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Reiko Hayama, architect, visited our office in Tokyo

2011-05-16 20:00:00 | インポート


On May 16, 2011, the famous architect, Reiko Hayama, visited our office in Tokyo. She came to Japan in response to a request from another company. During her stay, though her schedule was very busy, she accepted an invitation from a good friend, president Kasuga.


Ms. Hayama is the first Japanese female architect who was awarded the highest decoration in France, "L'ordre National Du Merite" through her high quality construction work, her distinguished services to the Japan-France economy, and her promotion of cultural exchanges.


After her graduation from the Department of Architecture at the School of Engineer Science, Yokohama National University, she studied under Kunio Maekawa, who is the standard-bearer of Japanese modern architects. She then moved to France, when she worked at the Jean Prouve' architectural firm, which was deeply related to the famous architect, Le Corbusier. Following this, she received certificatioin, authorized by the French government, and established "Atlier d'Architecture & Technique." Currently, she plays an active part in the world of Parisian architecture. Her main work are, for example, the Institut Culturel Franco-Japanais, the Cite' Internationale Universitaire de paris Maison du Japon, the Japanese Embassy official residence, head offices and factories of Japanese firms, as well as other various projects.



The relationship of Ms. Hayama and president Kasuga is more than 10 years old. They have been friends since president Kasuga resided in France, and have remained in touch upon his return to Japan and his establishment of his private French corporatoin, "Blanc Bijou." Regarding his future development, Kasuga says that Ms. Hayama provides support and precious advice as a pioneer who has succeeded globally.


Ms. Hayama's architectural philosophies are:

"Passing years just harmonize with the surrounding environment, which has adopted itself to a life space that is excellent through architecture."

"The mind of architecture is living together deeply in the heart of nature."


Architecture that is simple and fuctional, and adapts itself to the times, never loses its luster. Her attitude toward materials is serious, and we can see her commitment when she personally confirms and chooses all materials used for construction.


The idea sympathize deeply with the manufacturing vision of president Kasuga. The notion that the aesthetics of sensitivity and function are compatible is in perfect harmony with NiKKi Fron's concept that aims to create an original corporate culture of "the fusion of science & art."


Being supported by an intellectual man who is global-minded and aware of different cultures is a big fortune. The two hope to continue their relationship between France and Japan, and that they will have constant meetings in the future.