the alleged father, it is possible to determine whether or not there is a likelihood of paternity over the child in question. Obviously the father's sample is desired for reasons of accuracy and conclusivity, however it is more than possible (particularly with advancing testing technologies) to be able to determine paternity through shared genetic material through more distant relatives to the father. In other words, provided a relative of the alleged father is available for DNA testing, you should be able to obtain some results although this may not always be conclusive.

DNA Testing on Grandparents

In the absence of the alleged father or any separate sample of his DNA, the alleged paternal grandparents can provide the key to establishing paternity. By taking a sample from either one or both the grandmother and grandfather of the baby, it is possible to determine even in the absence of the father whether or not there is shared genetic material and consequently whether or not there is a shared relationship, i.e. parentage.

DNA Testing on Male Relatives

Y-STR testing is one of the most innovative DNA testing methods honed in recent years, tracking down the male-only Y- chromosome to establish genetic links between male children and elder vertical male relatives, for example grandfathers, great grandfathers, even great uncles by blood relationships. This can be particularly handy where the father is unavailable and direct elderly relatives have died, given that a great deal of genetic material passes unmutated from father to son throughout generations. Of course, this is however absolutely of no use for DNA testing of female children.

DNA Testing on Siblings

Alternatively siblings can also provide a close genetic match, which makes it possible to test Face Mask Material whether or not two children are related by the whole blood, rather than half. Where there is dispute over the potential father of a child, an alleged sibling's sample can be a good way to compare DNA to determine the extent of the relationship. The same can be said for brothers and sisters of the alleged father, who can also share some genetic material sufficient to provide a result in DNA testing of the child in question,

If your situation requires is such that you require to do the DNA testing through one of the alternatives above, it is always advisable to contact in advance the company who will be performing the DNA test and explain your case in full so that they can advise you on the DNA testing options available as well the results that can be obtained.
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