Human development based on reflection

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Human development based on reflection

Fundamental Power of Life working in Humans

Since “Homo Sapiens”, that is, humans had appeared on the earth, anatomically there are no advances for abilities and functions of individual body that can identify for the tens of thousands of years. However, in the historical and social development, humans have achieved the remarkable progress for past several thousand years, and our life style has greatly improved. Moreover, the group form of people expanded from early small blood groups to nations and diversified global enterprises or large religious groups. In modern times, there are facts that many people go through the surface of the earth on a global scale, beyond the boundaries of nations, as if it may be in a situation of aggregating of humans towards one unit.

The morphological change of species by analysis of fossils in past biological research has classified at considerably long intervals of the geological age. In comparison, the development in humans seems to be a quite abrupt change for a few thousand years, which our generation has changed only one hundred times even if our lifespan is a few decades. In this just a few thousand years, how should we think about the progress, which humans rapidly expanded from the stage of agricultural settlements to almost fully expansion on the earth to leave the footprints, and went to the moon taking pictures of whole view of the earth?

One of the reasons for this is that human beings have complicated cerebrums, acquired thinking ability on the bipedal walking body. Therefore, we have a thinking mind oriented towards exploring and adventuring, getting absorbed in inventions and discoveries. Moreover, with the desire to sustain our superiority based on material wealth, we try to monopolize with competition of technology development for aiming efficiency, by forming a group. In addition, the competition ensuring superiority with other nations and groups, has resulted in the whole technology progressing. Humans tend to create conflict first, and then go forward by overcoming the hardships arising there. As if a movement that heat generated by friction makes involvement into the center, humans may converge and transform into a new situation to progress.

In the early Earth, although it should have been only the atmosphere, water and rocks in lands before the birth of life, it changed greatly the landscape including microorganisms, plants, insects, and large animals, so on. Since humans were born, many artifacts appeared on the earth, and humans have great influence on the environment of the earth now. In modern human life, useful life tools are flooded, surrounded by electricity, cars, the Internet, etc., and humans occupy almost the surface of the earth. However, what underlies this situation is, I think, the growth of “Consciousness of Life” in the course of the long process of life, which has accumulated from early life to humans. There, the power to drive life forward is always working to stick to the living beings and to revitalize them in a favorable direction.

Regarding the meaning that the “Consciousness of Life” has grown, the early life is a consciousness focused on maintaining and promoting the activation of the organization, but that consciousness developed the nervous system, formed the cerebrum, became an intellectual life form. When becoming humans, they became clearly aware of own self, not only the desire of instinct but also acting with their own idea, furthermore the cooperation of thinking intertwined complicatedly, developed the desire for the creation to improve their life. In other words, when cooperating with others and acting by forming a group, we could produce more effective, so humans formed a group and organized it intensively. At the same time, along with the growth of consciousness in individuals, the process that it developed more in cooperation within the groups became the basis for the activation of human actions to revitalize, leading to the situation of the present age. As a collective and competing, many wise men such as Buddha, Confucius and Socrates appeared in the age about 2,500 years ago, and their ideas and thinking have given us much sensation even in present age. Many wise men appeared in such age, because of an environment in which many knowledge groups gathered and competed, and diverse individualities were cultivated. It seems that we do not so much progress at the outstanding brain, they would incidentally appear, because those superior thought have meanings even now.

On the other hand, how was the life of the general masses? If you compare the living in the village of that era with modern people, you can presume that modern people should be far better at the level of quality of life. The level of languages and education in the public has gone up, and the scope of our thought has expanded widely, now we already know about the people on the other side of the earth, in fact many people trip around the world. Moreover, we know that the earth is only a small planet of the solar system and various life beings have developed and evolved there. In addition, we think that the Earth constitutes one "eco-system" involving all living organisms. Do those changes of thinking cause from the rising movements forward the future, by means of the results accumulated in our consciousness of life?

