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M2090-822試験情報 :
試験名称:IBM Information Integration & Governance Sales Mastery v1
対応資格:IBM Software Sales Mastery
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1.Home grown solutions are typically costly and ineffective when compared to Guardium Database
Activity Monitor. The following are all reasons for this except:
A. No automation or enterprise-wide policies
B. High expertise to implement and maintain
C. No separation of duties
D. Insufficient testing of these solutions prior to implementation
Answer: B
2.Which of the following is qualifying question you should ask the first time you speak to a new
prospect/client about IBM's Infosphere Privacy and Security Solutions?
A. Have you worked with S-TAPs before?
B. Do you know where does your sensitive or privacy data reside across and outside the enterprise? If so,
C. How fast are your Production databases growing?
D. What has your organization done to speed application development?
Answer: B
Explanation: * IBM InfoSphereData Privacy and Security for Data Warehousing enables organizations to
reduce risk and cost associated with protecting sensitive data. The solution provides a complete set of
capabilities to mask or redact data, monitor and audit data activity and maintain sensitive data definitions
within select data warehousing environments.
3.Your customer deals with a lot of FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests and need to keep some
information confidential. Which solution should you immediately recommend to him/her?
A. Guardium Data Activity Monitor
B. Optim Data Masking
C. Guardium Data Redaction
D. Guardium Encryption Expert
Answer: C
Explanation: *InfoSphere Guardium Data Redaction is a product aimed at achieving a balance between
openness and privacy. Often, the same regulations require organizations to share their documents with
regulators, business partners, or customers, and at the same time to protect sensitive information which
may be buried in these documents *

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Section 1: The IBM Information Integration and Governance Platform (10%)
Describe the IBM Information Integration and Governance Platform.

Section 2: Information Integration and Governance Capabilities (60%)
Identify Information Server and Replication capabilities.
Identify Master Data Management capabilities.
Identify Data Governance capabilities.
Identify Hadoop offerings.

Section 3: Prospecting for IBM Information Integration and Governance sales (5%)
Identify clues that indicate the prospect is a viable IBM Information Integration and Governance Opportunity.

Section 4: Qualifying the IBM Information Integration and Governance opportunity (8%)
Describe how to validate the IBM Information Integration and Governance opportunity scope.
Describe the target buyers, pain points and positioning
Identify the business problems and opportunities an Information Integration and Governance solution can address.

Section 5: Information Integration and Governance Use cases (18%)
Determine how to apply the correct use cases for the IIG portfolio
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