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Ponyo on the Cliff by the sea (崖の上のポニョ)

2008年07月18日 18時30分36秒 | Others
I am an admirer of Studio Ghibli, Inc. Ghibli is a Japanese famous animation film studio which won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature with Spirited Away in 2002. It was the feat for an animation film to win an Academy Award. Ghibli is headed by the acclaimed director Hayao Miyazak. Some people call him a genius, although, I want to rather call him a juvenile-hearted craftsman, because the contents of his films are enjoyable not only for the young people but also for the adult people. In addition, he has been particular about making the film by hand, not by computer graphics (CG) which goes to mainstream of making the effective animation film.

Of course, it is not that I became an admirer of his films on account of this reason, but of the simple reason that their stories are intriguing and the pictures are fascinating. I heard that the name Ghibli derives from the nickname of the Italian Saharan scouting planes in the Second World War, which means hot wind blowing though the Sahara Desert. And he named his studio Ghibli to blow a new wind into the Japanese animation film industry. I truly think that his films, including my favorite films, Porco Rosso (1992), Laputa: Castle in the Sky (1986) and Nausicca of the Valley of the Wind (1984), literally triumphed to blow a new wind into it.

Incidentally, his newest film which will be released tomorrow is Ponyo on the Cliff by the sea. I am very looking forward to this film by the following two reasons.

First, this film is made of his own original story, which is subtly hinted by the story of Princess Mermaid, script and direction. I consider these three factors are of the highest importance to make a masterpiece of Ghibli. For example, his latest film Hawl's Moving Castle has the beautiful scenes such as a sunset, but his message was not necessarily obvious. I guess this is because the story was based on the book story of a British novelist. So even the really talented craftsman could not exercise his excellent originality. The film was released in the boom of magic fantasy films such as Harry Potter, although, unfortunately most of his fans were not spellbound by this film.
Second reason is that it is the first time for him to depict the sea. I have a keen interest to see how lively he draws the sea by hand.

It is hot summer, and an aquarium and the sea are crowded with the people, however, you cannot meet Ponyo in the both of them, but only in the theater!

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