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*an update of the OSAKA5

2006-10-12 17:40:29 | Weblog
Thu, 2006-10-12 08:05
*an update of the OSAKA5


today, 2 comrades of osaka5 hear the "announcement for reasons of the custody" at osaka loKKKal court:

+a homeless comrade living in nishinari park--being confined at hirano polizei office, osaka city.

+a homeless comrade living in nishinari park--being confined at ooyodo polizei office, osaka city.

also, on last night, a homeless liberation activist--being confined at tondabayashi polizei office, tondabayashi city, osaka pref-- was removed to the osaka prison by law authorities. above all, this fact will make some difficult situation of communicating him for his lawyer. however, insults & brutal treating by polizei pigs might be decreased.

anyway, we, the members of homeless liberation movement in osaka, will try to visit following each polizei offices...for encouraging each comrades of osaka5 on afternoon of 17 Oct 2006.(most of us would love to visit each polizei offices on this week, however, unfortunately, we have so many schedules now.):
+ hirano police office(southwest area of JapanRailway's hirano station)
+ ooyodo police office(north area of JR hukushima station)
+ osaka prison(north of JR sakuranomiya station)
+ naniwa police office(ground surface of subway's ebisu station)
+ nishinari police office(south of JR shinimamiya station)

la batalo continuos!(*)

squatters/homeless_comrades unite!

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*9.27被弾圧者情報/the infos about the repression27S

2006-10-11 03:05:07 | Weblog
*9.27被弾圧者情報/the infos about the repression27S
Comrades and affinities;

so sorry for our lazy infos! each places confining the arrested 5 comrades of homeless liberation movement are:
*osaka prefectural police Hirano police office--a homeless comrade living in nishinari park
*osaka prefectural police Ouyodo police office--a homeless comrade living in nishinari park
*osaka prefectural police Nishinari police office--a homeless liberation
activist engaging in supporting efforts for the homeless comrades at nishinari park
*osaka prefectural police Naniwa police office--a homeless liberation activist engaging in feeding the free meals at kamagasaki area...etc.
*osaka prefectural police Tondabayashi police office---a homeless liberation activist engaging in organizing the efforts of mutual aid/diffense for the homeless communities/homeless individuals in north area of osaka city.


★ 同    大淀署――同所  在住の野宿の仲間
★ 同    西成署――野宿者支援活動家
★ 同    浪速署――野宿者支援活動家
★ 同   富田林署――野宿者支援活動家
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a communique for the reppression to our movement!

2006-10-01 18:08:40 | Weblog
*a communique of a comrade of homeless liberation movement in osaka.

Yesterday, five of our comrades were arrested. It is clear that the motives of the authorities are to crush our movement. We have held two rushed solidarity meetings and have drawn up a letter of protest. Some of the media has been reporting the case based on nothing but slander, so please read the information here. If there are any unclear points, please contact the Kamagasaki Iryou-ren, listed below, or directly to myself, Nakagiri.
With the lure of the world games and political summits, this may be a step towards simultaneous evictions across the city. The possibility that eviction will be thrust upon the squatting and homeless population of Osaka is high.
We respectfully ask for your cooperation in getting this letter of protest to Osaka City and to the prefectural police, as well as in contributions for lawyer and legal fees for our arrested comrades.

Nakagiri Kousuke of the Nagai Comrades organization/Kamagasaki patrol 090-1953-0886 (Some English spoken)

(Please forward the below far and wide)