Not only does human progress be represented by the most advanced technology or theory, but essential result of human progress should be to accomplish the rising of spirit in the area of the majority of humans. We would say that the progress of humans should be the state that the thought advancing to the future has expanded into the reflection of the general masses. In the same way that life substances fixed traits left in the genes of organisms, we would predict that the traits of human spirit fix and inherit after reflecting on the general masses. The more modern society becomes complicated, the more we force to think about lots of things. Our spirits continue increasingly to complicate, so certainly we have advanced more ahead than Neolithic age in the general masses.


I. Rapid development in Humans

Early humans were supposed to be buried in great nature and acting with small kin groups. Why did we establish a dominant position to occupy the Earth in the short period of tens of thousands of years, and even changed the global environment? It certainly seems that we convince only by explanation that we are superior to other life species as an intelligent life form. However, I would like to think a bit more in early age. Humans have brains that make use of language and thinking. They had not only the ability such as utilizing in the individual but also exchanged a lot of information for thoughts and emotions in the groups through language. For example, when someone made a success in a group, it would share within the group immediately. If there were inventions or discoveries of useful tools, they would extend beyond the group to a wider area. Thousands of years ago, humans predicted the change of the season, produced agricultural crops suitable for food, improved gradually the sufferings of the living, and then spread them all over the world.

Unlike other animals, we humans not only remember traces of experiences but also thinking about them with various related experiences and results. We think about various things, how it was, what to do next, what kind of results we predict... Regarding the ability to think about various situations related to matters, I would like to express it in terms of "reflect" rather than simply "think". In the course of advancing trace from the apes or the former human races, our humans had struggled to maintain their superiority to reflect on thinking, and it is likely that our result had been becoming mainstream species. Humans can be aware of themselves that they are reflecting on, and exchanging opinions with others while thinking about circumstances and the situation, they can decide what actions they choose are best for the purpose. Moreover, they act with motive and passion to succeed, not only to confine themselves to instinctive desires, but also to understand the scope of responsibility of their own. In addition, they have the mind to explore or to seek various adventures for the mysterious things or any other world.

What has left as wisdom of ancient society is the accumulation of experiences that it was better to do so after thinking various matters that our ancestors experienced and observed. Predicting what happened in the future by thinking of such countermeasures, it had corrected by trials and errors as to whether it hit or not. What has improved little by little has accumulated in our social experiences. In other words, humans have curiosity and inquiry, repeated reflecting, there one day they could invent or discover new things, and they accumulated and improved for long time, so that all these things had been spread to wide area. The reflection that inspires thinking has become the driving force to go ahead, and this reflection supports the progress of humans. Once there are useful inventions or discoveries, adding adaptation and applying experiences overlapped, further inventions and discoveries will repeat there, and this repetition rate has gradually been getting faster now.


II. Collaboration and aggregation

As living organisms have individual “Consciousness of Life”, they keep their existence while living and continue to centralize all elements as one own beings. Besides, since humans are aware of themselves, they can be conscious of other people while holding consciousness centered on their own selves. As our experiences widening in the group, we found that we could work more efficiently shared with our colleagues than alone do everything. If other people had something better, you could share it. When the number of group members increased, they would constitute an organization in a group and act with roles sharing accordingly.

As the group got bigger, the method of sharing became more efficient and gradually organized. Individual people identified into characteristics suitable for the role due to differences in physical status and character. When such identification was clear, it became an indicator of individual evaluation as personality, and then diversification occurred due to classification and hierarchy depending on contribution degree in the organization. As many people live in an organization collaborating with diverse personality, the people have to brush own selves up while fighting the friction surrounding themselves, and personality would grow there.

