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On the 10th in October, my wife and I took care of our grandson and granddaughter. Grandson is 8, granddauter is 5. We took them to the place where many boys and girls play something.
This is the place. lnside of the building, there are a gim, library, play room and some display items about science.
We took them by bike.
After that, we took them to a restaurant for lunch.
After lunch, we were back home with them.
Then my grandson told me to take him to the convinience store. So I went there with two grandchildren.
They wanted to buy some colorful cheep sweets. So I bought them.
Two children were very pleased.
But.... Back home. My wife saw the cheep sweets, and said to the chidren that the cheep colorful seets were bad for health.
For a while, their mother, who is our daughter, come to our house. And she also saw the coloful sweets.
As soon as, she saw the colorful sweets, she suddenly got angry and said.
" Why do you eat such a colorful sweets! They are bad for health.
Dangerous foods! You will get cancer!
l told you to not to go to convinience store!
I'll never go on a picnic with you!"
She shouted very loudly with big voice.
Usually, almost she went down them. But this time she overcame them entirely.
Her son hided somewhere, and her daughter was about to cry.
I think my daughter became a true mother.


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