SLC interior style

2016-12-13 15:10:41 | 日記
Magic skylight requires an option fee of RMB 24,000. Pressing the button for a few seconds, the skylight's discoloration process is complete and the money is allocated to a playful variable-color window (ju). Spent 70 million people to buy this car, not many, but also a lot, worth it or not, have your own considerations.

SLC interior style is like a convertible control button in a small black box, like the feeling, some low-key, not enough light and spacious fit Toyota Exhaust Manifold, but the two configurations enough to fill my loss, these two configurations are not new, SLK body in the older There is already a windshield behind the headrest and seat.
I have a hunch, head warmer - that is, warm wind shawl, will be one of the important reasons I like SLC fit VW Exhaust Manifold, it is warm in front of the back of the neck of the hot air is very easy to addiction. This cold day, with it, I had two days the probability of sick leave will be reduced by half it.

Open canopy parking you can rest assured, as long as items do not put on the surface, glove box and armrest box will not become a treasure trove of thieves. Handrail box and the vehicle can be locked at the same time, glove box can also be manually locked up. Unlocked glove box landcruiser turbocharger is opened will be issued when the sharp alarm sound, scared to death thief is not life ah.
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