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2016-10-19 16:10:14 | 日記
Data show that since 2015, China's public sector industry ushered in explosive growth. The first half of 2016, the public raised 7.941 billion yuan, 3.7 times in 2014, nearly half of 2015.
However, the existence of water in this data is not known, but some of the public to survive the site is very difficult. As a form of Internet business development in China can be said that some twists and turns, but this model has a strong vitality in foreign countries.
In China, the birth of the new independent brand Kay wing car announced the creation of crowdsourcing package 4 cylinder turbocharger, has mobilized the enthusiasm of many designers.
Today, a US-based electric bicycle manufacturers and a team from Sweden are following the footsteps of the public initiated the construction of all cars.
This is called Storm Sondors electric bike was originally done, and recently they launched a public car to develop the activities of the public. At first, the Sondors were targeted at $ 70,000, and in the unlikely event that they achieved it in just a few hours.
So the speed of the public fit Skoda turbocharger so that we think of Taobao to do personal transport "gong Bu technology" they launched the car car Swan, Taobao site in the amount raised more than 22.66 million yuan.
However, the Sondors team's project, $ 70,000 is not the end.
Eventually Sondors raised its target to $ 1 million. There are 80 days away from the end of the crowd, when Sondors has raised more than 33 million US dollars, the extent of its popularity fit Toyota 2.0 turbocharger is evident.
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