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Participated in Shinkin Business Fair 2016

2016-05-11 18:00:00 | 日記

The 13th Shinkin Business Fair was held at Big Hat located in Wakasato, Nagano-city, on Wednesday May 11th, presented by Nagano Shinkin Bank.

This exhibition is held every year aiming to successful business matchings to support local economy, and we continuously put on a display.


(A product line-up of NiKKi Fron and carbon material brand “hide k 1896”)


Over 260 companies and groups participated in this exhibition from a manufacturing industry, IT services, food business, to environmental business, inside and outside Nagano prefecture.

In addition, high school students in Nagano city visited and toured this event, filling the hall with bounce. 

In our booth, we displayed fluoroplastics molded products ― fluoroplastics is one of our core businesses, and FRP (fiber reinforced plastics) friction materials for automobiles and industrial machineries ― we produced FRP products in Thailand and sell to ASEAN global market.

Both products were rare for many visitors to see, attracting deep interests of them.

Moreover, soft-carbon products made by carbon material brand “hide k 1896” gained a pretty good reputation from visitors.

As for this soft-carbon product line-up, we provide “hide k 1896” with carbon materials, and the Lexus, the luxury vehicle division of Toyota motor, adopted this line-up as part of “The Lexus Collection” in this spring. 



Let us take this blog to express our gratitude for visitors to our booth in this event.

If you want to inquire about “hide k 1896” soft-carbon products, please contact below;

hide kasuga 1896 Co., Ltd.

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