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Received renewal certification for “BCEP” from the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency

2021-03-30 18:41:38 | 日記

In recent years there have been disasters which impacted not only individual companies, but entire supply chains, with widespread consequence for society. To address this, the “Small and Medium Business Strengthening Act” was enacted in July 2019. In addition to natural disasters, potential COVID-19 outbreaks pose a continued threat to supply chains. In the midst of this precarious situation, small and medium businesses have begun to address disaster management by creating Business Continuity Enhancement Plans, and the government has established a system to officially recognize them.

NiKKi Fron previously had its Business Continuity Enhancement Plan certified in September 2019, however after subsequently experiencing a flooding disaster and our continued COVID-19 prevention efforts we updated our Business Continuity Enhancement Plan to include measures against these kinds of problems, and this renewed plan was re-certified in March 2021.

NiKKi Fron Group will continue to make use of our firsthand experience with natural disaster to improve our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and our Business Continuity Enhancement Plan.