Letter of Protest

On September 27th at 6 a.m, 4 of our comrades were arrested on warrant by the Osaka prefectural police, and at 9 p.m. the same day another individual was arrested.
Mr. Inagaki of the Kamagasaki regional labor union, two people who live at Nishi-nari park (in southwest Osaka), a comrade who volunteers with the Nishinari park Yorozu consultation tent and a comrade from the Kamagasaki patrol have been arrested. The first four are held on two counts of "violent interference in city affairs" and "violations related to violent activity". Details regarding the arrest of the Kamagasaki patrol comrade are not yet known.
On this same day we organized a "September 27th repression emergency aid meeting", in which we gathered and discussed the situation among squatter/homeless organizations, aid organizations, workers' unions that have fought alongside us, and others. In the emergency aid meeting, we clarified that this latest repression is "part and parcel of the eviction of Nishi-nari park and other parks, and is a pre-meditated attempt to crush the squatters and homeless movement."
We hereby strengthen our conviction to continue to fight together with our squatting and homeless comrades who have combated poverty and eviction in a struggle for survival and the protection of their human dignity. Therefore, we will by no means stand by and permit the actions of Osaka city and the prefectural police, who have laid bear their inhumanity in the pursuit of an obvious attack on this social movement. We will win the return of our five comrades and push our movement forward.
Mr. Inagaki had involved himself in regular police monitoring activities around the Shiomibashi area (Osaka Naniwa-ward) in order to prevent police harassment during Osaka city's regular 'cleaning', which requires squatters to disassemble their huts temporarily to allow city workers to clean the area. During the cleaning on April 27th, Mr. Inagaki protested against a city worker (from the Osaka city construction office) filming people without a permit. This is the city's "violent interference in city affairs" and "violations related to violent activity" and the city's claims that the city worker's wrist was grabbed and that he was punched in the chest have no basis in reality.
Mr. Inagaki has been denouncing the continual violence against workers in Kamagasaki by the Nishi-nari police force for several years. He has recently been actively involved in exposing the Airin hiring hall and had petitioned against Osaka city's placement of eviction placards of tents at Shiomibashi to the Osaka city lawyers guild. This resulted in mediation between the lawyers' guild and the city; in this way the present repression can be seen as retaliatory against the series of struggles that he is involved in.
The other alleged incident happened on June 12th amidst the defense (and offense) against an eviction at Nishi-nari park. A homeless person who had been recently evicted from a neighborhood park was received at Nishi-nari park and a new hut was being built. When he was evicted, Osaka city did not propose an alternative living location and only recommended that the occupant enter the truly hopeless "independence aid center". Workers in Nishi-nari had told this comrade, who had lost his home, "just come to the park, we'll help you". In order to help him survive against these eviction threats and to protect the housing of everyone living at Nishi-nari, the occupants of the park welcomed a new tenant. However, Osaka city came to stop this claiming that "We will not permit the building of a new tent". There was a protest action against the park office workers who had come to deliver "the notices of eviction" (at Osaka city's Yutori to Midori promotions department).

The three people arrested at Nishi-nari park, Mr. Inagaki and the member of the Kamagasaki patrol have been involved in anti-eviction activities for many years. Last summer, as an eviction crisis approached at Nishi-nari park, these comrades fought together against the evictions of Utsubo and Osaka-jo castle park.

At the emergency aid meeting, we saw that Osaka city was once again threatening evictions. For that purpose, these 5 people were arrested in pre-meditated repression. This is not just about Nishi-nari park; next year, the World Championships in Athletics will be held and in 2008 a 'designated administrator policy' will be introduced at Nagai park (privatization). Osaka-jo Castle Park is now a candidate location for the 2008 G8 summit in Japan and the city is trying to advance a synthetic tourist-ization of the whole city at Nakanoshima park; thus the threat of eviction looms.
Osaka city is now progressing its "economic revival" under the name of "administrative reforms". We now feel the powerful will of Osaka city to thoroughly evict squatters and their blue tents, the homeless etc. and to view movements that would support these comrades as "obstructions". We strongly object to the social conditions in which for the "reforms" and "economy" of the rich, homeless people, squatting workers, and the poor generally face eviction.
We will continue to support our arrested comrades and fight poverty and eviction. We hope for your continued attention and assistance.
September 28th, 2006
September 27th repression emergency aid organization
Contact information: NPO Kamagasaki Iryou-ren
(TEL/FAX 06-6647-8278 E-Mail:iryouren@air.ocn.ne.jp)


【A request】
●5 of our arrested comrades are charged with three offenses and at our emergency aid meeting, lawyer and legal fees were insufficient. We have no choice but to humbly request aid from those concerned with the situation.
Donation information
Post office bank account number 00940-5-79726 (Account holder: Kamagaski Iryou Renranku Kaigi)
Please write in the correspondence column 'September 27th repression emergency aid organization'

