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It's raining

2016-12-28 22:16:04 | 日記
Dancing in a dream
I gave her an umbrella She makes a turn and smiles at me
It is raining a lot of cold rain
My body is soaked
I look down the place where the rain flows.
I am looking at her.
She is sitting in a place where it rains
Even if it is a dream
Like a dream
I stayed here until it got cold,
I stay here until I cool down.
If you presented a cold fingertip
Does she cry?
Will she cry?
At the very least, please do not get the court hands wet.
At least the hand inside the coat will not get wet
I am waiting
I found a striking sun in her eyes,
I found a bright sun in her eyes
It's raining
It's raining
She danced and turned around with a smile
Before dancing and smiling
I can not buy a 1 yen bouquet in my pocket
I felt like I could hug the sun,
I felt like accepting the sun
I hug my hand tightly
It is said that a strong feeling is a reality.
It is said that a feel like a waist is a reality
It is said that the palm is hot
The truth is getting hot
That the palm is true
It's raining
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