Ozawa's resignation wholly disappointing

From BBC:'Japan's main opposition leader Ichiro Ozawa has offered to resign from his position as head of the Democratic Party of Japan'.

This is wholly disappointing. If Ozawa really thinks of the current legislative deadlock as a serious problem, he is supposed to find the way out of it in another general election by which he should ask people's will for the future of Japanese politics. Considering the current vigour which the Democratic party has had since the landslide in the last general election for the House of Councilors in this summer, this may be even more true .

Democracy must include the respect for the plurality of ideas, and the plurality requires the clear sense of opposing ideas. Sound consent must come from arguments among opposing ideas. Now the 'Coalition' means nothing but blurring such sense of plurarity and opposition. Therefore, both the facts that Ozawa accepted the PM Fukuda's coalition offer so rashly, and that he used it as an explanation of resignation that he was turned down the idea of coalition by his colleagues, tell us how undeveloped Japanese democracy still is.
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Singing A Cappella

When I was an undergraduate student, I used to belong to a collegiate a cappella circle. Today, thanks to an invitation of my juniors, I had a chance to sing it for the first time in this year in front of many audiences at the university festival which was held in this weekend. A cappella, which means 'singing without using any instruments' is a quite unique way of playing music, but it's definitely worth trying. When you can succeed in making a harmony with other members, it gives you lots of excitement and pleasure.
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A Large Bank Rules

One of my seniors at university has got involved in a serious trouble for years with Mizuho bank, one of the largest banks in Japan. It may be said that he and his family are victims of very serious, vicious but unknown corporate frauds, being made possible by the stupid loopholes of too old Japanese law systems. There is a blog made by those people victimised by the bank. Its contents make us think deeply of the problems of power systems in this apparently stable country called Japan. Blog(Japanese)→http://ginkouhigai.com/
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Friend will make a pro debut

Today one of my friends mailed and told me that she will make a pro debut as a singer-songwriter in the next spring. We had gone to the same junior high school between 1994-96. Last month we saw each other for the first time in these 10 years. There we enjoyed drinking together, and she told me that she had kept singing exactly for 10 years (since she became a highschool student). Now, she's gonna be a professional, after a long period of hard training. Though we have chosen completely different lives up to now, her endeavour encourages me so much!
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At Machida station

From today I will use this blog as my English diary...
Today I gave a presentation for a part of my master's thesis at the seminar. It wasn't very satisfactory though...Mmm...I need much more effort to write a better one.

Oh yeah, there was one shocking incident. As I was on my way home, being in the train, an old guy standing beside me suddenly fell down! Everyone including me was very surprised and didn't know what to do at first. Then train arrived at Machida station so I got off immeadiately, looking for a station staff. There I found an emergency button so I pushed it. Fortunately some staff came to us right away. The man's face was totally pale. He looked alright though. Well that was the first time in my life to push the emergency button to stop the train!
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