●We request phone calls and faxes of protest to the following numbers.
Osaka City management office              06-6208-9720 
Osaka City promotions office management section, general affairs 
TEL06-6615-0614 FAX06-6615-0659
Osaka city construction department management section, road policy division
Osaka city citizen department
Consultation division         TEL:06-6208-7333 FAX:06-6206-9999
Osaka prefectural police main department             TEL 06(6943)1234
Nishi-nari police department               06-6648-1234
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*2 homeless comrades & 3 activists arrested

2006-09-29 03:59:54 | Weblog
*repression to the homeless liberation movement in osaka
by r - rebel_factory Thursday, Sep 28 2006, 7:28am
international / repression / prisoners

*2 homeless comrades & 2 activists arrested

24 hour ago, 2 homeless comrades living in nishinari park & 2 homeless liberation activists arrested by osaKKKa-pref POLIZEI in osaka city, japanese islands. POLIZEI insisted on that their charges are violently interrupting some evil PUBLIC WORKs at naniwa park on this april and so on...

*2 homeless comrades & 2 activists arrested
Comrades & affinities;

24 hours ago, 2 homeless comrades living in nishinari park & 2 homeless liberation activists arrested by osaKKKa-pref POLIZEI in osaka city, japanese islands. POLIZEI insisted on that their charges are violently interrupting some evil PUBLIC WORKs at naniwa park on this april and so on... all they did was watching on evil actions by city officers with the tent residents. so, this is a violent suppression by the POLIZEI and its subjects for the homeless liberation movement in osaka. details will come soon... anyway, watch & protest to the fuckin' POLIZEI PIGS of o$aKKKa & fascist osaka city!! any solidarity is needed. thanx. in solidarity.(r)

pS) encouragement message for 4 comrades are welcome! e-mail to: [email]rebel_factory(a)riseup.net[/email]


*an anarchist activist arrested by osaka polizei!!
by r - rebel_factory Thursday, Sep 28 2006, 7:39am

protests against the branches of jap officials are needed!
Comrades & Affinities;

last night(21:00?), a homeless liberation activist in osaka was arrested by fuckin' GESTAPO in o$aKKKa as a "swindle suspicion". of course, he is innocent. this is THEIR frame-up as a first step of fatal damage to the homeless liberation movement in osaka.
*Comrade_M was arrested by POLIZEI!

Comrades & Affinities;

last night(21:00?), a homeless liberation activist in osaka was arrested by fuckin' GESTAPO in o$aKKKa as a "swindle suspicion". of course, he is innocent. this is THEIR frame-up as a first step of fatal damage to the homeless liberation movement in osaka. we strongly demand that o$aKKKa POLIZEI must release Comrade_M immediately! and also we strongly demand that POLIZEI must release 4 comrades in osaka immediately!! any solidarity is needed! if you will be able to carry out to do something, protest to the branches of japnese officials, also email as BCCing to: [email]rebel_factory@riseup.net[/email] ...etc. anyway, further updating will come soon...if i will not be arrested by jap gestapo. thanx.
PS) he need tons of protest message to the branches of jap officials. any solidarity action is needed!



2006-02-13 10:00:09 | Weblog







 多くの野宿者はテントすら持たず、路上を放浪して暮らしています。この「豊かな」国の大阪と言う大都会で、年間200人以上の人々が路上死を強いられている事実をご存知でしょうか? 公園のテントは一部の人々が自力で築いた「命の砦」です。どこにも行く場所がないゆえの結果なのであり、決して自由気ままに「不法占拠」しているわけではありません。その彼らがここに至ってまた居所を失って路上に放り出されることがどういう結果を招くかは容易に想像出来ますし、それが重大な人権侵害、とりわけ生存権の侵害であることは明白です。




(〒557-0002大阪市西成区太子2-1-2 特定非営利活動法人・釜ヶ崎医療連絡会議 気付 TEL/FAX06-6647-8278  iryouren@air.ocn.ne.jp)にてお答えいたします。


大阪市長 關 淳一 殿


 大阪市はこれ以上の野宿者の強制排除を直ちにやめてください! 大阪市が多数の職員と多額の税金を投入して1月30日、靱公園、大阪城公園で行った強制撤去は、そこで暮らしていた人々を路上死の危機に追い込み、なかんずく多数の市職員やガードマンらを殺人行政に加担させた愚行でしかありません。




