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The last request of the climinal

2015-08-17 14:45:46 | 世界経済

In Edo period ,there was a custom law being admitted last request of the climinals .
One requested,
”I want to eat soba."
" Ok !"
The other said ,
" Will you please give me a cup of sake?"
His request is allowed ,
”Danna,it is a good sake."       
 ”Did you buy it with your poketmoney?"
" Yes,I did."
" How delicious ! By the way ,did you become a member of your wifes family in marriage?"
" Uu Uu Uu "
" It is right,isnt it? "
" Please drink it more ."
" I stop it ."
" Why do you stop it ?”      
 ”I will meet Emma in normal ,without red face of overdrinking ."

 It is the scene of Saisei society of Edo ,
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