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BBQ party to celebrate 120th anniversary year

2016-04-23 18:00:00 | 日記

We held a barbeque party at the NiKKi Fron Park located in our site as a part of events celebrating the 120th anniversary of NiKKi Fron Group.

In 1896, we launched our business as a hemp wholesaler in this Nagano city, and this year we marked 120-year of history since establishment.

The weather was so fine that we felt like it was already early summer.

In addition to our staff, their family members, children and beloved dogs also joined the party and we enjoyed ourselves so much.


(Barbeque party at a park inside our premises)


More staffs and families attended this party than we held a first barbecue party at garden spaces last autumn.


(Yakiniku tasted extraordinarily delicious as we all enjoyed!)


(A variety of members joined this party; NiKKi Fron Baseball Club members rushed after a practice match and some staffs working on holiday enjoyed a lunch in the party.)


(Decorated cakes celebrating 120th anniversary year of NiKKi Fron Group)


Our staffs and their family gathered at the party and passed a wonderful time while deepening exchanges.

We hope to hold the party again in this autumn!