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How to Get Ford F150 Leaf spring and suspension parts

2016-12-20 15:45:17 | 日記
As technology evolved, so did the automotive industry and with it, the engineering parts that would make it a precision-running vehicle. For this role, the suspension system played an important part.

History of the Ford F Series

The Ford F150 Leaf spring has different types of builds categorized in generations from lightweight to medium sized pick-up trucks. Throughout this time, Ford kept what worked and scratched what didn’t. The very first official F150 model in the first generation was built in 1948. However, NewtruckSpring stocks leaf springs manufacturers for the Ford F150 model dating back to 1942!In 1953, the newer version increased dimensions and as a result, updated the chassis.

It wasn’t until 1959 that that Ford began in-house production of the third generation, the four-wheel-drive pick-up trucks that were built in 1957-60. So, it could be reasoned that any automotive parts, especially the suspension system for the first two generations of Ford F150 trucks might be a little difficult to find, even for Ford manufacturers. To expect Ford to keep suspension parts for a model that was made almost 68 years ago would require an additional amount of warehouse space that may not be worth the expense since classic Fords are more of a collector’s item now.

Even from the third generation to the sixth, these models are old enough for their parts to be almost obsolete.

Where to Get Classic Suspension Replacement Parts

Truck Spring, a leaf spring and suspension parts manufacturer since 1965, knows exactly what type of leaf spring you might need for your F150 model, no matter what year it is. For example, the 1942-1952 Ford ½ Tone Front Leaf Spring has 8 leaves with a spring capacity of 850 lbs., and is solder in pairs. What’s more is that you can order these springsonline.

While the earlier leaf springs models have a limited weight capacity, the springs dating up to 1972 can hold up to 1,250 lbs. However, this set of leaf springs has only 6 leaves. These springs are also sold in pairs.

You can view our full list of  leaf springs for the Ford truck online here.
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