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Selected for the 2020 initial run of METI’s Strengthening Overseas Supply Chains Program

2020-07-31 18:51:13 | 日記

On the 21st of July 2020, our project to build a PTFE diaphragm production system in Thailand was selected to receive support via the new Strengthening Overseas Supply Chains Program by METI.

JETRO carried out the 1st public invitation under the “Program for Strengthening Overseas Supply Chains ” and adopted the following 30 projects.


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused serious disruptions to global supply chains, resulting in shortages of various products. Introduced as a response to this, the Program for Strengthening Overseas Supply Chains is a financial support program which covers expenses for the introduction of manufacturing facilities and equipment, with the aim of diversifying supply sources in order to strengthen Japan-ASEAN economic cooperation.

PTFE diaphragms, the production item, are a component of weir diaphragm valves and are utilized in production lines of semiconductors, as well as those of medical products and pharmaceuticals (such as vaccines), for which the market demand continues to grow.

Our head factory in Nagano has been producing PTFE diaphragms with our unique processes for decades.

While we continue to update the production lines in our Nagano factories with automation and ICT strategies in order to increase competitiveness, we will make our supply chain stronger and more resilient by establishing new Thai facilities to manufacture diaphragms that previously could be made only in Japan.

In addition, the project will contribute to industrial development in Thailand by creating jobs and advancing production technology.