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Report of a Business Trip to Thailand & France in 2011

2011-09-19 20:00:00 | インポート


Kasuga, the presidnet of NiKKi Fron, has visited Thailand (Bangkok) and France (Paris and southern France) as a business trip for about two and half weeks from the early to the middle of September, 2011.


In Thailand, president Kasuga participated in the opening ceremony of NiKKi Fron Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a sales subsidiary, and attended an institutionary meeting along with Mr. Kazunari Domen, the technical adviser (Refer to News & Tops for details).


Following the business trip to August, 2011, president Kasuga had field surveys and discussions with authorities and support organizations in Paris, in order to release information on NiKKi Fron's newly developed material as tis new brand in the beginnin gof 2012. In addition, he also visited MAISON & OBJET, the home-fashion showcase, which was held as one of the world's biggest exhibitions at that time, exhibiting interiors and object d'art related to the home.



Photo: at the MAISON & OBJET, one of the world's biggest exhibitions



Photo: a view inside the MAISON & OBJET exhition



Photo: a view inside the MAISON & OBJET exhibition



Photo: president Kasuga, taking with concerned parties at the MAISON & OBJET exhibitiion


President Kasuga joined the Nagano Embassy to Europe, organized by the Nagano EU Association and Nagano Employers' Association, to visit southern France, including the main factory of Airbus, which is seeking the business development of CFRP, the next negeration material that has been already highly reputed in the aerospace industry, and wineries in Bordeaux.



Photo: Having dinner with members of the Embassy, including Mr. Yoshiyuki Yamaura (the third from the left), who is the leader of thei Embassy, the chairman of the Nagano Employers' Association, and the president of Hachijuni Bank.


While preparing a news release of our new brand scheduled at the beginning of the year of 2012, NiKKi Fron has been receiving tremendous support not only from a variety of authorities and business establishments in Japan, but also fron various public and private organizations and Japanese locals in France, since president Kasuga having lived in France for four years.


NiKKi Fron has been working hard to unveil our new brand in Paris as a Japanese "Monodzukuri" manufacturer. We have recognized the importance of releasing the information especially from France since there are some important values put on the event: as a chance to start the "regeneration of the Japanese Monodzukuri craftsmanship"; as a chance to exchange cultures and business between France Japan; and as a chance to appeal to world-class "artistic value of Japan". Beyong the cultural and economic exchange between France and Japan, we hope that this event is going to be encouraging the country of Japan, which has been losing its confidence since the great earthquake, and many people, especially those who have been involved in Monodzukuri. NiKKi Fron is truly hopeful and fully willing to contribute to revitalize Japan and the Japanese people.


NiKKi Fron Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd. opens

2011-09-05 20:00:00 | インポート


A small inauguration ceremony for NiKKi Fron Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was held on September 5th, 2011 in Amata Nakhon, Thailand.


The NiKKi Fron Trading Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary in Thailand that was established on September 1st, 2011.



Introducing from the left:

-Hideyuki Kasuga, chairman of NiKKi Fron Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and president of NiKKi Fron

-Domen Kazunari, technical advisor

-Noriyuki Yonemura, management advisor

-Takayuki Kasuga, executive managing director of NiKKi Fron and president of NiKKi Fron Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


We asked Mr. Yonemura, a management advisor of NiKKi Fron Trading in Japan, to attend the inauguration ceremony because his support for the future development of NiKKi Fron Trading will be needed. Also Mr. Domen, our technical advisor, came straight from the conference in Thailand during his busy schedule.



Advisor Domen toasts at a casual dinner with traditional Thai food.



Kasuga, executive managing director of NiKKi Fron and president of NiKKi Fron Trading (Thailand), gives a presentaion about the future development of the company along the way.


We will devote ourselves to manufacturing products that meet market demands, reflected furthermore by customers' needs, while maintaining the quality of the NiKKi Fron brand by gaining a synergetic effect of NiKKi Fron (Thailand) Co., Ltd., one of NiKKi Fron's brands. It is focused on clutch facing manufacturing, which is unusual in Southeast Asia.



President Kasuga gives a fuided tour of clutch facing manufacturing at our local subsidiary, NiKKi Fron (Thailand) Co., Ltd., established at the end of last year.


NiKKi Fron Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd. will engage in sales and the import/export of clutch facing, automobile related parts, and resin products.


Since the cooperation system of production and sales in Thailand is complete, we will further reinforce our approach to the global market through the proposal the NiKKi Fron Group has provided for the materials to design, manufacturing, and sales of products.