On the other hand, someone feels fatigue or laziness, by means of becoming self-centered mind. At that time, if nobody is there, there may be times when you do not act anything daringly by laziness. However, if you are working with colleagues in the group, you will not be able to endure such attitude. If you are in a group relationship, there are circumstances where they are either checking or competing against each other, so our obligation and responsibility will arise there. In such relationships, we can have connected more deeply, and accumulated as experiences to brush ourselves up. The ability of humans to reflect is cultivated in the experience of organizing such groups. If each introspection of people gathers within the group and develops into collecting decision that concentrates over competition and friction there, it leads to a more efficient and systematic new organization. To raise the spirit by individual alone is the same difficulties as those of the monks achieve enlightenment, but ordinary people will raise their spirit by overcoming hardship with their members in the group. When we collaborate with our colleagues to suppress ourselves and achieve results through total consolidation, we can share the fulfillment and great joy from a sense of accomplishment. This positive emotion will promote more cooperation.

In this way, humans are collecting and collaborating to achieve results. However, cooperating in the group, the feelings of competing between raising individuals, and there is a possibility that a rebellion or enviousness occurs. If such rebellion occurred due to low evaluation for the individual by the group, he could change the feeling with a motivation for improving himself. Moreover, deepening ties will encourage mutual support and encouragement. Even if we fail and regret it is one of the experiences, we can switch to a positive emotion knowing the reactions of the surroundings and the experiences. When we feel not to satisfy with the current situation, we would be motivated to reflect on our intention to make it better. If all members of the group tend to rise totally, suppressing the feelings towards tiredness, and our minds become finding our better direction within the atmosphere of rising trend. The reflection of each people gradually converges to the center of the group, and it develops the organization more complex. This tendency is always in humans, and along with the organization grows, our own inner area is also becoming more complicated and growing. In the present time, even though the collective action to explore the future is still in partial and selfish area, where material wealth or money is centralized. However, the movement of spirit of the earth continues to move forward without stopping. In any case, actions reflecting collectively forwards more complicated on both individuals and organizations have been creating the advancing spirit of humans.


III. Further directing

Here, as a whole, when considering the progress of life evolution to humans, we would like to pay attention to the fact that the consciousness in humans exceeded the threshold and achieved “a new step". Humans can alone think and reflect, because the cerebrum had appropriately developed due to the bipedal walking body. In the process of evolution, genetic information had accumulated in genes, though we still do not know scientifically the functions in details, evolution of life achieved the intellectual beings, as we are humans. It must be inevitable course for us, even though it was under control of any chances. In the process of genetic information, genes of species except human might have fixed the value of outer functions, but humans fixed the inner functions which “reflect on inside" at the cerebral nerve fibers. In other words, just when life form became humans, the evolutionary energy turned into inner side to develop the function of reflection. I think the inner area inevitably appeared in humans in the course of evolution.

Before humans appeared, the process of evolution was the stage where "Consciousness of Life" had complicated only the organisms to adapt the form and functions to the surrounding environment. The humans stage, however, where the cerebrum developed and acquired languages and thinking, we were beginning to take the path toward internal area by awareness of own selves. In this sense, humans were departing as completely "new species", rather than as one derived from diverse animal species. That is why we have occupied the whole surface of the earth, under the consciousness of the new species, replacing the area of other species before humans, entirely with our own "space". In other words, humans evolved not merely by extensions of anatomical morphology, but by the shift moving towards the inner side. Therefore, our current stage is not the end of life progress, but the new way of life towards the inner side has started from humans.

Turning into the inner side, by means of the ability of reflection, humans first considered own consciousness and thought about how the surrounding things worked with own selves, and then could decide how they would act. In other words, it had automatically developed the ability to predict our own future. Beyond the behavior of so-called instincts in other living beings before humans, the consciousness acquired the step where humans could decide by own intention with "motivation" or "passion". Energy working inside minds to be heated up, just humans could start a new stage as intellectual being in the direction of own decision.