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2006-02-02 11:06:15 | Weblog
 防衛するということ、それは楽しむことなんかではない。奴らに攻撃させないこと、奴らをありとあらゆる方法で無力化すること、そしてハリネズミのように精神と実体を武装して守ることなのだ。「奴らの価値観を受け入れる」という事は精神戦における敗北だという理屈もあるだろう、しかしながら、現実にはそんな理屈をこねても奴らになど通じないという事を知らねばならないのではないか。数時間とはいえ、そんな状況ながら、膠着状況にした頑張りは特筆に価するが。 …いずれにせよ、この日の午後、奴らはにらみ合いの末、報道陣や我々を容赦なく奴らの人垣の後ろに排除して行き、1人の闘争心みなぎる仲間を人知れず逮捕拘束し、抵抗を息苦しくなる圧倒的な実力で終息させた。大阪城については詳細はわからないが、より凄惨な敵の海の中で少数の仲間たちが、数の暴力の前になすすべなく飲み込まれていったことだけは間違いがない。
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2006-01-15 16:36:28 | Weblog


> 私たち「失業と野宿を考える実行委員会」は、大阪で活動する野
> このたび、大阪市が西区の靱(うつぼ)公園、中央区の大阪城公
> 私たちとしましては、この件を大阪市による重大な人権侵害であ
> つきましては、この問題について多くの方々に関心を寄せていた
> ぜひとも、この件について御注目、御支援いただければ幸いです。
>連絡先:  06-6647-8278(釜ヶ崎医療連絡会議)
> 靱公園のすべてのテント(約20軒)、大阪城公園の一部テント
> 数十名の野宿者が暮らす靱公園では、数年前から大阪市により今
> しかし昨年より大阪市は態度を変え、10月4日に「11月30
> 数次にわたり話し合いを求める抗議行動が行われましたが、市の
> 大阪城公園についても、以前より今年開かれる「全国都市緑化お
> 追い出しのための個別訪問のなかで、2002年11月11日に
> 昨年から、公園事務所職員による巡回・説得はさらに強化され、
> 両公園で1月5日に公園事務所職員が『弁明機会付与の通知書』
> 野宿者への行政代執行は全国的には昨年1月24日の名古屋・白
> 手続きが開始されてすぐ、靱公園の4名、大阪城公園の2名が原
> 14日以降、さらに多くの仲間が原告団に加わるとともに(靱公
> 大阪市は、およそ考えられないスピードで手続きを進めており
> これまで大阪市は、両公園の野宿の仲間がテントを出て行く代わ
> しかし、これらは到底、選択肢などではありません。
> 大阪城公園シェルターは3年前に設置された施設です。もともと
> しかし、シェルターの居住環境はきわめて劣悪なもので、個人ス
> 今回、西部方面公園事務所は、もともと昨年末で閉鎖される予定
> もうひとつの「選択肢」である自立支援センターも、同じような
> これらの施設は、行政が文字通り「排除の受け皿」として用意し
> 失業こそが野宿の最大の原因です。首切り・リストラの進行、非
> 現在、野宿・日雇労働者の反失業のたたかいの成果として開始さ
> 私たちはむしろ、特別就労事業の大幅な拡大こそが必要であると
> 生活保護の差別的運用も野宿の原因のひとつです。福祉事務所に
> 私たちは、施設収容主義ではなく、テントや路上から直接アパー
> 靱公園・大阪城公園の問題は、けっしていまそこに住んでいる数
> 私たちは、野宿を余儀なくされた仲間がテントや路上で生活する
> 「工事をやるからどいてくれ」というのが大阪市の変わらぬ態度
> 今年の大阪城公園の「緑化フェア」予算9億2300万円、大阪
> 1月11日、公園事務所の所属部局である大阪市ゆとりとみどり
> 野宿者追い出しに成功すれば、ゆとりとみどり振興局内では業績
> 私たちはもういちど彼らに、「何のための工事なのか?」と問い
> 野宿の仲間から生きるための権利と手段を奪い、路上死に追い込
> あなたたちが、自分自身の家と家族に対して同じことをされたら、
> このような厳しい状況にもかかわらず、靱・大阪城の仲間たちは
> 私たちは、この危機を危機のままにおわらせず、むしろ好機とし
> どうか、ご支援を!
>写しをnagaipark_tentvilla@yahoo.co.jp もしくは06-6374-2233(FAX)まで送っていただけると幸いです。
大阪市長 關 淳一(市長室秘書部秘書課宛)
TEL: 06-6208-7231
FAX: 06-6202-6950
〒530-8201 大阪市北区中之島1-3-20


