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Participated in Industry Fair in Zenkoji-daira 2016

2016-10-29 18:00:00 | 日記

Industry Fair in Zenkoji-daira 2016 was held at Big Hat, located in Nagano-city,
on 28th and 29th October, and we put on a display in this event.

This year, we set the theme of the display as "engage",
making the title "Engage Technology, Engage the Future".


Our products contribute to safety and solid comfort in your life by "engage technology" .

For example, our clutch facings in clutch unit for cars, when engaged, safely transfer rotation of engine to tires.
And our valves made of fluororesin connect industrial machinery and plumbing, and so ensure a stable operation.

In our booth, we introduce our developing technologies to support safety and security in life, "engaging the future".


During the fair, a wide range of visitors, including students of industrial high schools, colleges and universities in Nagano city,
and families with children, took a look and touched our products.

We would appreciate if the visitors would feel and understand the manufacturing quality of NiKKi Fron.

Let us take this blog to express our gratitude for visitors to our booth in this event.