In humans, we have an inner space in our brain, that was created by life evolution, in which generates psychological power. This is the beginning of the new space of the universe, that is, everything in human consciousness can spread freely and create day-by-day new things there. This space is completely spiritual one, and may open to the human race connected. At the same time, it is a space where all human spirits converge towards aggregation, though the maximum number structurally restricts by the sum of human spirits, and when its convergence reaches the whole, I predict, human spirit will be one whole spirit of the planet itself, and then we can freely communicate each other in the space.


IV. Summary


When we think about the trace of life evolution, we can recognize a few facts on the essential premise of life as follows.

First, there was a fact that when life appeared, against entropy (thermodynamics) law, the universe allowed the opportunity for the appearance of life, which life substances replicate themselves and proliferate.

Secondly, after life appeared, the life had the strength to keep activating as long as possible. We can think by anthropomorphic expression that “Consciousness of Life” maintains centralizing one unit, and has a strong will to sustain a life. Moreover, it grows in a direction favorable to survival, along with raising consciousness.

Third, the phenomenon that cells are alive and activating, though we feel surprising impression for the precise design in details, but it is only chemically continuous sequence consisting of atoms and molecules, as no more than movements exchanging substances and energy. In other words, the movement of life substance itself seems ordinary processes of substances in the universe, not due to specific substances or energy sources causing life phenomenon.

Let us think about the expected life process here. Materials of this universe tend to gather each other, and when many substances are gathered, the phenomenon that the center activates will occur. With the passage of time, however, it will decline and collapse at a certain limit point. At that time, the constituent substances lose the power into the center and diffuse. It seems that such circulation repeats in the universe. When a living matter generates accidentally and activates somewhere, that is, it has a life-specific consciousness, and its activating power keeps itself and proceeds to complicate itself, leading irreversibly to rise and reach intellectual life form.

At reaching intellectual life form, it changes the direction from outer to inner area, not the external complexity but internal reflection to explore spirit or mind. This direction suggests to deepen the inside, irreversibly complicated furthermore, until all spirits of the planet reflecting on the whole. Ultimately, the spirit will concentrate on one unit called the Earth spirit, which is always activating our daily life, and will vitalize to new state. Here, we call the whole spirit of the Earth in the term of “Noosphere” as Teihard de Chardin told us.

In any case, it seems to be determined inherently that life beings move empirically more complicating at the change of evolution step. Moreover, life appears under the law of physics or chemicals as if it is entirely a cosmic process. When life reached a human being, the life energy turned into internal area due to the ability of reflection inevitably in the course of evolution. Just now, we can feel "motivation" or "passion" for our actions as inner power of human spirit, leading to develop the energy complicated more in future. Here, as a new type of task, should we study the power or energy of the spirit in order for humans to raise their spirit towards the future.

When you tried to gain overwhelming victory by fighting superiority against another enemy group, or when you tried to complete products that are considerably difficult to accomplish, you would do action raised your passion, centralizing the organization under the strong will to converge talents and technologies, to realize the purpose. Would you not heat up your mental energy there?

In the case, even if wealth or honor had been the direct purpose, we would challenge empirically further complicated situations while deepening reflection in our group. The various experiences of reflection in groups by means of the rising energy of spirit, through training and forging our nerve fibers, will utilize in more complicated situation in future. The records engraved nerve fibers in brain would add our reflection in spirits, not directly related to the prosperity of the objective. This leads to the suggestion that the future of the humans does not base on wealth or technology obtained from material things but rather bases on the direction in which the spirit is going to rise, that is, to endure more entangled situation.

When you have the purpose and a belief that it can lead to agree to all humans, with "certain passion" like enthusiasm for exploration or adventure, you would accomplish the purpose collaborating with colleagues. If the cases with reflecting on the purpose increase, we find out some of the cases in which sustain accomplishment with all members for long period. There, we will be able to gain our direction to future there. If the pursuit of material wealth or technology would have reached any limit and the enthusiasm of humans is lost, or if the passion for future of humans weakens hereafter, the progress of life that has reached our stage would stop and it means our reflection will fail. However, the progress of life cannot be such simple and easy.


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