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Special lecture at 'Technical Innovation Seminar'

2011-01-20 19:06:00 | インポート

On 20th January 2011, president Kasuga gave a lecture under theme 'collaboration between company and technology' at a seminar held in Sakaki.


"Our company would stand out in the competition if we could offer complete solution to customers; best suited material, processing, and reasonable cost balance." Citing our company as an example, president Kasuga spoke about new business model as small-to-midsize enterprise owner.



President Kasuga at the seminar


Younger nations would catch up with mass-production technology in time. But heart-put technology that needs serious pursue of craftsmanship cannot be copied easily. President Kasuga proposed high-value added business that capitalize on strength Japan has; technology, basic researching ability, and accurate operation.


President Kasuga also explained that new business model starts from identifying corporate strengths and weaknesses.



Attendees gathered around rare plastic display table after the seminar


President Kasuga indicated that there's weak sign in networking between local industries, academia, and government when competing in ever changing global economy.


"Nothing is born just by waiting. At times you may need to take some risks with support from each other and one another. This is how new business could be born and it is what I would like to work for with you." President Kasuga closed the lecture by calling for working in collaboration.


We, Nikki Fron, will continuously propose high-value business as a Japan brand fron Nagano, Japan.