Turbine models really fuel it?

2016-10-19 16:08:05 | 日記
In the absence of a small horse-drawn carts, such as 1.1 tons of car, displacement 1.6L is sufficient, in this case, the same displacement of the naturally aspirated engine than the turbocharged engine more fuel efficient, The reason is the turbocharged engine compression is relatively low, unless the 1.6T engine corresponds to 2.0L or even higher displacement engine will reflect the better fuel economy. The reason is that although the turbocharged engine power is strong, but the work of the turbine is required to achieve a certain speed, or the function of the turbine can not be reflected.
So, theoretically speaking, in high-grade driving car rb25 turbo, in the same road and the same speed, the engine speed is lower, the engine to do less work, the vehicle's fuel consumption will naturally save some . As the times change, and now the automotive industry is the world of turbocharged, turbocharged technology is also progressing, due to the increase in all kinds of new technologies, making the turbocharger in the daily use of more than naturally aspirated engine More and better work in the high efficiency of the interval. And small-displacement T engine Leon 1.8 turbocharger can do a large displacement naturally aspirated power effect.
At this stage, there are still domestic to the displacement as the benchmark to divide the various costs and taxes, is still the "displacement", a variety of costs and taxes must follow the displacement, the official car, military vehicle displacement is limited . This caused the "T" to take the lead, set off a wave, mainly due to the government's policy on the automotive industry. So in the emission policy and tax policy, more and more car manufacturers to join the "T" team, on the large luxury models fit subaru wrx turbocharger, down to the compact, and even MPV, SUV are changing the face joined the trend.
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