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NiKKi Fron certified as Nagano Prefecture's excellent artisan

2013-10-07 18:45:00 | インポート


Our functional polymer product is certified as "Nagano Monozukuri Excellence 2013", Nagano Prefecture's excellent artisan.


Vice president Kasuga received cerificate from the governor



With other recipients of the certificate


"Nagano Monozukuri Excellence" is an awawrd for high quality technologies and original and innovative products given by Nagano Prefecture where NiKKi Fron head office is. We received the certificate with other 17 companies chosen from numbers of applicant companies within the prefecture.


Parts made from functional polymer have superior characteristics for heat resistance and chemical resistance. It is used as a semiconductor manufacturing equipment part and auto parts. The application keeps growing to medical or robotic engineering only to mention a few.

We have in-house integrated manufacturing system from designing, compression molding, sintering, machining and welding. As a rate company with fully integrated manufacturing system, we have an advantage of being able to offer flexible solutions to customers.

Receiving the certificate had been an honor and we will work toward excellence each day.