>TEL:06-6441-6748 FAX:06-6441-6797
>〒550-0004 西区靱本町2-1-4
>TEL:06-6941-1144 FAX:06-6943-6877
>〒540-0002 中央区大阪城3-11

City of Osaka, Chicago Office

c/o JETRO Chicago
401 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 660
Chicago, Illinois
60611 USA
Tel: 1-(312)832-6002
Fax: 1-(312)832-6066

City of Osaka, Dusseldorf Office

c/o JETRO Dusseldorf
Konigsallee 58
40212 Dusseldorf
Tel: 49-(211)1360241
Fax: 49-(211)326411
City of Osaka, Singapore Office

5 Shenton Way
#37-01 UIC Building
Singapore 068808
Republic of Singapore
Tel: (65)6220-8588
Fax: (65)6224-9980
Bureau de Representation
de la Ville d'Osaka a Paris

29, rue des Pyramides
75001 Paris
Tel: 33-(1)4015-9366
Fax: 33-(1)4015-9172

City of Osaka, Shanghai Office
Room 407, Shanghai International
Trade Center
2200 Yan An Road West
Shanghai, China
Tel: 86-(21)6275-1982
Fax: 86-(21)6275-1983

★第23回 全国都市緑化おおさかフェア実行委員会事務局へのお問い合わせは…
TEL06-6920-5941 FAX 06-6920-5971

Fax:       +81-6-6631-8741
  TEL 06-6631-8760 FAX 06-6631-8741

以上についての問い合わせ先 大阪市ゆとりとみどり振興局緑化課

>kamapat@infoseek.jp (釜ヶ崎パトロールの会アドレス)
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2006-01-12 20:30:33 | Weblog
 犯罪者であるお前ら「ゆとりとみどり振興局」に、野宿者個々人を各公園などから排除し、「行政代執行を行うぞ」と脅すような資格は全く無い! 今すぐ、靭公園・大阪城公園における「代執行対象」とされた個々人への執行手続きを停止し、これまでの野宿者個々人に対する集団による脅し、住居破壊、生活破壊、生きる希望を失わせた数々の行状、撤去荷物の無断廃棄や換金をも含めて謝罪せよ! 誰が許しても、我らは決してお前らを許しはしない! お前らの前にはばら色など存在しない、あるのは茨の道だ。 ちなみに日東植栽の元社長・小林は2003年の平野ごみ焼却場汚職でも逮捕され、時効で不起訴になり罪を逃れた糞野郎だ。このごみ焼却場は建設にあたり、周辺の大和川にいた少なくない野宿者を追い出したという経緯を持つ。




②業者選定、課長ら承諾 談合常態化か 大阪市入札妨害






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*aiming point of OUR ENEMY! WERWOLFs, NO THANX!

2006-01-06 16:10:17 | Weblog
Comrades & Affinities;

a few days ago, osaKKKa city authorities showed a part of their fuckin' schemes of eviction from Utsubo park! each of homeless comrades living in this park were showed their selfish document by park officers, or their selfish document were thrown into the huts/tents of homeless comrades by park officers. this is a "beautification" process of their circus(=world rose convention 2006) like the NAZIS DID. YA BASTA! HUMAN-DIGNITY NOT CIRCUS!
please send the protests now, and support our hard struggle!(also BCC to: nagaipark_tentvilla@yahoo.co.jp)
now is a time to burn out all tyranny!! no pasaran!!! in solidarity.



*their schemes are working on our back ground!

2006-01-06 12:17:44 | Weblog
Comrades & affinities;

saluton from osaka. this winter is so cold(about 0 degree) in public spaces that we do live.(parks, roadsides, riversides...) by the way, in nishinari park & other parks, osaKKKa city authorities set their fuckin' schemes. so, we must defend our lives & communities! no to any man-traps! no to asylums like the jails! NAZI-POLITIKS of osaKKKa city authorities, NO THANX!
support our struggle, and smash their fuckin' schemes now! in solidarity.
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