Teach at monkey tree-Learning foreign 手機版網頁自動切換language taboo

2017-06-18 20:37:26 | 日記

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Teach at monkey tree, 

First, too much emphasis on methods and techniques, but not willing to really hard work. The use of language is a skill, but this skill is not technical skills can be obtained. Too much emphasis on methods and techniques will be occupied by a lot of time and effort, and learning the content itself into less time and effort, but it will affect the learning effect. If there is a youth to participate in higher education self-examination, he booked more than 10 kinds of self-study and examination of the publication, earnestly study and research, talk about a set of methods, but he each reference to the subjects are mostly test not Pass. This is because he only study methods and techniques, in the learning content to spend time and energy too little, and develop a opportunistic, refused to work hard. Methods and techniques can only be properly used, and from their own learning practice to find out their own methods and techniques will really work.

Second, too much emphasis on speed and efficiency, do not want to spend time often repeat (review) has learned the content, just understand the right strike. The use of language is both a skill, skills are only by practicing, to be repeated will be skilled, only skilled will form a kind of application of free, without thinking skills.

Third, three days fishing two days drying network, there is no perseverance, can not adhere to long-term study. Skillful skills to have a process, in this process will encounter various difficulties, but can not bow to the difficulties, to persevere in repeated learning, perseverance.

Fourth, do not attach importance to listening training. Language is sound, our feelings of language is the first language of the voice of the role of our brains, if you do not practice listening, but quietly read and back words, the results not only do not understand other people speak foreign language, and reading level is difficult to improve The

Fifth, only learn and not "use", is entirely "learning" attitude to learn foreign language. Language practice is very strong, if only learn and not, it will never learn bad. We learn the language of the purpose is to apply, to learn to use in the study, so as to improve interest, to achieve good learning results.
It is worth noting that "use" is not just a conscious use, many times is to be unconscious "with". For example, when you eat, wash, chat, surf the Internet, wash your face, wash your feet, wash clothes, do housework, you can read and watch TV and listen to English; such as watching movies, watching news, listening to songs, watching novels ; Such as the computer can be installed on the English operating system and application software; such as Internet chat in English, and so on. In short, according to their own conditions to create a foreign language environment, in this environment so that they listen to the ear, see pleasing to the eye, read straight, write smoothly ("four Shun"), as practicing qigong as "real" realm. So that after a period of time in the unconsciously, you will find that has understood a lot, and will feel that learning a foreign language is not difficult. If you only "intensive" "dead textbook", you will find a foreign language is very difficult, very boring, progress is very slow, learn more than ten years still will not listen, will not read, will not write ("three will not"). In my own case, from twenty years old to forty years old to learn twenty years of English, basically or "three will not", so I from the "life forty did not learn art" forty years old, with the More than two years time to do "four Shun" - Kazakhstan! Now all solved.

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